There are many decorative carvings on the wall. Conan looked back and didn’t find anything convenient to move, so he took off his shoes, stepped on the depression and climbed a little higher, hit the watch cover and turned the hands around.

This kind of machine is easier to try out. After all, it has two hands and no second hand.
If you are lucky enough to push the minute hand around a few times, you can always touch it.
Conan pushed the minute hand to turn.
Turning to 12 o’clock, he heard a click.
Before the joy of success was revealed, the wall suddenly turned over, and he turned in with his shoes and shoes, and then clicked and fastened.
"What sound?" In the next room, Mao Lilan and Buhei Zheng at the same time.
Baishi apologized from leaning against the door. "I just wanted to lean against a door and didn’t notice that it wasn’t next to the wall."
“!” Mao Lilan saw that he didn’t seem to have much energy, so he was alert and secretly took the sleeve and approached, ready to pick up people. "Are you sleepy?"
It seems that I really should be sleepy.
She calculated by pulling her fingers-Baishi has been awake for so long all day today except for sleeping at Nagato’s house. When she is awake, Mao Lilan is not used to going out with him several times.
Now, seeing Baishi and wanting to sleep in Mao Lilan, I feel that everything is back on track and I feel the value of coming. Today, I also helped others. Her mood is +1.
It was dark in the secret passage, but Conan didn’t panic, but entered the case-solving mode, and the excitement and death soared.
Although knocking on the wall at this time can attract the attention of three people next door.
But Conan groped for his shoes and played his wrist watch, and then the light beam lit up and ran to the stairs.
He was immediately attracted by the staircase method to illuminate the darkness, and he planned to take two steps to see the situation and come back for help-then he went down the stairs several times until he came to an end like some people who said that they would sleep after reading a page.
Some people are bald at the end
But at the end of Conan is a pile of shocking hair.
After a careful look, Conan was surprised to find that it was not hair, but also a complete skeleton.
His face suddenly became serious and he wanted to have a closer look.
But just squat to scalp suddenly a heavy-someone to his head wearing something.
In this dark secret passage with dead bodies, I was suddenly approached from behind and touched my head … Conan’s hair exploded in an instant.
He flung out his hand to bring the object, and at the same time turned around and saw an unexpected person.
"Black …" Before Conan finished, he saw the other side gesturing towards him.
Then Baishi pulled his wrist to let the wrist watch shine on the body again, and at the same time put Conan on the top of his head to clap.
Conan has just arrived, dragging his head in half.
He saw it clearly by the light just now-it was a black and green striped wool hat.
Today, when they came here, the season really changed from autumn to early winter, and the weather was a little cold.
But Conan always feels that a black cat is not the kind of person who will give him a hat because of the cold weather. Even if he does, he can’t give it to himself-this eccentric boss is already very generous without throwing him into the snow.
"Don’t pick it. Keep checking. Just pretend I haven’t been here." After hearing this sentence, Conan felt that the black cat let go of his hand.