But the four monks here are all Zhu Er’s guards, and it took them a long time to find that the outside was turned upside down.

Liu Qingyun found a very depressing thing, that is, when Yunhua borrowed his flesh, he was promoted to the twelfth floor of refining gas, but this time after borrowing it again, he actually fell to the eleventh floor of refining gas.
But soon he found that it was not a bad thing, because it was a spiritual limit or a dynamic spiritual force or something related to the realm. Instead of retrogression, he made progress. If the twelfth layer of gas refining benchmark is already the level of gas refining.
But the only problem is that his realm has fallen back to the eleventh floor of refined gas, and the flow star quickly answered her question, "It’s normal for you to drop the first order in the name of inviting the owner of this Ziyun Fairy House into the golden bell at no cost. This is a good thing …"
Yes, Liu Qingyun soon figured it out. It’s a great thing that the name has dropped by one order and the substance has risen by one order!
Fixing the truth is always the more difficult it is to advance. Now it is very easy for you to rush to the twelfth floor of refining gas again. If you rush to the twelfth floor of refining gas, you may have the strength in the foundation period.
In other words, from now on, he is already a monk in the gas refining period.
It’s already thunderous outside, even the storm is denser. Even the well-informed real people haven’t seen so many robberies coming at once.
Now this fog array can’t stand a few blows from the apocalypse, and some people have rushed into the fog array in an attempt to stop the apocalypse.
Everything is in chaos, and this day’s robbery may lead to the tragedy of Du Jie in Ling Bo, so Liu Qingyun made another perfect suggestion at the first time: "We have packed it and taken it away!"
"Get out! Get out! "
Although they didn’t return to their peak state, the three female practitioners were determined to retreat. It’s not fun to blow hundreds or thousands of pieces to the roots at every turn.
Go to the original Ziyun Fairy House and see if there is no aura left. It has definitely been eaten dry by Liu Qingyun, wiped clean, packed and taken away. Bai Yujin immediately said, "Let’s rush out and ride Zhu Ershen in Qingyun …"
Is still in the original array Bai Yujin and Mei Lansi control blue clouds and silver finches sword water Ling Bo Yu makes the frost sword Liu Qingyun ride Zhu Ershen and look at it with a smile that is more violent than the storm.
They rushed out in a different direction, and soon they found that the large array outside Ziyun Fairy House had stopped running after the income flowed into the golden bell. They soon found a way out, and everyone accelerated!
Wan Leiqi drops behind him!
Chapter 196 Fierce Jing Palace
While Armageddon caused chaos, Liu Qingyun and his party flew almost non-stop for a whole day. They contacted Bai Yujin 13 times about the size of the monster beast. They tried to avoid the battle of their hearts and minds, and finally they couldn’t fight three big battles.
Is even let Liu Qingyun tidy up the battlefield heart all have no, with thousands of lingshi Ziyun fairy house who can see these dozens of lingshi! I hope I can get out of the cave mountain range early and sort out this Ziyun fairy house.
While taking a break, the pity star told Liu Qingyun bad news and good news. The bad news is that the evolution of Xiajiang Jinjing has slowed down after the introduction of Ziyun Fairy House. The good news is that "Ziyun Fairy House has been completely integrated into the Flowing Golden Bell. Now, thanks to the owner of the earth, people can freely enter and leave the Flowing Golden Bell!"
This is great news. The original Liu Qingyun can enter and exit the golden bell in the form of ecstasy. Not only can she enter by herself, but she also restricts many existing local fairy wares, Ziyun Fairy House. He can take Bai Yujin and them to enter and exit the golden bell freely.
But it is still not suitable for entering Ziyun Fairy House. Liu Qingyun can tell Bai Yujin the good news. As a result, Ling Bo volunteered to say that she had a small cave dwelling just for everyone to rest and enter the golden bell.
It’s enough to have such a sentence. After two days, Liu Qingyun almost always crossed a line of people on Zhu Er’s back and killed the water. Ling Bo said that the small abode of fairies and immortals.
This small abode of fairies and immortals is a building attached to the foundation of Tianshi Society, which is built in a very secret way. It was that time that Ling Bo came all the way to his abode of fairies and immortals to kill them, and he received this abode of fairies and immortals by the way
This abode of fairies and immortals is located at the entrance of the cliff in the deep mountain valley, and a magic array has been specially added. If it weren’t for the scattered repairing and guiding water, Ling Bo wouldn’t have found such a good place. Everyone carefully controlled their swords and entered this abode of fairies and immortals.
This abode of fairies and immortals is small in scale, but few people know that it will be a secret resting place after it is captured by Lingbo.
Over there, the reality of Meilansi Yunhua has been deployed to prevent someone from harassing Meilansi when they enter the golden bell. Several pieces of spiritual weapons have been deployed to form two mountain arrays with both offensive and defensive functions.
After the array was finished, the party did not rest, so they were ready to enter the Flowing Golden Bell. Liu Qingyun carefully put the Flowing Golden Bell on the ground, and then according to the flow star’s instructions, the three female practitioners behind the spell helped him inject spiritual power.
A quarter of an hour later, Liu Qingyun didn’t open his eyes, but he already knew that he was in Ziyun Fairy House, which made his pores all comfortable.
This is the fairy mansion of Ziyun, where Liu Qingyun looks at the fairy palaces and Qionglou with her eyes open. The mountains and rivers are dotted with medicinal gardens planted with exotic flowers and fruits, and several streams flow through her feet with crystal-like running water.
This is more beautiful than Blue Moon Valley. Looking at the floating clouds, Liu Qingyun was so drunk that he almost wanted to sleep. "It’s so beautiful …"
There are beautiful peaks and strange rocks everywhere, and the scenery is so beautiful that you can’t see it. Liu Qingyun simply leans on the grass and listens to the sweet wind. He said warmly, "Let’s lean on it for a while and then go in later …"
This comfortable life is the real fairy day.
Four people with Pearl will lie comfortably in the grass and taste the fairy house in batches from the breeze.
Water Ling Bo suddenly smiled. "It’s very comfortable. I broke through to the middle stage of then …"
From the early stage of then to the middle stage of then, it often takes decades for ordinary people, but since she is a queen of a country, she is born with a dragon spirit and a phoenix yuan to enter the country much faster than ordinary people, and there is a frost sword flowing in the air. The only thing that can be worried about is just a natural disaster.
However, she has been robbed of the stone array by three generations, and she has been renamed to the monks of Tianshihui. After thousands of years of accumulation, the aura of Ziyun Fairy House can quickly form a lingshi, so the water Ling Bo’s state of mind has advanced to the middle of then.
Bai Yujin Mei Lansi over there is also in a good mood, and everything goes well. Although they didn’t achieve the same goal as Ling Bo, they benefited a lot.
They have been lying for less than half an hour before they explore in Ziyun Fairy House.
Ziyun Fairy House Fiona Fang has a line of people in 500 miles, but their feet have come to enjoy the beauty of this fairy house. After a short walk, the butterfly girl and the cloud flower reality also came to welcome their host.
The flow star is very pocket-sized and just reliable. The real head of Yunhua introduced to the three female practitioners, "Now, in front of Ziyun Fairy House, there is a measuring water house and an evolving Xiajiang Jinjing. The five-sided mountains and rivers have gained three feet to maintain thousands of feet from collapse. It is the core fertile soil source of Ziyun Fairy House that has been exhausted. Please ask the master to get some earth stones to supplement it …"
"What kind of soil LingShi? Existing? "
"If you can’t do less, it’s best to have more earth stones, the better!"
A group of people regarded this tour of Ziyun Fairy House as a spring outing, and Bai Yujin said, "When we go back this time, we will go to the real crane and ask him to keep all the middle-earth lingshi for us!"
LiuQingYun idea most "we are not going to put the soil red dragon? It’s better to wait for the Spring Festival and let’s hold an auction in Yunhai Hall to sell this Tuchilong and this harvest, and buy some Tulingshi by the way! "
This time, the harvest is really great, but there are many things that they can’t get. For example, Mohe’s real person is a magic weapon, Li Heishui, a few spiritual weapons, and many monster beasts use precious materials …
Adding this earth red dragon to auction Bai Yujin is enough for them to hold a large auction themselves. Mei Lansi said, "Then let’s refine two extremely spiritual swords to come out as the finale. Is this a supplementary health or will Qingyun’s spiritual sword be refined!"
Now that she has been officially promoted to be an elixir, her bottom spirit is also different. The two great elixirs have joined hands to add water. Ling Bo, in the middle of this elixir, may not be able to forge a quasi-Lingbao, but she can easily forge several extremely Lingjian.
LiuQingYun idea is different "since the finale that must be better Liao Xinhai not let us bring our own materials for ZongMen auction refining two more than thunder jianghai sword spirit sword? Well, it’s easy to run our sea of clouds auction, and it’s also through Zongmen that we are allowed to bring our own materials to refine two quasi-magic weapons for the sea of clouds auction! "
This suggestion was unanimously approved by everyone. Bai Yulian said, "This idea is good. This idea is good. We can’t be bullied for nothing. The Yunhai auction is also the Zongmen auction in October. If we want to auction the Lingjian and let Zongmen exchange the earth stone!"
Mei Lansi was particularly confident after she was promoted to be an elixir. There are four real people here, just like Biyunzong. Since both sides have the same strength, why should they bring two spiritual swords for nothing and bring their own materials?
But with two Lingjian finale, you won’t be afraid of missing the earth Lingshi, which is the source of the Ziyun Fairy House. So the flow star said, "Master, there is also a fire room in this Ziyun Fairy House, and we have divided the refiner and the alchemist. Let’s go and see if it’s not …"
When I heard that there was a fairy-house-level fire room, Bai Yujin had shouted, "Go quickly, maybe it’s better than a burning room!"
Without visiting these Qionglou Yuyu Fairy Palace Fairy Garden, a group of people went for a walk in the spring and rushed over to the fire as the pity star said. Yunhua real person also chatted with Bai Yujin, but asked, "I don’t know how these ninety-nine materials are prepared?" "It’s okay to have this earth red dragon and two extremely spiritual swords. It’s absolutely possible to prepare materials for refining spiritual swords …"
A group of people who are talking have already walked around a mountain in front of a jet stone and said, "This is the earth volcano …"
This volcano has its own name, Ziyun Zhenjunshan, and the words "Fierce Palace" are inscribed on it. When people walk inside, they feel that the fire palace is more than a blue cloud, which is simply a day.
The breeze in Xu Lai is slightly hot and very clean. The ground is paved with white jade, and the crystal roots are on both sides. You can’t see that this is a volcano. The alchemists on the left and the alchemists on the right are all in order.
Bai Yujin thinks this is the ultimate fire palace. Pushing a fierce chamber at will makes people feel slightly hot when they see the same breeze inside. I don’t know the quality of this fire.
I was shocked when I walked to the front of Yanjing Cold Spring. "The richness of this fire almost drove me to the fire!"
This is an exaggeration, but this fire pit has not been discussed for thousands of years, whether it is a fire or a cold spring, it is almost full. This is because the world law in the pot is like a floating stone in the moon pool, and every bit of the fire and cold spring has a limited power.
At the sight of such a good fire and cold spring, Bai Yujin couldn’t help but be eager to try. "Disciple, since the sea of clouds auction is going to produce two extremely spiritual swords, let’s try it here. It’s not a wave anyway!"
That’s right. In another hundred years, the underground fire and cold spring will be full, and the whole fierce palace will be destroyed by the underground fire and cold spring. Now Liu Qingyun and them come in at the right time to catch the most harvest.
Yunhua real person immediately praised "I can also help this Ziyun fairy house!"
Chapter 197 Watching the sea sword frolic in the waves sword
The strength is limited to approaching the Yuan infant monk Yunhua. What the real person can do is "a little favor". Just her spiritual support will probably make Bai Yujin Meilansi’s refining level more than 30%.