HuYan Yuer complained, "Look at you like a fool. The ghost face just escaped from you. You are also stupid. Even if you don’t stop him, you have to hide! Aren’t you afraid of his chance to kill you … "

Zuo Chaoyang, the ghost-faced man, tried to break the evil Buddha’s palm and reached the realm of one palm and four buddhas. At this time, Zuo Chaoyang had determined that the ghost-faced man was his master Tianzhu Blood Monk.
It is no wonder that the man who hit this ghost face secretly showed mercy to him and Niang.
It turned out to be his master
Zuo Chaoyang said to Huyanyuer as if to himself, "He won’t kill me. He is my master …"
Hearing this, Zuo Chaoyang Huyanyuer also stared blankly.
At this moment, Lin Yi finally killed him, which is two or three feet away from here. When Lin Yi saw Zuo Jingjing sitting on the ground with her mother in her arms, she was tightly hooped by an ominous feeling.
Lin Yi’s mouth gave him a drink and a sword, and even split several people’s bodies.
When I arrived near Lin Yi, I saw that Niang’s abdominal cavity was constantly bleeding out.
Her face was even paler when the rain washed away, and her clear eyes were a little dim. Seeing Lin Yi, her face smiled with relief.
Although my son is deeply wounded and has seen bones, he is still alive after all.
Lin Yi qi call way "niang …"
Li Yan sound weak tunnel "you are good …"
Lin Yi took the mother from Zuo Jingjing’s arms and reached her back. The true qi was continuously injected into her body.
Chapter seventy Shadowed away (1)
Lin Yi injected the true qi into Niang’s body and sealed several acupuncture points near Niang’s wound to stop bleeding. However, due to the fact that Qin Dingfang’s "Jian Mei" didn’t sink into the abdominal cavity, there was still blood flowing out of Zuo Jingjing. She quickly dragged some clothes around Li Yan’s wound.
Lin Yi feels that Niang is constantly trembling in his arms and his breathing is also very urgent.
Lin Yi’s hands dare not leave Niang’s back. Now Lin Yi has two serious injuries, and after a long period of fighting power, it also consumes a lot. However, in order to protect Niang’s life, Lin Yi still continues to input force into Niang’s body.
Qin Dingfang and ghost face are also hiding.
There is no strong hand to stop him, and people from the south can’t stop them.
At this time, at the other end of the battlefield, Hu Ling’s hidden soul roared again.
But now, after so long and constant fighting, all the people are scarred and exhausted, and it’s really a bit of a stretch to deal with that crazy person with terrible physique, no fatigue and no pain.
However, in order not to let Hu Ling’s hidden souls cause more casualties, Zeng Tengyun and Zuo Chaoyang are still strong enough to go that way, and they can still pester a Hu Ling hidden soul
Hu Ling hid the soul to save Xiaowu from escaping.
It turns out that after Gu Lingfeng intercepted Xiao Wu, the two men fought fiercely and their fighting skills were beyond each other’s imagination, and Xiao Wu’s fighting skills were even worse than Li Tianlang’s, so Hu Ling hid the soul, a martial arts high-powered sister and Su Qinghou’s most proud brother, showed a thrilling showdown.
The whip in Xiaowu’s hand is weird and overbearing, sometimes as straight as a gun, sometimes as twisted as a snake, and constantly slams Gu Lingfeng with fierce momentum.
In the face of Xiao Wu’s unpredictable whipping, Gu Lingfeng didn’t dare to have the slightest carelessness. "Running the thunder sword" was also taken to the extreme by him. With the sword, every sword light flashed across the rain curtain and split at Xiao Wu with amazing thunder.
Xiao Wu’s "flash" light is like being in a thunder and lightning.
Her clothes were torn and blown by Gu Lingfeng’s firm but gentle.
But Xiao Wu is not weak. Although she is a woman, she is as strong as a man.
Xiaowu keeps fighting back, and the whip in his hand is also changing tricks. He also keeps pulling out "crack" like a flash, and the sound is endless. The whip shadow is flying all over the sky and mixed with rain, and it is pumped to Gulingfeng.
It was difficult for the two to win at the moment.
Period are also hurt by each other.
Xiao Wu was scratched several times by Gu Lingfeng’s sword, and Gu Lingfeng was whipped by Xiao Wu’s whip. His clothes on his chest were torn and there was a deep blood groove in his chest.
After dozens of strokes, Xiaowu seized the opportunity, suddenly roared, suddenly changed his body shape, and whipped Gu Lingfeng’s left arm. This whip was very strong, and Gu Lingfeng’s left forearm bones were all broken.
May 1 ST, I got a whip and wrapped it around Gu Lingfeng’s waist like a snake in an instant, and then the whip shook and threw Gu Lingfeng into the bloody mud.
Gu Lingfeng resisted the pain of broken arm, and his left hand clung to the whip tightly.