This scene was seen by the experts of the countermeasure bureau, and they all expressed their feelings that "this magical technology is a bit like goblin technology."

"It sounds like an old WOW," said another expert.
Huge Lin Tianyi punched but was discounted by Wan Mizhai’s fist in his arms. Half of the arm gear flew all over the sky.
Wan Mizhai is a foot may be dipped in Lin Tianyi chest.
Lin Tianyi was kicked on his back and half of the central city fell into collapse.
Wan Mizhai kicked Lin Tianyi’s face with his feet, so that Lin Tianyi’s face broke into powder, and all kinds of springs and gears fell out and became a huge yo-yo.
"force! Force! " Lin Haoheng encouraged Wan Mizhai to ignore the increasingly shrill alarm of the’ Undead Warrior’.
At this time, Lin Tianyi only had that hand slamming the ground and knocking down only a few high-rise buildings in the central city. What was still in his mouth, but his teeth were knocked out and he couldn’t say clearly.
Finally, I still don’t know where to pull out a huge white cloth, and the remaining hand will swing around.
"surrendered?" The countermeasure bureau expressed surprise.
At this time, Wan Mizhai’s power has reached the limit, and the average load of the four engine groups is 59%. If there is a little bit of power, the star weapon, that is, the’ glass’, will be knocked over
Wan Mizhai has the concept of being able to create things, and the avatar has an excellent grasp of the border.
Now he stopped beating and looked at Lin Tianyi with a white flag.
Lin Tianyi has returned to its original size, and the high incarnation is already as dilute as gas.
"Surrender ~" Lin Tianyi said with a white flag.
There is a conspiracy
This is the first reaction of the countermeasure bureau.
Although I was badly beaten just now, it is obvious that I have a "qualitative change" to make the pseudo-high. For Lin Tianyi, I haven’t tried my best yet. How can I surrender before the historical attack is sent out?
Wan Mizhai’s extreme form may not be worth the historical attack of Lin Tianyi’s national strength.
However, Wan Mizhai’s extreme form is also at its limit
As soon as the avatar of Creator received Kun level, it returned to the shape of a diamond warship.
Now, the’ Undead Warrior’ has no other tricks except casting stellar weapons.
Hanging in half
Lin Haoheng and Wan Mizhai landed in front of Lin Tianyi through the blue force field channel from the warship.
"Didn’t Lin Chong come?" Lin Tianyi’s first sentence is "It’s a pity that I have something good to show him"
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Exploration
In the face of Jin Guolai’s battle report, Lin Chong also said that he could not understand it like the countermeasures bureau.
In life, how can a country that has died in battle be higher than a country that has surrendered?
Because of the high specificity, it is not the possibility of surrender. Once Jin Guo is transferred to Kunlun territory, Lin Tianyi will die and be buried in the ground.
However, if you want to transform the territory of Xu Jin Guo, you have to make moves to Lin Chong, the immortal emperor of Vientiane.
"I can’t go" The Countermeasure Bureau suggested to Lin Chong that "Lin Tianyi still has the secret of" qualitative transformation ".We suspect that his plot is to transform you into a Kunlun high"
"That’s impossible." Lin Chong shook his head. He now has the only concept of the heavens. "At most, he will be skinned."
The secret of qualitative change is to be good at this’ Lin Changsheng’ and’ Lin Tianyi’ in those days. It is also an expert to talk about’ peeling’ Shoushan copper.
"You can’t peel it," said the bureau of countermeasures. "Lin Tianyi is a part of you. The central heavenly palace he built is simply a fairy tale city. If you are stripped of several layers, be careful to become true and false. Sun Wu doesn’t know who is true and who is false."
Shoushan copper is also a chicken thief who’ fished’ out a Lin Changsheng from history. If the Lord of the Golden Kingdom was originally deified, he could be’ peeled’ by Lin Chong. But how can he be peeled in the face of himself?
Conversely, Lin Chong is still being stripped by Lin Changsheng.
"You said that this possibility may not be without a qualitative change. I haven’t studied it yet …" Lin thought for a moment, "I really can’t go."
"Then how to deal with the fact that Xu Jin has mastered a lot of earth knowledge?" Countermeasure bureau asked again
"Blow it up," Lin Chong said. "The star weapon on the body of the Undead Warrior is just right."
"It is not a pity that one may not be enough to rob the other 40-odd history," said the Bureau of Countermeasures. "If one country bombs the past, the heavens will be finished if the seventeen countries finally die."
That’s the same reason.
Lin Chong pondered that the celestial sphere of life is currently scattered in the hands of seventeen countries, and there are about 500 robbed territories, as well as those scattered outside, and even the earth is being divided up by other celestial spheres.