Its body repeatedly flashes and directly starts to shrink into inches and rushes towards a ravine hundreds of miles away.

No, I can’t help it-
Deep in the valley, the orange cat showed its figure, and its paws kept digging, and its mouth cried eagerly, "Meow-"
It quickly dug out a pit of the right size and sat down.
Fart rang a horse is-
Sparse, sparse, sparse, sparse, sparse, sparse!
-it’s a flash flood!
The orange cat was stunned by the amount of its own excrement.
Suddenly, another kind of feeling that makes it alert comes to mind.
Pull whatever you want. That part will feel so cold!
It’s so cold that it feels like ice!
The orange cat shivered and its hair exploded.
However, at this time, the mountain torrents are raging, and the gods can’t stop it.
The orange cat has to stretch its tail straight, and its claws support it to withstand the cold of ice and snow.
This is not right!
Evil spirits spell what will produce such an effect!
The orange cat looked at the virtual interface and asked silently, "Meow meow meow?"
The ares interface first jumps out with a line saying words.
It is very troublesome for the interface to answer animal questions. It is a heavy job to show the light and shadow effects, and you need to pay extra.
"Do you agree to charge 5 thousand points for the second answer?"
-This is fish in troubled waters!
Although the orange cat is dissatisfied, it is somewhat numb, and it is really eager to know what a good compromise has taken place.
"Meow!" Orange cat urged.
The interface says, "Good, you will know what happened in the past few hours."
Soul force directly take away five thousand points.
Soon scenes appeared in front of the orange cat
From the moment it entered this world until just now, there was no omission in the ice and snow seal.
The orange cat looked carefully and soon understood the cause and effect.
It is resistant to sigh.
Thanks to real luck, this is the best result.
At this time, lines of new fireflies appeared.
"The evil spell has completely disappeared. You are really lucky. Please grasp it in three and a half hours."
Orange cat shines at the moment.
Yes, there are still three and a half hours. What luck!
We need to find a way to solve the plague doomsday immediately! ! !
Orange cat suddenly got up and hurriedly squatted down.
No, I haven’t finished shitting!
It took more than half an hour for the orange cat to barely move its body with numb paws.
It limped away from the pothole and didn’t look back. Its claws pinched a tactic.
The dust moved to level the pit.
The orange cat breathed a sigh of relief
Finally relieved
It became human and restored the original appearance of Gu Qingshan.
A joyful sound in the sea sounded "Gong, you are finally all right!"
Gu Qingshan froze.
be over; be doomed
The humiliating process was watched by three swords, and there was not a single frame or yard missing.
Gu Qingshan quickly adjusted his mood and his face showed confusion.