When she became a ghost, she could easily leave the tomb. It was only when she faced the master who blocked her enchantment that she gave up leaving the tomb and planned to keep it.

It is atonement for her to suffer from loneliness and siege on the first day of every month for so many years.
It’s been so many years since she thought it was enough, but she still has to be pressed hard. Now all that’s left is to meet and not know each other, and she can leave the tomb and work hard.
Listening to Ruier’s words, I can’t tell you the taste in my heart. Mental growth always comes at a price, accompanied by pain, and Ruier’s heart is bound to be scarred.
Smiling at Ruier, I said, then let’s work together to show him how fierce Ruier is when she is angry in this ancient tomb.
When I spoke, Ruier’s lips raised radians and said that she was not a weak person and had been suppressed for so many years, it was time to hold her head high.
Ruier’s eyes are as bright as stars when her lips are raised in radian. This is the first time I have seen Ruier Zhan Yan, and I can’t help but smile.
Ruier closed the enchantment when she finished speaking. I teleported Goo Zi from the Yin Pearl, and we set out together to continue the slaughter.
When I was walking, I thought about what happened when I confronted the skull before Xiaowu. I asked Xiaowu if she knew that the skull could be made by covering the eye socket of the skull.
Xiaowu immediately took off her wrist and waved wildly in front of me. She told me that she just looked at the skull’s eye socket and kept spraying blood. She didn’t like it, so she went to cover the skull’s eye socket.
She doesn’t know that it’s a method of making skulls. It can be said that the blind cat has met with death.
Watching the little dance swing wildly and listening to the little dance answer me with a black line on my face.
Seeing that Xiaowu was going to pounce on Goo Tsai again, I immediately stretched out my wrist to make Xiaowu return to her wrist to be a quiet beauty and told Xiaowu not to move around here.
Another day, the massacre began. We encountered ghosts and zombies during the day, which was more difficult to deal with than yesterday, but overall it was thrilling.
Ruier told me that she chose the slaughter path from easy to difficult, and then we will encounter more difficulties against ghosts and zombies, plus some strange things. Finally, we will fight against her masters
When it’s not a short-term event in the ancient tomb, when the massacre is coming to an end in the daytime, I’ll teleport Feng Er’s egg out of the Yinzhu and ask him to tell Wang Shaopeng that I have to stay in the ancient tomb for a while, so that Wang Shaopeng can relax.
I told Feng Er-dan to prevent ice caves when he went out of the black hole. There may be shallow shrines and priests should be careful all the way.
When he enters Zhongya apartment, he needs to keep the entrance and exit of Zhongya apartment immediately. Now Wang Zhoupeng will come out of Zhongya apartment every day to drive Wang sledgehammer and Jesse to exercise.
Feng Er-egg left me and Ruier Goo-tsai to return to the ice coffin and re-enter the enchantment as soon as he responded.
Goose returns to Yinzhu, and I continue to practice unarmed boundary demarcation with Ruier.
Feng Er-dan returned the next day and told me that Wang Zhou-peng’s face was black after hearing that I was going to stay in the tomb, but he was very entangled in whether to continue to lie to Dan Tai Glass before it aroused suspicion.
During the day, I carried out massacres and followed Ruier to practice unarmed demarcation. In the past five days and five nights, I have been familiar with unarmed demarcation, but the boundary I made with my bare hands can be kept short.
For this reason, Ruier said that the level of my situation is that I haven’t practiced unarmed demarcation to my fingertips. If I have to practice hard, it will be much better every time.
After studying freehand demarcation, I was in high spirits. I told Ruier that she would take care of her eyes and see that I could practice freehand demarcation as soon as possible.
When I carried out the massacre again, I began to carry out unarmed demarcation. I became familiar with unarmed demarcation again and again. Although it made me lose my physical strength quickly, it also greatly improved my time to make a boundary with my bare hands.
After five days and five nights in the tomb, Ruier and I have slaughtered all the strange things except ghosts and zombies near her master.
Let Feng Erdan see Wang Xiaopeng again. I asked Feng Erdan to tell Wang Xiaopeng that I would stay in the ancient tomb for a few days.
I don’t want Wang Zhoupeng to break into the ancient tomb because he waited too long, which would cause me and Ruier extra trouble.
The horse is going to play against several teachers in Ruier. At this time, the so-called many hands make light work.
Once again, I returned to the ice coffin and entered the enchantment. I talked to Ruier about the massacre these days. I am glad that her masters have not seen the tomb.
Ruier said that the reason why her master didn’t peep through the tomb was that she didn’t dare to make a move, even if she knew me, she thought that she and I couldn’t turn over much waves.
Her masters are used to coming here on the first day of every month, and normally they stay in their former positions to improve their skills.
Then we started to fight against her master. We must not let her master escape and contact Master Yu, otherwise we will fight against more masters at the same time.
"Sister Ran, I won’t blame you if you leave now. After all, I don’t know if I can imprison your masters now." Ruier looked at me with a serious expression and begged for trouble.
"Our previous massacre went smoothly, relying on the enchantment force." Ruier continued to add her mouth before I could answer.
"I haven’t aroused the latent power of my body, and I won’t leave at this time to talk about things." Ruier’s words raised my eyebrows.
"Sister Ran, if you have an accident, let Ruier feel sorry for you." Ruier’s expression is not easy.
"Don’t talk to me. My decision and your failure are all due to my own selfishness." Looking at Gao Lengrui’s expression, I smiled and answered her.
Ruier stopped talking, and she and I stayed in the enchantment and practiced separately until dawn.
"Sister Ran, if I can leave the tomb this time, I would like to be with Goo Tsai.
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Up to your right-hand man "ruier firm eyes looked at me after the enchantment.
"Sister Ran is welcome to this." I didn’t expect Ruier to suddenly make this decision. I was slightly surprised.
I answered, Ruier took the initiative to hold my hand, and we went to the place where one of her masters was.
Chapter six hundred and fifteen Knowing that there is a tiger in the mountain is biased towards the tiger mountain.
Ruier’s little hand is much colder than Goo’s little hand. I hold my hand and wrap her hand in my palm for the first time, which can bring her more warmth.
Former Goose Boy has told me that ghosts are cold and physically attached to each other, and people’s body temperature can bring ghosts a very comfortable feeling.
That’s why I often hold hands and hug Goo Zi when I get along with him.
Although I don’t know whether Ruier and I can finally leave the tomb together smoothly, I think Ruier and I have a chance to get along with each other, and I can take care of it as much as Ruier can.
I’m uneasy about the horse’s confrontation with master Ruier, but this anxiety doesn’t affect my determination to accompany Ruier to continue walking.
Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains is biased towards the tiger mountain. I made such a decision, not only for Ruier but also for myself.
When I was about to reach the destination mentioned by Ruier, I made an enchantment with my bare hands, enveloped me and Ruier, and then urged the enchantment to take me and Ruier forward.
In the ancient tomb, there are a large number of black and stiff noses, and the sense of smell is extremely sensitive and beneficial to the enchantment, so that Ruier and I can gather all the breath.
When I finally arrived at my destination, I took back the enchantment and then spread the enchantment to envelop me and her.
Teleport Goo Zi from Yin Zhu, and I will teleport the dagger from the object ring, hold the palm of my hand, and join Goo Zi to start the killing operation.
The owner of the enchantment can control the enchantment, but it also takes physical strength.
Now I don’t know if Rui Er, the master, has the ability, as I naturally do, to keep Rui Er strong and have a steel blade.
Ruier and I have gone through this period together, and our tacit understanding can be described as full. Many times, we can tacit understanding without saying much.
Ruier’s enchantment is still quiet. I’m not surprised at this situation. After all, if you don’t carefully perceive it, you will know that you have entered the enchantment.
When Goo Zi and I are going forward, I will take out the invisible paper man from the object ring and throw it out to open the way through the invisible paper man. I can know what will happen before.
But the invisible paper men can see that the front is dark and stiff. I can’t help but curse. The dark and stiff in this ancient tomb is like ants, which can be seen everywhere.
You can enchant and then cloth the enchantment, and my body will unfold immediately by disappearing, holding a dagger and rushing into the dark and frozen ground.