Brilliant impact double sword also gradually overlap together.

After counting interest
A new sword was born.
It flew into Gu Qingshan’s hands.
Virtual suddenly come up to a line of indicators.
"You have obtained the abyss horcrux, the eternal abyss weapon, the town magic soldier, the door keys of various realms, and the twin swords."
"Because you have always been the owner of this sword, you have learned the power of this sword."
"the sword is famous in heaven and earth"
"This sword has magical powers."
"fencing when returning to the stream"
"Let everything return to a certain moment in the past"
"Killing Causal Fencing"
"When you wound the enemy with this sword, you can directly cut it out."
"the mysterious swordsmanship of all worlds"
"This sword is the key of all worlds, which can cut through several parallel worlds."
Gu Qingshan glanced at it and didn’t feel surprised.
These are the powers of the double swords in heaven and earth. It is said that the double swords will have these powers after they are integrated into a complete abyss horcrux.
He looked at the sword carefully and hesitated. "Nothing else seems to have changed much, but the whole sword has become bigger."
The sword sounded "because I want to be bigger"
"What?" Gu Qingshan asked
Los ice glass also curious looking over.
The sword didn’t come out.
It is quietly saying "Wei Meng" to Gu Qingshan.
Luo Bingli didn’t hear anything, but her face showed disdain.
Obviously, when she stayed with the sword for a long time, she knew exactly what this sword was.
She stepped forward and stood still.
"Now that I’ve replaced Liao Hang-I’ll handle the fighting," she said, never looking back.
"It’s up to you" Gu Qingshan laughed.
"You’re welcome." Luo Bingli didn’t answer. "You awakened my strength from the future, so I woke up before."
She stamped her foot lightly.
Ground motion
A dull sound came from deep underground.
Seeing one monster after another, I rose and struggled hard, but I returned to the earth.
"The earth is a safe place for all beings, not a paradise for you monsters."