Luo hate said "kill this little bitch also calculate"

Another officer laughed. "Why are you so heartless that you are willing to kill a beautiful wife?" Of course, he didn’t really want to be "passionate about jade", but turned around and asked Luo for reasons.
Luo said, "You don’t know that this little bitch already knows our secret. Now she regards me as her father’s enemy. Don’t worry about her life or death. We have to try to deal with Dan Qiusheng!"
The officer in front said, "Well, let’s bring Dan Qiusheng here. Pretend that your wife was injured by us and fight with us quickly!"
Mou Lizhu tried her best to support and hope to hear what they said again. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t support it. She gradually became confused and finally could not hear anything.
Mou Lizhu’s original statement of what happened that night was a concealment. When she first met Dan Qiusheng, her mood stopped suddenly without saying here.
Jiang Yun asked, "What happened later?"
Mou Lizhu looked at Dan Qiusheng and said, "I had fainted at that time, and then it should be told by Dan Qiusheng!"
Lei Zhen said, "By the way, Miss Mou has already said what are you avoiding?" Dan Qiusheng is thoughtful and seems to have not made up his mind.
Mou Lizhu said slowly, "I know you have to keep your promise to master, but I also know that there is an exception to your promise."
"Do you believe that your master can restrain the scum of the door from colluding with the Qing court to bring the Kongtong Sect to the road of self-destruction? You swear that if this doesn’t happen, you would rather betray the crime and never tell the secret of this case. The master is the same after his death. Now your master and Dong Xuan are both dead, but you don’t want to see things. I’m afraid it will still happen! If there is such a situation, master will also promise you to say it! Don’t you say it’s more time? "
This remark is very meaningful. Although Bai Dongxuan is dead, some of the leaders of the Kongtong Sect still want to take the road of Dong Xuanxuan!
After listening to Ji Hong’s card and Moulizhu’s recollection, a chivalrous figure has more or less this doubt, but he is still not sure that it has suddenly come out from Moulizhu’s mouth. Everyone can’t help but be shocked with horror and unconsciously focus on the truth and the ghost of the hole.
Dong really changed his face and said, "Miss Mou, you can’t talk nonsense about this. Yes, I once agreed to invite Ouyang Ye, deputy head of the body guard, to send guests here to watch the ceremony, but you can’t say that I colluded with the Qing court and said that I wanted to drive and be chivalrous!"
Mou Lizhu said, "I’m not talking about you. I’m not talking about this either!"
Dong Zhen said, "Then what are you going to say?" Mou Lizhu said, "Things will always come out, and there will always be people who know. Don’t let others say, I want to say that I know one thing first."
Dong Zhen said, "Yes, please!"
When Dong Zhen argued with Moulizhu, Dong Ming had a guilty conscience, but he dared not speak. At this time, his face became more and more gray.
Mou Lizhu said, "Those two officers who were invited by Luo to murder Dan Qiusheng that night were just one of your guests. Now they haven’t shown up yet, but they will definitely show up here soon!"
Lei Zhen quickly asked, "Do you already know who those two officers are?"
Mou Lizhu said, "I didn’t know at that time, but of course I knew later that Ouyang Ye, the leader of the Kongtong Sect, just said that ten years ago, he was just a modest immortal in the body guard, and now he is the deputy commander of your body guard." Everyone already knew that today’s Kongtong master would invite Ouyang Ye to come to the ceremony for the sake of the ghost idea. At this time, they all thought, "It turns out that they already have a history."
Lei Zhen said, "Where’s the other one?"
Mou Lizhu said, "The other one is even bigger. He is the head of Ouyang Ye!"
Lei Zhen was taken aback and said, "It’s the body guard who commands Hailancha!"
Mou Lizhu nodded and repeated his words, "Yes, the body guard is in charge of Hailancha!"
Lei Zhen stayed for a long time and even said, "That’s right! That’s right!"
The hole is really uneasy. Try his tune, "What’s right?"
Lei Zhen said, "It must be this Hailancha to plot against your elders Yu Xu! I’m really crazy that he has this ability in the Qing court’s talons and I haven’t thought of this person. "
Dong Zhen said, "The old-timer guess must not be wrong, but the suspect has not been caught yet." The implication is actually that Lei Zhen’s "guess" is just a guess
Lei Zhen said, "Don’t be impatient, your boss. Miss Mou just said that these two people will be in the sky soon. I believe her words will not be casually said. Let’s wait and see! Now please ask Dan Qiusheng to tell the truth that night. "