"Now that it’s all like this, try not to leave any disasters. He’s not that easy!"

Immediately see heavenly heart five LeiFu beating Qing Xuan emperor crushing department mana into fairy puppet after the outbreak of directly put this fairy magic weapon for a short time to use the power to Xiao Hongchen and go to a pair of people who want to lay down their lives to help enlightenment.
If it weren’t for the wrong time, Xiao Hongchen would have been teased by several people in the magic weapon.
Then, when I met my enemies, I was particularly jealous and broke out with my own strength. It was like a sea of suffering and flooded directly towards the enlightened people.
At this time, although Wu Leifu in Tianxin also has the power of the late fairy, it does not play a big role in the magic vortex of the fairy level
And at this moment!
Fang was temporarily ignored by everyone, and the cave was suddenly changed.
When a nine-story jade pagoda is in a mess, an ethereal stream can reverse the reality and manifest itself in the confusion of legal artistic conception.
Many dharma bodies feel that there seems to be an end to the reality in front of them, and Fiona Fang and Wan Li all have a feeling of being drawn into illusion.
After the ghost reality and Chu Liu’s petticoats escaped from the cave, there were also some guts. How can it be more dangerous outside than inside?
It’s because people don’t think much about the fairy land, followed by the manifestation of ten continents, and then they see the convergence and fusion of several dream worlds, a statue that is not tall but people dare to get close to it easily
The inexplicable legal artistic conception outside the body reveals a hundred miles, and everything except himself will be a dream bubble.
Too empty to die!
Tianyun eyebrows a pick direct sound ghost reality please him.
Since it coincides with the meeting, he has no reason not to contribute to the elimination of demons in the ten continents!
In the middle of the fairy tale, the ghost face was bitter, but it didn’t refuse.
Nine deep and remote demons face to face, and the authentic dharma body directly escapes. Don’t you have to let people poke your spine when you turn around?
As soon as the Lingta bursts into a detached artistic conception, it will help the enlightened people to press toward Xiao Hongchen.
However, Xiao Hongchen’s eyes are dark, and the essence of pure fairy is integrated into the world of mortals and the sea of bitterness. The palace of ancient immortals makes the momentum temporarily rise, which stops the real person who can’t exert the power of Lingta Department.
Everyone’s consciousness is far away from Taixu Xianjun’s legacy. Although it seems tempting, it is obvious that there is no energy to pay attention to it at this time, and it is easy to bite itself.
The power of enlightened people has been able to show that it is far less than that of facing Xiao Hongchen, a fairy, and it is just a stall.
And Qing Wei seems to have been attracted by the legacy of Taixu Xianjun. As a heavenly heart, Wu Leifu paused a little.
"At this time, I still remember that Xianjun’s legacy is young!"
Xiao Hongchen found the right time, his eyes were bare, and he struggled with the hard-enlightened people. After a stick, he grasped the heavenly heart and the five thunder houses.
"Not good!"
Wanbao’s real eyes are eager, and JingXie spurts into Xuanbao to cut the demon sword, so he is ready to try his best to save Qingwei.
Xiao Hongchen’s fairy magic quickly penetrated into the Five Thunder Mansions of Tianxin, and dragged it rudely to the world of mortals, which trapped the enlightened people. For a moment, Qing Wei seemed to have become a chopping block!
Just then, I saw a humble scarlet gourd flying out of the mouth of the gourd and aiming at Xiao Hongchen not far away.
In a flash!
There is a white light at the mouth of the gourd, and when you look closely, it turns out to be an object with eyebrows, wings, heads and eyes. A white light shines out of Xiao Hongchen’s eyes, and he is surprised that the true spirit directly locks the magic of the Yuan God!
Qingwei figure appeared and bowed to the scarlet gourd and read, "Please turn around, baby!"
Then I saw a flash of white light and a touch of it, which made the fairy gods tremble. The fairy gods directly fell to the ground, and the gods dissipated and the true spirits died!
Even all the incarnations, doppelgangers and thoughts of the true spirit are almost simultaneously destroyed.
A moment of silence in the field!
Xiao Hongchen is dead? !
Dark Sun Devil, Red-violet Old Devil and Luo Menghong’s eyelids jumped wildly and their eyes looked dignified at Qingwei.
You can really keep this method!
And there are indeed some audacity to take risks by being caught by Xiao Hongchen and suddenly start work.
Not afraid of death?
Wanbao reality instantly felt that he had wasted a mouthful of fairy jingxie, who had lost decades of mana, and had a sincere heart, and then he vented his anger on the ancient fairy body.
The corners of his mouth moved slightly. Although he expected Qingwei to rely on it, this …
And red-violet old devil is decisive and immediately suggesting that monty’s strategy of killing immortals will force the fate to retreat.
"The monkey said characteristics? Come for nothing! "
Seeing this fate did not stop the pure sun golden fan from turning directly to the dark prince.
And against Beichen real Luo Menghong, a picture of the pure land of white lotus is ready to erupt. Beichen real people immediately wait for the eternal sword in their hands.
However, it was seen that Luo Menghong flaunted a gun and the treasure suffered an attack. After that, the pure land of Bailian rolled up Xiao Hongchen’s body and separated the body.
However, at this time, an iron bar fell on Luo Menghong and hurriedly recalled the pure land map of the white lotus. A simple and peaceful jade charm was directly crushed and thrown out to form a circle of thousands of white lotus, showing great relief and self-improvement.
Take this opportunity, Luo Menghong will never miss it again!
Although there have been two treasures left by people before, it’s all worth it to get Xiao Hongchen’s body!
The enlightened person is not as good as the one who broke away from the world of mortals in front, and then swung a stick and was trapped by Bailian Miaohua array.
Bei Chen is also a real person. When the immortal sword cuts the circle, Luo Menghong has been hiding.
But looking at the disappearing direction, Beichen reality is able to shrug off a smile
"Go home, go home early, and meet the monks in Shengsi, waiting for you."
The end of Dark Sun’s siege against two immortals is doomed.
The combination of the two magic weapons has also collapsed since the fall of the ancient fairy Xiao Hongchen, who hated the palace.
The two magic weapons were suppressed by Wanbao reality and winked at Qingwei.
And accompany Qingwei for a long time, please ask Xianyu to turn a white light into Qingwei’s hand, but then leave a formula and disappear completely.
After a long time
With a self-effacing scream, the dark prince was successfully wiped out by the pure sun golden fan, and the last vitality completely dissipated.
In the North Sea, only Qing Wei and Zheng Dao have many dharma bodies staying away from Chu Liushang, the Lord of Hating Palace.
Looking into the distance, the people couldn’t help looking at Qingwei.
Chu Liu’s style is awkward, but many San Xuan’s first scenes, she chose to shut up when she was alone.
Although she and the ghost have gained something, they were forced out before they got it.