Gu Qingshan is dazed

What other abilities does this bug have?
….. Fortunately, his assassin killed it with a sword and didn’t give it a chance to play, otherwise I really don’t know what the result was.
Gu Qingshan with a sigh is full of complicated emotions.
"Zhao Qiong, a school of mountains and seas, dares to ask if Ge is a person?" A female ring
Zhao Qiongchong gave him a gift.
Gu Qingshan looked at each other back to a ritual way "I am-"
Who am I?
Maybe you will appear in this world at some time, or maybe you won’t. There must be a story.
It can’t be said that Baihua Sect, after all, is busy impacting the realm at this time, and his younger brothers and sisters are not high in cultivation.
Oh, there’s a brother xiu who is even lower.
This situation can’t let others follow their identity to find them.
Then how do you introduce yourself?
Sometimes there are such things as origin and name, for example, when people make deals, for example, when they need to win allies, others will consider your origin and past.
Is to lure the snake out of the hole
Gu Qingshan paused and said, "I’m from a virtual turbulence organization-I didn’t think my name was Gu Qingshan."
Didn’t figure it out?
What kind of organization is this?
What on earth did they think?
Zhao Qiong stayed for a few minutes before he realized that he was rude, so he hurriedly saluted again, "Thank you for your help, otherwise I may not be its opponent."
After that, she immediately said, "Destroy this tower by my own strength. Now I want Ma Lian Xihai Cave to ask those really powerful people for help."
Gu Qingshan looked at her anxiously and looked at the skeleton tower.
The tow, which is hundreds of meter high, is made up of corpses.
A sad smell of resentment emanated from the corpse tower and soared into the sky.
The darkness around the corpse tower is becoming clearer and clearer.
A black-footed face bug is clearly visible.
Gu Qingshan heart jump.
"I can already feel their breath if I can’t come. If you and I don’t escape, they will probably eat you." Gu Qingshan deliberately said.
Zhao Qiong gritted his teeth. "You can’t let this doomsday spread or the whole East Wilderness Cave will be finished."
She took out pieces of bloody bones and set them up quickly.
Gu Qingshan looked at her and nodded slightly in her heart.
-there are so many kinds of extraordinary people in the deep cave of beasts.
A psychic warrior
Second weapon ambassador
Zhao Qiong is an osteopath who specializes in establishing connections through ancient remains to gain corresponding extraordinary power.
Gu Qingshan looks at her personal temperament and behavior. She shouldn’t be good at fighting bone division just now.
Maybe she’s good at studying engineering?
But she dares to fight with that strange worm, and now the end is coming, and she is willing to stay and try to connect others to solve the end.
Gu Qingshan admire such people.
Zhao Qiong said as he laid out the bones, "Please ask the cabinet to protect me for a moment or two. I need some time."
Gu Qingshan, look at her hurry-scurry and look at the skeleton tower.
He sighed and said "can’t come"
Zhao Qiong looked up.
See all the darkness around the skeleton tower connected into an unknown world on the other side.
The whole flesh and blood piled into a tower and throbbed slightly regularly.
-this tower has come to life!
What will it become?
Zhao Qiong was desperate, but it was faster manually.
"If the pavilion doesn’t work, run away first. I always have to inform others about it, or if there is no news, the whole beast cave will be in danger."