Watching him leave, Yun Nie seemed to see a little pirate leader who was unknown completely leave and be replaced by a pity industry … purchasing manager?

Shook his head and swept away his inexplicable sense of accomplishment.
To tell the truth, some information of Jinya is still very valuable.
Now it seems that black sails and the madman are secretly ambiguous, and the emotional line of Ssangyong is confusing. The Dark Temple and Caron have been hiding from each other. The lowest-key gold coin left is probably the hidden BOSS.
This gang of pirates never dreamed of playing with their heads … It’s true that there is no oil lamp!
However, this information also gave Yun Nie some new ideas about "fishing in troubled waters" …
The current situation can roughly divide the seven pirate groups into three camps!
The "black sails camp" black sails pirate group swallowed up most of Chilong’s foundation strength, and added a madman who was able to rank first in the competitive list. The combination of Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu was the strongest.
Although the strength of the "Shuanglong camp" Red Dragon has been greatly damaged, it is said that the Red Dragon has been seriously damaged for a short time, and I am afraid that it is at an absolute disadvantage to restore its combat effectiveness.
The "neutral camp" gold coin chooses the temple of darkness and Caron. Because of the conflict law, it seems that there is no possibility of affecting the war situation for a short time.
At present, the Ssangyong camp in South black sails is still at war.
As time goes by, the two camps have called friends and attached themselves to several large pirate groups, and small teams have also lined up, which makes the scale of this conflict show signs of intensifying, and it seems that it is about to evolve into chaos in the whole broken star domain.
If Yun Nie is an ordinary pirate, he will probably choose neutrality!
Although the strength of the ghost pirate group is not what it used to be, it is still not enough to see compared with the seven pirate groups.
Don’t be suspicious of obscene development is the most "stable" strategy at present
But is Yun Nie that one who broke the map of the star field? Obviously not!
According to the introduction mode, if Yun Nie’s main line is "the rise of the earth", then he has already completed the "Karavin C-level branch line".
Triggered the "Double Star Class B Branch Line", "Locke Consortium Class B Branch Line" and "Woolf Empire Class A Branch Line" and additionally lit up the "Mechanical Family Class A Branch Line" … It may exceed the S-class hidden branch line "Ai Sven"!
The "Pirate King Branch Line" in the broken star domain belongs to the branch line of "Woolf Empire Branch Line" at most …
These feeder lines are not independent, but collide with each other. The way you complete one feeder line is likely to affect the difficulty of another feeder line.
Therefore, Yun Nie should not simply consider the "safe" completion of the "Pirate King Branch Line" but the maximization of the interests of the plate
Broken star domain, Locke consortium, binary star … There is no doubt that these three "branches" are highly interactive.
Of course, he can choose to settle down in the last security zone, be an old coin, laugh and watch the wind and cloud, and wait until the last Grenade is prosperous and achieve amazing achievements … "Mini Pirate King"!
However, if you choose this way of completion, once the pirates of the broken stars fight for their strength, it is likely that Locke consortium will be able to completely put its hands and feet on it and continue to invade the double star, which will eventually lead to the complete collapse of the "Double Star Branch"
With the huge industrial capacity of Woolf Empire as the backing, the Locke consortium needs a continuous capital chain, and his recovery speed is definitely far faster than that of the war, which has already burned into the soil.
In this way, Alsace, the "advanced trumpet" that was hard to cultivate, will also declare all previous achievements abandoned.
Before the belonging forces are gone, they have gained respect and hope that nature will also disappear. Then the loss will stop at 100 million?
Of course, Yun Nie has another choice, that is, to join the "Broken Star Competition" immediately!
Although it seems that the difficulty is rising in the short term, if the small ball of "Ghost Pirates" can influence the big ball of "Broken Star Domain" and then "Broken Star Domain" can influence the big ball of "Locke Consortium" to promote the "Double Star Branch" …
Playing well is likely to achieve the perfect effect of "clearing the table with one shot"!
"Considering the current strength and influence of the Ghost Pirates, it seems that it is time to find a teammate …"
Yun Nie first ruled out the neutral camp. Isn’t it just soy sauce to choose them?
Black sails camp? Jin Tianhua’s family even has Lu Bu. At most, they treat you as a thug!
Then NieYunShi leaves the last option …
"How to say it is also a gift in the snow. Who is the Dragon Knight? You shouldn’t mind asking?" Yun Nie touched Ba’s eyes to reveal hexagrams …
Mechanical worm "…" (→ _→)