Recently, there are many problems in a Q&A network, from the initial output of Neng Manor, the wine for getting rid of illness to the recent ability to bear the forced landing of the viaduct.
"If the plane is forced to land on the Nengyuan Viaduct, can this mean that the Nengyuan Viaduct is a high-quality bridge?"
This problem is the most popular recently. Some people support that the instantaneous impact force of the plane has far exceeded the weight of an ordinary viaduct, but others object that it is impossible for this slender material to support this impact force for a long time at present, and even if it does, it is impossible to support it for a long time. Now the bridge body must have been damaged by force and so on
However, real professionals and professionals are afraid to comment easily on Neng Manor because they are beyond the imagination of too many people.
One of the respondents put it well: "It is as absurd to discuss Neng Manor on such a public platform as asking a primary school student to comment on the journal articles of Nature."
However, this does not affect the heated discussion, many of which say that it is not far from the right thing to do. After reading it, I can’t help but exclaim, "In fact, I didn’t know there was such a drill until I read the answer."
However, today’s frequent @ Zhuang is not far from annoying him, but it is not from these hot issues.
But from another topic related to the complete biology of Neng Manor.
"What are the cases in nature where the gap between male and female is very large? What is their life like? "
On this answer surface, there is a name called "Third Little Sister" to answer.
She let out a photo first.
My name is Zhuang 33, and the picture shows my father and mother. Their size difference is so great that I always wonder how I was born.
"First of all, please look at my mother. This is the guy who looks like a big ant. This photo was taken at noon yesterday. Her exposed part is about 74 meters high. This is her head and less than half of her chest. You can see that her jaw is about 4 meters long …"
"Maybe most people are puzzled when they see this photo. Is there a big ant on this side? What about the other one? Isn’t it a photo? "
"This is indeed a photo of my parents. Please look carefully. There is a black spot on my mother’s left front leg. Yes, that’s my father. He is sitting on my mother’s front leg."
"Maybe I’ve said so much, but you still haven’t found my father, but I’m not going to put a bigger picture now … do you see it now? Yes, this is my father. "
Everyone is staring at that photo very hard, looking and looking.
A figure is sitting on the front leg of a giant ant to eat.
This photo seems familiar to everyone. Where have you seen it?
"Wait, isn’t this the owner?"
"It really seems to be the owner of the manor!"
Zhuang not far is not a particularly famous person in the mainstream society, because he doesn’t often appear in the media, but there are still many people who have seen his photos.
Then they saw this answer, and the self-proclaimed Zhuang 33 continued to write, "After my preliminary estimation, the size difference between my father and mother is 10,000 times …"
"But it doesn’t affect the feelings of my parents. Although they often quarrel, my father always chooses to forgive him. Although he is very young, he is definitely a good father."
The answer ends here.
Everyone who saw this answer had a strange feeling.
Master Zhuang, is this hacked?
"23333 This is the worst time that the landlord was hacked!"
"I don’t know what this answer is saying, but I want to laugh for no reason."
Of course, there are several good people not far from @ Zhuang.
Not far from Zhuang, after reading this answer, his face turned black. "Zhuang Sansan! Get your ass over here! "
Xu Nianwu and Li Zhe returned to the manor and saw that Zhuang was beating children not far away.
"This … Master Zhuang, we need Yincui gorge to come with us again …"
"no!" Not far from Zhuang, the face is black. "Zhuang Sansan is grounded!"
Three little sisters lie prone on Zhuang’s knees, not far from Zhuang, patting their bottoms, but swinging their tentacles at two people and comparing them with a "scissorhand".
Chapter 712 The beast roared
The vicinity of two parallel construction sites in Yancheng is very lively today.
Many reporters gathered around because two shield machines were delivered at the same time today.