This year, the number of heroic exploits in actual combat on Mars is also a record high.

Reached more than 26 thousand
Won the tenth place in the overall list of individual exploits.
Won a bronze medal of Blue Star Guardian.
At the same time, although Yan Lie is also a single team, but because of the high score of individual exploits, the single team has also reached the top 100 of Tianjiao team list, and the rewards are not cheap.
This will turn around the dormitory road with Xu tui and wipe his bronze medal of Blue Star Guardian again and again.
Looking at Xu’s four medals of silver and copper on his chest, he just didn’t drool.
"When can I get a silver medal?" Yan Lie sighed.
"I want to give you one of our silver."
Xu tui casually took a blue star silver medal of wisdom and courage and threw it to Yan Lie.
Yanlie caught the envy and touched it for a while, then handed it back to Xu tui.
"Ah, it’s a pity that we don’t have a straight blood relationship. Otherwise, this silver medal, Jin Lan, I can just tie the knot with you. "YanLie sighed.
Xu retreated dazed. "What do you mean?"
"You don’t know?" Yan Lie was startled.
"Know what?"
"Is this medal a treasure for every family?"
"Whether it is a silver medal or a bronze medal, it can be registered and transferred to your immediate family members, so that your immediate family members can enjoy the personal grade limit. Is it officially recognized?
Think about it. If I had a silver medal, I could directly register it and give it to my son.
The holder of the silver medal can enjoy the E-level limit at the beginning, and then rise two steps, that is, the E-level limit.
That is to say, my son can enjoy the E-level limit after birth.
Don’t say what medicine it is then
Even the milk powder money can get the subsidy stipulated by the genetic Committee!
If I have a silver medal, my son will not only pay all kinds of benefits without spending a penny before he is ten, but also subsidize my family.
That really saves a lot of money! "yanlie awarded to calculate for yourself.
"Even if you have a silver medal, you have to have a height first," Xu said.
"There must be"