Days of thunder and lightning are clear and calm, but others can’t help but look forward to it.

Still too young!
In this way, with the last day of the seventh Armageddon, the thunder and the clouds dispersed, and Li Jingxiu walked out of a colorful fairy light behind him.
"Thank you, Grandpa, for protecting your grandson. I have something to discuss with you."
Chapter six hundred and twelve Li Cui good longevity cache
"Something to discuss?"
At a turn of Qing Wei’s mind, he had a guess and nodded with a smile. His eyes looked at Li Jingxiu with appreciation.
The achievement of the Dharma Body in "He Zazie" is also a self-cultivation for many years, and the grandnephew Qingwei can be said to be satisfied with it.
Everyone in the Li family’s deliberation hall sat down and looked at Li Jingxiu with joy. Li Jing and Li Jingzhun couldn’t help laughing. "Although Jing Xu took this step first, you must remember not to be impatient and rash."
The three of them grew up together and practiced together. Now the gap has suddenly changed. I think it’s better to order a sentence.
Li Jing and Li Jingxun solemnly nodded, "Don’t worry that your grandchildren are not ignorant people who have been practicing for many years."
"Now that Shou Yuan is abundant, we still have to constantly polish and understand. Will this step be self-digging?"
Looking at Li Jingxiu with a smile, he said, "Now, static emptiness makes people immortal, and the two of us may be able to practice more easily and comfortably."
Qing Wei Li Ji couldn’t help smiling with relief. Li Jing’s practice of harmony is "Yue Tian in the Five Sides and Five Elements Town" and he also dabbles in "He Zazie". Among them, the talent is slightly worse.
Li Jing-Xun is different from the two men in choosing the achievement method at the beginning, but the celestial achievement method of "Looking at the Moon in the Lunar Moon" has made rapid progress over the years, and the road is obviously clear and firm.
"I’m relieved that you’re like this."
Immediately, I looked at Cui Fangxian respectfully and smiled at Li Jingxiu. "Does Cui Jia have it?"
Li Jingxiu nodded and smiled. "It’s worthy that you won the grandson at a guess. So please ask your father-in-law to come over and talk to you personally?"
With the approval of Qing Wei, Li Jingxiu immediately joined his father-in-law to take advantage.
And while this period of qingwei is familiar with the dharma body level, it is also lit by the way.
Although it is good to step by step at the level of immortals, the experience of pioneers can always help future generations save some effort
Soon after, Qingwei felt a breath approaching outside the city and couldn’t help but stop talking. He was immersed in several people and came to his senses. This is Cui Qinghe.
Li Jing and the two of them will introduce the hall, and then they will not greet each other.
Cui Qinghe, like the original elegance, has its own pride, and compared with his achievements, he has a somewhat vigorous atmosphere. Obviously, the rise of Cui family is expected to make him no longer choose to suppress himself.
"Cui Xian’s nephew is here. Please sit down."
Li Jixiao invited Cui Qinghe to sit down with a pleated face, and saw the corners of the mouth of Cui Guzhu for a moment.
"I’ve seen Qingwei’s real person and Master Li’s hometown."
Cui Qinghe laughed until they were seated indifferently after Jianli.
Li Ji didn’t take advantage of a sentence too much, and then gave the scene to Qing Wei, the three of them.
Cui Fangxian is somewhat relaxed behind her dad, unlike just being cautious.
"Cui Daoyou is not slow to come."
Cui Jiagong, a famous longevity family in the Middle Ages, inherited nature. Although I don’t know when the income is at its peak today, Cui Qinghe’s achievement of Ziqi Donglai Sword Body is indeed a kind of martial arts.
Qingwei seems to have no inferior quality potential. I have seen Chicheng School Youlong before.
Cui Qinghe, who has a mild attitude, dare not be too casual, but he also seems supercilious. "Just when DaSong Yang Daoyou got the news about things, he came immediately."
An Yang?’
"It was when Yang Daoyou achieved the Dharma that he also congratulated him. This time he went to the Song capital for some transactions."
Qingwei shook his head and smiled. "Taoist friends need me to say this."
"This is what happened more than a hundred years ago?"
Cui Qinghe saw this and outsiders immediately solemnly said, "What the real person expected is good. It was at the beginning that I wanted to ask the elixir to ask your peers to make a move."
"However, the real people have made great strides all the way to the fairy level, and the achievements in the blink of an eye have made Qinghe quite comfortable."