Put the pistol away.

Get up and go to the door
But the door was just facing a knife light, and a crescent moon was instantly swung, and the dazzling light almost occupied all the sight of Jun Wen.
"No …"
Not good! ! !
Wen Jijun’s pupil suddenly constricted. Even though he doesn’t have the fighting ability, he shares his vision all the year round. His reaction speed is not inferior to that of Wu Jijun, which is equivalent to losing all his strength.
Conveniently stamped on the doorframe to retreat …
But this knife still left a deep bone scar on his chest.
Come and miss a knife, but not surprisingly, take the opportunity to rush forward and cut it horizontally.
Wen Jijun reacts faster.
Rolling on the spot, rushing to the living room sofa, knocking down the sofa …
This knife was cut in the sofa goose down flying.
The left arm is a sharp pain.
The other man started without saying a word, but he did not hesitate to shoot the left arm of the Chinese emperor.
Wen Ji-jun rolled over the wooden floor and suddenly tilted. He had already rolled into the back channel …
The two men looked at each other concisely and turned straight at each other.
There is not a superfluous word …
And their purpose is indeed the exit of Wenjijun’s secret passage.
Obviously, it is very clear about Wen Jijun’s hiding place.
And Wen Jijun just escaped from the andao and saw two people rushing behind him and suddenly knew that the enemy was prepared.
He growled, "Send someone to help me! I can’t last long!"
After saying this, he did not hesitate to run to the crowd in secret.
Sure enough, the rear people seem to want to kill Jun Wen before he rushes into the crowd.
"Kill people!"
As soon as Wen Ji-jun shouted, his pale face suddenly surged with a touch of red blood, and his pace was much faster than before, and he rushed into the crowd instantly.
"What people dare to commit crimes in this street? !”
The patrolman reacted very quickly and rushed to the two men with batons. It turned out that two fighters with good strength were a colonization division.
But the bearer took out a token and shouted, "Five-clan arrest spy, help me catch him!"
When the three men saw that the token was real, they should have been high.
Wen Ji-jun’s heart sank …
Five families?
When he came to the real world, he first noticed that it was composed of three empires, and then he was shocked by the unique but flawed architectural methods of the three empires
No wonder God wants to take its place.
At this moment, human beings are not fighting, and biological roots do not deserve such a vast and beautiful land.
However, Wen Jijun understands that the five tribes occupy a great position in the Central Asian Empire, so when the other side shows his identity, he will be in vain this time.
as expected
The three men turned their heads and looked at Wen Jijun. "Don’t run!"
Colonization division is sprayed out of the blazing from the sky swoop.