The giant glanced at it and said lightly, "Flowers are rare, but they are not worth my weapons, let alone changing them for better things."

Gu Qingshan looks at the flowers in his hand and then at those weapons.
-those weapons are all good. It’s also top-notch to get them into the 900 million-story world.
The giant’s face was calm.
But Gu Qingshan heart is moving.
This guy’s expression is unnatural at all!
Who are you going to bluff if you have nothing to do and keep such an indifferent expression on your face?
Don’t …
Can this giant stay here but not go out?
Gu Qingshan took out the flowerpot when he had an idea in his heart.
"Most plants can be cultivated in the native soil of the spiritual world," he said.
The giant moved a little
It carefully stretched out a finger, and the soil was stained with some debris and then put it in its mouth to taste it carefully.
"Well … yes, it’s waiting for the soil, but it’s still far from changing weapons."
"Okay, I’ll see."
Gu Qingshan cleaned it in the bag.
Qin Xiao Lou ling Shi
Xiu Xiu flowers and plants species
Sunny and soft, Wan’er gives a book of practice
Liao Hang several giant databases-although Gu Qingshan hasn’t seen anything inside, according to Ye Fei, it’s also a love textbook. He screened some dross and said it would be destroyed after being copied and checked again. These are left for Gu Qingshan.
Zhang Yinghao gave a novel "On the Self-cultivation of Actors" and a novel "This Killer is Not Too Cold"
There are only a few days left.
Oh, yes, and all the coins in the hegemony area-the big octopus coin that can summon the refrigerator and is full of drinks was left by Gu Qingshan.
Chief Gu Qingshan took out everything that could be taken out.
He decided not to play any tricks.
The other party is the first giant in the world of billions. I don’t know how many billions of years have passed, and I don’t know how many things I have seen. When I want to meet people, I can get them by fate.
You can’t play tricks with it like this, or you won’t know how to die.
The giant looked at those things that Gu Qingshan took out and wondered, "How did you take so many things out?"
Gu Qingshan truthfully said, "We pay attention to fame in business-I don’t think these things are enough in terms of value-because these things are very ordinary outside and I want to change a good weapon."
The giant was silent for a while and laughed. "You are a little clever …"
He took a look at those weapons.
Those weapons suddenly turned into rotten copper and iron.
"When it comes to fame, I always have a good reputation. I want others to deal with me seriously."
The giant thought for a moment and continued, "I’ll take these things you took out."
Gu Qingshan asked, "What about weapons …"
The giant collected all those suspended semi-broken weapons and took them out again, and a batch of long-handled weapons were taken out.
As soon as these weapons appeared, they gave off bursts of power fluctuations and breezes, which made people feel quickly at their level of power.
These are powerful horcruxes with their own characteristics, and any handle taken out can cause several powerful people to rob them.
Gu Qingshan swept at a glance.