At the back of the crowd, Su Wan’s eyebrows are full of joy and brilliance. The sunshine covers her whole body. She is like a charming and fresh flower in the sunshine, a pink and moist little face, and a faint glow. The eyebrows can’t say how soft and lovely they are, and every movement exudes attractive charm, which makes several men stare at her and sigh at her. How can Qingling County Master grow so beautiful? People feel that they can’t see enough, even more than they want to hold hands and coax their thoughts.

I hate that such a beautiful and lovely little girl is Xiang Wangdian’s fiancee. Xiang Wangdian is really blessed.
Here, some people lamented that after her mother led the people into Baoxia, she found that the woman in Baoxia was not her own. Miss Er was happy to have a woman come out and leave early.
Shiva didn’t deliberately suppress the silence around her music station, and people vaguely heard her words.
King Xiang?
Yu Yu, Shangfu, the punishments department?
It’s really disgusting that these two people should get together. Many people in the crowd looked at Su Wan, the owner of Qingling County. Su Wan naturally heard that the old woman told her that her second young lady was innocent. Su Wan naturally heard that Su Wan was unhappy for almost an instant. She was in a bad mood and her face didn’t look good.
She will be Xiang Wang and Su Yue. I didn’t expect to end up as Ruan Yu, the official residence of punishments. How did that bastard handle affairs?
Su Wan scolded 1 in his heart, but it was really a good lesson for Xiang Wangdian to show everyone the face of love rat.
Su Wan felt a little better at this thought, but people around her thought that she looked pale. Everyone thought that she was because she heard that Xiang Wang and others were together. Many people sympathized with her, and no one would have thought that she looked pale because the woman in the house was not Su Yue.
When Mrs. Anguohou heard that Bao Xia was not her daughter, she was completely relieved. Before her face was swept away, her pale look softened. She looked at the person beside her with a full face of shame and said, "I’m so sorry for everyone today. I didn’t expect that several such things happened in Anguohou House in a row. I’m sorry for everyone."
Mrs. Hou on Anguo shook her head and waved her hand. "Mrs. Hou is very kind."
Just as they were talking, a few people came out of the building behind them. First, it was Xiang Wang Xiao Leixiang Wang Dian, followed by Miss Ruanyu, the official residence of punishments.
Both of them don’t look very good at this time. Xiao Lei’s face is gloomy and his eyes can’t tell. He looks up at the crowd mercilessly. Others don’t know what happened. But before he knew it, he wanted to order Su Wan’s acupuncture point. Su Wan became a good thing, but in the end, he suddenly fell into a coma and waited until he woke up. It turned out to be like this. He and Ruan Yu, the official punishment department, were so eyeing up to do such a thing.
If this matter comes to my father’s ears, it is conceivable that my father is so angry that the royal family should do such a thing at home.
It’s a pity that Xiao Lei can’t say that he was calculated by Su Wan now. If he says that Su Wan calculated Su Wan, he doesn’t admit that others recognize him for planting dirt and framing Su Wan, and even saying so reduces his ability. If those aides who support him know that he is not underestimated, and he can’t let others know that he was planted dirt and framed, if people know this fact, he will ruin Ruan Yu’s innocence.
After all this, he can’t say anything, and all this is because of Su Wan, a bitch.
Xiao Lei lifted her eyes and looked at Su Wan. She found Su Wan with a face full of tears. She looked at him as if she had been wronged. Someone was trying to persuade her to rest assured.
Xiao Lei growled and shouted in his heart that he was the one who was calculated, and that he was the one who was calculated. Is it good for her to be wronged?
Unfortunately, he can’t say anything.
Xiao Lei took back her fierce eyes and looked at her side. Ruan Yu’s identity as the official female of the punishments department is not bad. If she marries into Xiang Wangfu, she can help him. This is a pleasant surprise for him. Moreover, he warned Ruan Yu not to say that this is something he forced her to say voluntarily. In this way, a play today is just a ridiculous thing for two crazy in love men and women. Even if others know, they will laugh at him more.
Xiao Lei thought about looking at everyone outside Baoxia and then looked at Mrs. Anguohou. "Mrs. Hou, forgive me, the king can’t help it."
Mrs. Anguohou didn’t know what the love was, but she didn’t want to get into it. She nodded and smiled. "Your report doesn’t have to be modest. It’s hard for a man’s family to be soft."
She said and cast a glance at the punishments Shangfu Ruanyu Ruanyu’s eyes were a little red, and she knew there was something hidden.
However, Mrs. Anguohou can’t say anything. Although Ruan Yu’s mother is friendly with her, it’s obvious that Ruan Yu is involved with Xiang Wang Dian. What can she say? Besides, Ruan Yu and Xiang Wang Dian happened so that she can marry Xiang Wang Dian.
Come to Ruan Yushen, if the daughter of Shangfu punishments marries Xiang Wang, she can become a candidate for being a princess. However, after such a thing happened, she and Zheng Fei are even destined to enter Xiang Wang Fu as a side princess.
According to the truth, Ruan Yu should know such a thing. How could she be willing to do such a thing with Xiang Wang? So there must be something hidden in it.
However, at this time, it is not appropriate to delve into it. Mrs. An Guohou quickly looked at everyone and said, "It’s getting late, everyone. The banquet should have come long ago, but I didn’t expect it to be delayed because of these things. I am sorry for everyone. Now go to the Lily of the Valley for a banquet."
Everyone felt very hungry after listening to Mrs. An Guohou’s words. Although some of them wanted to leave here at once, Mrs. An Guohou was always embarrassed. They always couldn’t directly throw their faces.
This man really grew up around the Queen Mother of Guangyang County. Although there is a big fire in your daughter’s heart, she still resisted. Everyone followed Mrs. Anguohou all the way out to the Lily of the Valley.
Xiao Lei, the king of Luxiang, took a few steps to warn this woman with Su Wan’s footsteps. Who knows that Xiao Ye, the king of Ning, saw Xiao Lei coming over and deliberately comforted Su Wan?
"Wan Wan, don’t be too sad, my fifth brother. It’s unbearable. You know most men can’t help themselves."
Su Wan was a little funny when he heard Xiao Ye’s words, so he couldn’t help teasing Xiao Ye. "Is it the same with Ning Wang Dian?"
Xiao Ye said, "I’m not most men, I’m one of the few men who can control themselves."
Su Wan immediately said with a look of admiration, "Your report is really totally honest. No matter who marries into Ning Wangfu in the future, it’s really blessed. Unlike me, I’m really unlucky. How can I be so unlucky? It’s a woman’s sorrow to stand a man who can’t control himself."
Su Wan’s face, I am a tragic god, made Xiao Lei want to pounce on her behind her. Bitch is too pretentious. Isn’t this the whole thing you did today? What are you pretending to do? It will kill you one day.
A line of people all the way away from the Luomeige to Lily of the Valley.
The banquet finally went smoothly, so it was getting late, so everyone was very hungry. No one noticed that there were fewer people at the banquet.
Miss Su Yue, the second lady of Anguo Houfu, has never appeared.
Mrs. Anguohou was worried, but she was afraid to show it in front of others for fear that others would find out what caused unnecessary gossip to the moon. She tried her best to keep calm until everyone was in the banquet, and she led the people all the way out of the Lily of the Valley.
As soon as she got out of the Lily of the Valley, she saw a servant who looked pale and came quickly near Mrs. Anguohou and muttered a few words. Mrs. Anguohou couldn’t help shivering and looked pale. If she hadn’t stretched out her hand to hold her side, she would have fallen to the ground.
Ying mother looked at Mrs. Hou quickly. "What’s wrong with her?"
"It’s okay. Let’s go."
Mrs. Anguohou walked all the way out with her mother’s hand, but this time she didn’t bring many people. She brought two or three people all the way to Bihu, the northwest of Anguohou House.
There is a blue lake in the northernmost part of Anguo Houfu, but it was abandoned because of its remoteness, and few people came over.
At this time, Bihu is playing a lively scene.
In the lake, a charming, delicate and curvy girl is constantly coquetting at the shore man and posing in various provocative postures, and her bright red lips gently spit out the ambiguous words "Come on, people want it."
Shore Du Yungen dare not look at such a sultry creature. Men can resist it, right? But Captain Du Yunshen, the dark guard, keeps in mind that he doesn’t go beyond the rules, or he is afraid that the woman in the lake would have been done long ago.