He stretched out his hand and pointed to several humanitarians around him. "These middle and high-level people in Jia Hu Wildlife Park have been hired by our Wufeng Wildlife Park. If you say it, you may not believe that our Wufeng is treated much better than Jia Hu. How can we raise animals when the keepers of Wufengkou will immediately switch to us? If the animals starve to death, it would be a big trouble. It’s not too ugly to make it like this. Manager Zhuang, you’d better think about it again. It’s convenient for everyone … "

"I really don’t do this kind of thing less. I really want to know how deep and muddy the muddy water in the zoo is." Zhuang not far away waved his hand. "Mr. Pang, you are busy digging whoever you like, but our zoo animals are not for sale."
"Boss Zhuang, will you?" Pang Pang said, "To tell you the truth, there are already too many wild zoos in the virtual city. I’m afraid we will have to spend one in the end." Now you sell the animals to me, you save trouble, I contribute, and we can still be friends. If you really lose money in the future, you can’t sell them! "
"Be friends?" Zhuang not far grinned and turned away.
Just you? Also match?
Chapter 271 Why don’t we dig a tunnel?
Pang pang watched Zhuang not far and walked back to the zoo with a sneer at his mouth.
As Pangpang said, the water in the state zoo is deep.
It is much deeper and more mixed than the flooded Jia Hu Wildlife Park. There are kings and dragons in it.
In fact, if Zhuang is not far away, buying a zoo means building a "livestock shed" and these animals are essential, otherwise Zhuang is not far away and it is really possible to sell animals to him. In fact, 90% of the zoos in Illinois are losing money.
Wufeng wildlife park is a very commercialized zoo, and it is barely profitable.
Pang Pang has been trying to build Wufeng Wildlife Park into an amusement empire integrating zoos, theme parks, children’s parks, accommodation, catering and so on. However, the competitor Jia Hu Wildlife Park has made it difficult for him to get investment. He has already regarded Jia Hu Wildlife Park as a thorn in his side.
This accident at Jia Hu Wildlife Park simply made him happy.
If another safari park opens Wufeng Safari Park, the traffic will increase greatly, and it will be a step closer to his dream amusement empire.
He immediately called a large number of people to pull animals as soon as the Sujiajiang Expressway Tunnel was opened.
In his opinion, Zhuang is not too happy to see him not far away. These animals are a hot potato in anyone’s hands, and he can expand the animals in Wufeng Wildlife Park again. This is mutually beneficial.
Therefore, he didn’t think about failure at all, and he didn’t think about what attitude he would take to treat Zhuang if he failed.
Pang Pang is not a person who can easily accept rejection. Zhuang has rejected him not far away, and he is still at the door.
You’re not selling? Ok, I’ll dig everyone up for you. I’ll see if you sell it!
How can you raise animals without a keeper?
The zoo is not like falling in love. Love is enough.
Director Ke Yuan, a short old man, is worried that there are fewer people now. If I go a few more, I’m afraid the zoo can really be maintained. He wants to talk about Zhuang not far away, and the breeder hears Zhuang not far away and says to Luo Qiao, "Look, the zoo employees are more knowledgeable and just quit to help me save money. They don’t quit their jobs like Li Zhe and others."
Director Ke almost fainted with anger and said angrily, "Boss, when you speak, don’t worry about one person’s feelings. If everyone runs away, there will really be no one to help you!"
Not far from the village, he angrily glared at Liu Jingue and Luo Qiao, two bosses, who have no hair on their lips and can’t handle affairs firmly. You are old enough to live to be a dog?
We’re at a loss. What’s wrong with us? Why are you staring at us? Master Zhuang said it was true!
We don’t need so many livestock sheds without keepers!
"Master Zhuang, now the food has come to the cage!" Director Ke almost fainted and snorted. Not far from Zhuang, he said, "Don’t worry, we will resign immediately when these animals are placed, and we will never wave your salary! I won’t come back if you lift the big sedan chair and invite me! "
Not far from Zhuang, I don’t know how to explain it. Fortunately, there are several cars coming at this time.
Deng Yali jumped out of the car and rolled up his sleeve. "Master Zhuang, we are here to help."
Behind the big wood also jumped from the car with a silly smile, "Master Zhuang, how big is it for us to make a cage?"
Little lovely like a cat in his leg to drill around almost frighten Ke Yuanchang passed out "tiger ran out … quick blow tube anesthesia needle … quick …"
Before the words fell, he saw the big wooden handfuls of little girls picked up and licked the cat.
A breeder next to him nervously held a blowpipe and stared at the anesthetic blowpipe in front of him, moving around among the big trees and the little girls. "Which one did the director shoot?"
What do you think of these two people? They are big trees, more like beasts!
What is this? Bigfoot?
"Don’t don’t move everyone don’t move! You … the big one, you put the tiger back quickly! "
Dangerous? Da Damu looked blankly at Xiao Guai in his arms and grinned. "Xiao Guai is very good. It’s not dangerous … Do you want to touch it?"
Not far from Zhuang, they wondered and asked Deng Yali, "Why are you here? What about the gym? "
The Wukefeng Gymnasium has not actually been completed.
Last night, the outside of the gymnasium was built. Today, after the stranded tourists leave, various facilities such as dressing rooms, stands and seats will be installed inside.
Deng Yali wry smile way "just now, the people from the construction industry association came and said that the five maple gymnasiums were not ordered to stop work, and they were fined at such a time. I have asked the barrister to help me deal with it. Try to get back to work as soon as possible and don’t delay the children’s practice …"
After all, it’s an emergency to build a shelter to save people. How can you worry so much? At the critical moment, things are urgent. Jia Yelian has occupied the reason this time, and Deng Yali can’t stop the construction temporarily.
"Niang Xipi Jia Yelian, the youngest son, is finding fault again!" Not far from Zhuang, it suddenly turned white.
"You didn’t watch it, didn’t you? Jia Yelian organized a group of experts to say that the plant support tunnel was not safe, and he also guided public opinion everywhere on the Internet that our five maple gymnasiums were a stunt, and maple trees were transplanted from other places to attract attention through heavy rain … our tunnel was built so fast that he was scared of this guy."
"Master Zhuang, do you want to fight back? Also please a few experts and their experts to play against Taiwan … "
Isn’t it just tearing? Who’s afraid of who?
Zhuang is not far from smiling bitterly. Now he is so poor that he can’t afford to tear it up! It costs money to tear!
Besides, how can he care about that now?
The zoo is flooded, and it is no small task to pump the water away or to raise the zoo’s terrain.
There is water everywhere in Jia Hu, and there is no place to discharge it!
And how many stones do you need to cushion the height of the whole zoo? How much will it cost?
Not far from Zhuang, I’m bored to death. Jia Yelian messed up again, which made Zhuang not far from bored and wanted to slap him to death.
Wait! Not far from Zhuang suddenly had an idea in a flash.
"You just said that our tunnel construction was too fast to scare Jia Yelian?"
Tunnels … Tunnels!