Did Sun Haozhen find the word Danwen, which is very familiar with the grain of Yangtai Dan?

But it is a pity that Sun Hao has too few lines in his hand, and he can’t find an accurate answer by comparing his hand lines with that familiar text. Many lines are specious and Sun Haogen can’t get an answer.
Sun Hao tried to write this pattern, and once again found that he couldn’t write it at all, and it was a kind of self-contained regular text very similar to runes.
And even if Sun Hao takes a pen to practice, he still regrets to find that he can’t do the standard font in his mind.
Now Sun Hao has realized that this thousand words in his mind may be a very good copy of the demon family’s inheritance, and some things may help him immeasurably in the future.
Selling the refined low-grade Jian Dan in his own hands, Sun Hao got more than 2,000 contributions, ran through some materials, and replaced the matters needing attention in the detailed refining method and the amount of the method of raising the fetus and three Dan, and studied it in detail.
Iron tires are not difficult, silver tires are rare, and gold tires are in the sky.
Ji Ruxue also noted that it may not be difficult to raise the sword pill level and raise the fetus.
She said it was true. From the detailed refining data, it can be seen that it is difficult to refine the silver tire pill, but it is difficult to appear the golden tire pill. This shows that there are not many swordsmen in the swordsmen camp.
However, Sun Hao’s face gradually showed a bright smile after getting this refining information. Just because Brother Bie can’t refine it doesn’t mean Sun Hao can’t.
Perhaps Sun Hao has found another swordsmen who can surpass him.
There are two difficulties in refining the golden embryo pills: one is that the refining materials are rare, and the golden embryo pills need less silver barren body crystallization refining materials-preferably gold barren crystallization, which is difficult to achieve; The second aspect is that the refined medicinal materials are quite unstable, and the temperature change is easy to cause the loss of efficacy, so it is difficult to become a pill.
This is really not suitable for monks who are used to alchemy with real fire, but it is not a problem but an advantage for Sun Hao who has been practicing alchemy with water for decades.
What Sun Hao needs to solve is just to get a lot of silver shortage crystals.
It is not a small amount of crystallization to refine and cultivate the elixir of gold in the silver shortage. It is also well understood that it is natural to accumulate the number of step-by-step crystals to cultivate the step-by-step sword pills.
Sun Hao-cao practiced the three-Dan method of raising a fetus for a few days, and consulted some information about the silver shortage. One day, the swordsmen’s camp blew a whimpering horn.
Sun Hao, who came out of his residence, looked thoughtfully at the huge square of swordsman camp.
At this time, the female swordsmen shouted, "The female camp told the swordsmen to change their armor for half an hour."
Sun Haowen has seen a female swordsman with silver armor and glass armor in her eyes, while more female swordsmen are flying away to her quickly.
I haven’t thought much yet. Sun Hao’s ear is coming. Ling Cang’s elite swordsmen are coming to the east side of the square at the speed of sound.
Sun Hao found the square as he said, and the elite swordsmen in Dongling Cang whispered, "Sun Hao, today, the Terran elite joined forces to destroy the wild beast nest. You change into a senior swordsmen costume and act with me."
Say that finish handed Sun Hao a bag.
Lingcang elite swordsmen also said, "Drop your blood and let it recognize the Lord."
Sun Hao nodded his head and took out the silver suit of the bag. A drop of blood was dropped. The blood dipped into the silver armor and the red light flashed slightly, and his legs flew automatically … From the fall, Sun Hao quickly spread.
Sun Hao suddenly felt that he had an extra layer of shell. The weight was not particularly heavy, but the pressure was enormous. Sun Hao had to hold up the silver armor to prevent himself from being strangled.
Ling Cang elite swordsmen whispered, "This is the test of advanced swordsmen. If you can’t resist it, it will naturally recede. If you can resist it, it will become your swordsmen’s armor."
Sun Hao nodded and asked, "Will this pressure last forever?"
Lingcang elite swordsmen shook their heads. "I don’t want you to block a wick, but not behind."
Soon Sun Hao’s body was covered with a layer of silver armor, and his eyes were particularly clear, like he could see through the clouds. He felt a glass mirror, and Sun Hao found that he had completely turned into a silver armor swordsman, and he could no longer see his face.
The silver armor back automatically generates a sword box, which can be put into the flying sword if necessary.
Lingcang nodded and said, "Well, let’s go. Your registration information is that Silver Armor, a senior swordsman in the hill, has your code name. The rules of swordsmen camp are to recognize armor and deny people. Silver Armor also has the ability to isolate gods. You should be careful and you won’t expose yourself."
When Sun Hao and Ling Cang’s elite swordsmen rushed to the square behind them, they found that the huge square was already full of silver armor swordsmen in uniform.
On the east side of the square, Ling Cang’s elite swordsmen didn’t go far. A team set behind him, including Sun Hao. One of the five senior swordsmen nodded to Sun Hao, while the other three showed some doubts and looked at Sun Hao curiously.
Sun Hao slightly nodded to the three of them and stood behind Lingcang elite swordsmen.
Time passes quickly.
Sun Hao observed that there are not hundreds of elite swordsmen who lead the team in the sword camp, and there is a great swordsman floating in front of every ten people.
The great swordsmen’s helmet has a golden tassel, which makes them look more heroic.
Three swordsmen in golden armor, but in the shape of silver armor, are talking to all the monks floating half way to the far right and shouting "Count"
Sun Hao felt a ripple coming from the front of Lingcang elite swordsmen, and after a while, Lingcang elite swordsmen sang to their foremost swordsmen that "the 100th team should go to war with 9,000 swordsmen and actually go to war with 9,953 swordsmen, and some swordsmen went out to perform, which did not meet the conditions for playing".
The elite swordsman statistics were reported to the great swordsman, and the final great swordsman statistics were reported to the border swordsman commander.
The swordsman leader summarized the report and gave it to the Grand Commander in the middle. The Grand Commander nodded slightly. The swordsman leader on the left said, "All teams meet the requirements for playing. Listen, swordsmen, this is a joint battle. Every swordsman will cheer me up and let other Terran ministries see the glory of our sword camp …"
Ten parallel swordsmen, led by their elite swordsmen, went out of the valley from the sword camp and quickly went outside the camp.
Millions of swordsmen
The silver armor is shining.
You can still hear the clanging of silver armor when you walk neatly.
In front of the team, a flag of embroidered sword fluttered high in the wind.
The flag of the swordsmen’s army led all the way to the huge grassland that was completely different from the usual active area.
Not far away, there is already a knight’s banner embroidered with the wind.
At first glance, 200,000 mounts are all white knights, and they have entered the grassland in an orderly and majestic manner.
The vast grassland is a chill.
The arrow bag on the back is decorated in green, and the army of 500 thousand marksmen follows.
In the roar of driving chariots, an army of 100 thousand soldiers appeared not far from Sun Hao.
The last appearance is the floating monk of the Five Elements War Department.
The strength of the Terran elite is almost the same. The they nest Terran Grand Commander announced the joint battle to clear the wild beasts’ cliffs and wild doves’ nests.
The reason is that the cliff dove develops too fast and must be cleared.
Sun Hao felt small in millions of Terran armies.
The torrent of steel team made Sun Hao feel that he was just a drop in the ocean and an insignificant sea water.
Millions of swordsmen are Sun Hao, the middle army of Terran army, who joined the team and killed the past with sonorous steps to his destination.
Sun Hao is surrounded by a team of warriors and chariots. This is the Terran War. On the right side, a tall knight forms the left side.
Behind Zhongjun is an army of marksmen, while the Five Elements War Department is divided into two parts: the chariot and the knight.
There are also some relatively petite knights who are cruising around the team.
A strong and extremely fighting trend has overwhelmed the cliff.
Friends who have seen Nine Refined Immortals still like it.
Chapter DiYiSiJiu itself small
Before today, Sun Hao had no personal experience of Terran Camp.
Before today, Sun Hao didn’t feel much about the virtual battlefield either.
After coming into Terran camp, Sun Hao has been quiet for the past ten years. He feels almost like his own Lingtian Sword Sect. The difference is that many strangers don’t have much contact with each other, and they are all busy.
But this time, following the Terran army to play Sun Hao had a completely different feeling.
The pressure caused by the convergence of Terran battle trends surprised Sun Hao and made him proud of the sea trend. This trend impact will definitely be swept away like waves in the sea.
The general momentum of steel torrent produced a huge shock wave.
The swordsmen were scattered by the occasional wild beast in front of them before they could make moves.
The momentum of the entire Terran army has condensed into a whole, and Sun Hao himself has also integrated into it. Nothing too strong has followed the army like rushing forward like a flood in the Yangtze River.
For more than three hours, the speed of the fast-running team was slightly slower.