The secret pope’s eyes narrowed sneer at a way

"What does this mean? Is this your attitude of welcome comrades? "
Pope Death said indifferently, "You didn’t come until the war is over. Do you think I’ll believe your story?"
Pope Zhang Arms said in a relaxed tone, "You are right. I should have arrived a long time ago, but there was a major change on my way and I had to be delayed a little."
"What change?" The Pope of Death asked.
The secret pope said, "Don’t you notice? Chaos is awakening. "
With a smile on his face, he continued, "There is a god in our inheritance who has come to the secret Oracle to point out the details of the gods behind the temples."
"It’s a pity that death is the backbone of the order."
"Death Christians are our enemies when the chaotic era comes."
The Pope in the Secret Law said a spell.
The dark sky behind him was suddenly illuminate by that brilliance of the secret method.
Appear in armor one after another.
The army of 100,000 secret magic temples appeared in the hidden emptiness.
The secret pope looked down at the temple of death and whispered, "The more you kill, the stronger your confusion will be. This is what the gods said in person a long time ago."
The Pope of the Secret Law raised his voice, "Kill all the real chaos without leaving anyone alive!"
Hundreds of secret armies roared.
the other side
The soul squealer is moving fast in the virtual turbulence.
Suddenly it seems to have sensed something and suddenly stopped.
"… such a strong power feedback"
"It seems that those chaotic gods have sensed that the era has come to the historical stage."
"Thanks to the growing chaos, the laws of chaos have strengthened my strength!"
The soul squealer holds his body tightly in pain.
Like a hurricane, the airflow keeps circling around it, and finally it turns into a virtual storm and sweeps everything around it.
The soul scream hung in the storm and twitched all over.
Desperate faces emerged from it but soon disappeared.
Soon his shoulders kept wriggling and he gradually grew a pair of new arms.
Its skin is covered with a layer of black runes.
"All the mysteries in the virtual show me their truth."
"I have-"
"It’s incredibly powerful."
The soul whistler murmured and suddenly looked up in one direction.
"Yes, I feel it."
"The last order holder is over there."
The soul squealer’s eyes seem to penetrate the emptiness and see the distant scene.
"It’s a ship-a lingo world on the edge of the 900 million-story world."
The soul squealer looked at Xu as if he had really seen the Queen of Thorns.
It thought for a long time and spread its four hands in front of its eyes.
"Although my strength is still some distance from the gods, if I try my best …"
The soul squealer quickly made up his mind.
Its four arms are put together to pose a handprint.
It whispers spells in the direction of the argot world.
"Even through the virtual world, no one can stop the chaos."
"The enemy will crawl and be confused."