Elder Broby in the drawing room of the command post of the marked army brought more than 20 elders to sit opposite the long table.

The table is full of cakes, fruits and tea.
Surdak took a group of officers of the marked army, Elder Ann Broby, and sat opposite each other.
The atmosphere in the room is very harmonious. These elders are almost the highest leaders of all tribes. Their status in the tribe is much greater than that of the original tribal chiefs.
This time, the elders were invited to the camp of the marked army, mainly because Elder An Broby made a guarantee that they would further integrate the marked army.
But when Surdak said he was going to, the elders still felt a little incredible.
"Will this Moyunling Highland be captured to build homes for our aboriginal tribes? Commander Surdak, are you kidding? " Elder Ann Broby also feels a little weird. I don’t understand what benefits Surdak can get here.
"But I’m afraid the name here still belongs to the territory of the Green Empire. I will submit an application to the empire according to the 334 territorial distribution law to turn this land into my territory, and the actual land owner is still you, and I will sign all the magical contracts with you."
"When the evil spirits are driven away, your tribe can move here."
"The evil spirits have killed almost all the Warcraft here, and this place has become a fertile ground. You can live in peace if you want to hold the two gates in the north and south. Whether it is agricultural planting or animal husbandry, this land is very good."
"What I need is all the minerals in Moyunling Highland …"
"In addition, I may continue to expand to the north, which will be a springboard for my Lord’s army. After the city is built here, it will have close trade with Handanar City, and perhaps a port pier will be built here. With the magic airship, the traffic will become more convenient …"
Surdak didn’t read and painted cakes for these elders. Some elders were still very resistant to contact with the Green Empire. I heard Surdak say that these brows were tightly knit.
Elder Ann Broby was very worried, but he didn’t say that. He asked Surdak.
"If I don’t promise, will you attack here?"
"Of course, I will form an alliance with Lord Bena and then the main force of marked army will attack here." Surdak said without hesitation.
Elder Ann Broby looked at the left and right sides of his elders stand hand and said.
"Then what reason do we have to refuse? The living conditions here are much better than those in the mountains north of Moyunling …"
"Then I wish us all the best!" Surdak took the initiative to raise his hand and give elders Ann Broby a hand.
At this time, Elder Broby asked in detail.
"Can you tell me now? How are we going to get together? "
"I still need 100,000 less aboriginal soldiers to participate in the war," Surdak said.
Broby elders didn’t knit a decisively said.
"I can recruit 150 thousand soldiers, but we can’t beat those evil spirits without good equipment."
Surdak also once again expressed his sincerity, "I will solve the armament, and all the indigenous armaments will be sent to you after the war."
He paused for a sharp eye and looked at his elders and continued
"But I still need the wizards to participate in the war. Only the wizards in the tribe can improve the fighting power of all indigenous soldiers."
"Of course it’s no problem, but what we lack is a sacrifice," said Elder Ann Broby.
Hearing these words, Surdak, Andrew, Samira and others looked at each other and said confidently, "Elder Ann Broby, you may not know how many evil spirits’ heads have been accumulated by our marked army in these wars …"
Chapter 1469 Army
The nearly 65-meter-high arrow tower, Elder Ann Broby, can see the endless hills in the north.
Although it is a valley halfway up the mountain at the southern foot of Moyun Mountain, it is also the gate of Moyun Mountain South. Further north, there are overlapping peaks, and the mountain roads leading to Moyun Mountain Highland are as dense as cobwebs.
There are at least hundreds of passages to get out of the Duck Valley and into the Moyunling Highland …
Although such a tall and magnificent wall has been built at the north exit of the valley to resist evil spirits, the wall has been raised twice, but traces of purple blood smudge can still be seen on some ground at the foot of the wall
Elder Ann Broby couldn’t help seeing this scene, but there was a bloody battle scene in his heart, and he didn’t know how many evil soldiers died here to cause this scene.
On one side, Elder Domini looked at Elder An Broby, and there was still some hesitation in his eyes. He was full of worries about the combination of the tribe and marked army.
However, the opposition is still a minority among the elders.
So this time, Elder Dominic wants to say that Elder Ann Broby is far away from this group of cunning Green Empire people.