The second plan is the coach.

What? Long-distance buses can’t get to America.
Who said that? Isn’t America just on the edge of Hong Kong Island? It’s just after crossing the sea bridge.
Shen Shi, this is bullying Baizu because he doesn’t understand geography.
But now playing is information warfare. The more Bai Zu grasps the memory, the harder it is for Shen Shi to find him. He can play some things that Bai Zu doesn’t know. It’s not normal.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Baizu thought that superman and aliens in Shenshi world were normal?
If he discovers that Baizu is abnormal, it will no longer be Baizu’s darkness, but it will become Shen Shi’s darkness.
Half an hour later, the coach …
"Hum is quite able to hold your breath and see who can’t help it first!" Outside the long-distance bus, Shen Shi dressed up as an old man with a crutch and swept the people around him.
He didn’t mean to underestimate Baizu. He believed Baizu wouldn’t choose a strange environment.
It should be more used to black eyes than blue eyes and green eyes.
However, Baizu didn’t make moves.
Automobile personnel are mixed up everywhere, and there is demand, and there is a market to attract customers and grab customers.
Shen Shi disguised as an old man is an old man. If Shen Shi doesn’t expose himself, no one doesn’t think that he is a middle-aged woman who just appeared at the ticket window and looks very honest.
"Grandpa buys tickets?" Middle-aged women look like warm-hearted neighbors.
Shen Shi’s makeup is not blind. He pretends to be an old man and is a real person. At least he heard that.
It’s not easy to make a fake come true. The more fake, the more work the brain needs to do.
"Daughter, my daughter is getting married. I am going to America by car!"
It’s a true story. An old lai owed money and refused to pay it back. The court ordered him not to fly and to take the cheapest means of transportation. Later, his daughter got married and had to fly there before he paid back the money.
People like this believe that it is the favorite target of all witchcraft, so Bai Zu should decide that this is Shen Shi, and he has no reason not to make moves.
Shen Shi not only sets himself as him, but also plays well. His voice is choked and his throat is more hoarse like phlegm.
As soon as the middle-aged woman heard it, she smiled and said, "Uncle doesn’t buy a ticket. There is a bus to the chicken market ahead. It’s more convenient for you to go with them than to buy a ticket."
"Not a black car, right?" Shen Shi tentatively asked, "It’s not a joke for him to cross the sea by bus to America."
When the consciousness was asked, the figure in front of him became weak, and the car became more weak. Shen Shi knew that this was a matter of geographical common sense. He immediately stopped thinking about geography, but said to himself that the current car routes were all contracted to individuals, and one line could earn hundreds of thousands a year.
Some people who have buses and can’t afford to contract lines like to keep some private work outside the car.
Their ticket prices are cheaper than normal ticket sales, and there are special people watching the car. Everyone starts when it is full, and they have also taken it several times before Shenshi.
Dream weaving is the spirit, and real memory is the cornerstone of the spirit. The more you cast your dreams, the more real the world will become.
After staying here for a long time, Shen Shi’s eyes haven’t found Bai Zu yet, but he has gradually understood that dreams can be separated from reality, which is his advantage.
Once in the United States, there is a sudden increase in "truth", which must be Bai Zu’s suspicion.
But will he let himself get to America?
Chapter 215 Subconscious thoughts
The more you vote for truth, the more real the world becomes.
It’s like the deepest memory of Shen Shi in this period is …
"Uncle, where there are any black cars, they are all their own cars."
Yeah, that’s it. What kind of black car people never think it is?
Is this really not a black car? Because these black cars without formalities have been reported all year round because of car line robbery, they have to be fined if they are caught.
But her answer is a memory of Shen Shi, which means that she has not been changed by Bai Zu.
Bai zu deserves to be a mouse, and he is really patient.
However, this is also in line with Shen Shi’s plan. The later it starts, the less chance it has. Its biggest chance is when Shen Shi just entered the dream. However, Bai Zu seems to have been shocked by Shen Shi’s dream, and the first dream will collapse so quickly.
Ten minutes later, Shen Shi took a bus and chose a position near the window.
This is his habit of taking the bus before, and he likes to sit by the window. Later, with his smart phone, he will take the bus while watching movies.
After all these years, of course, his habits have not changed at all. For example, he doesn’t have a smart phone in his hand.