"Qingling county Lord now I ask you if you would like to have a competition with Linyang county Lord? Somehow you are also my pro-giving Qingling County Master. There is no reason to get cold feet. "

The emperor’s words fell on Su Wan’s eyes, and he shot a malicious ray of light. He looked coldly at Linyang Princess not far away. Finally, she sank her mouth and said, "Well, I should have a competition with Linyang Princess."
As soon as Su Wan’s words fell, Xiao Huang’s heart beat faster. Does this mean that he is really different in her heart?
At this moment, he felt as if his whole heart had gone to heaven.
But in a flash, his heart fell into hell again because Su Wan went on to say, "We are simply competing with others."
Su Wan’s words made Xiao Huang’s hand clenched and the veins stood out suddenly. Ye Xiaohou was quite sympathetic to this guy. He secretly blamed Qingling County Lord for saying that Xiao Shi was dead.
Ye Xiaohou is complaining about Mu Qian, but he says, "Since we have a competition, there is no bet. Jing Wang Shifei is a bet. No matter who wins, the emperor will aim to give one of us to Jing Wang’s wife, and no one will want to depend on it then."
This time, it was not Su Wan’s face that was black, nor Xiao Huang’s face that was black, but the emperor’s face was black.
Neither Linyang nor Su Wan wanted to show them to Xiao Huang’s wife, but now Linyang actually said such a bet. Previously, he let Su Wan come out and compete with Linyang, which was just a delay. I didn’t expect Linyang to directly say this bet. I previously agreed to their competition. Now if I don’t agree to give the winner to Xiao Huang, wouldn’t it be a betrayal?
The old emperor was so angry that he couldn’t say a word that he could keep an eye on Mu Qianqian.
It’s a pity that Mu Qianqian didn’t seem to see it and looked at Wu Xianfei’s hall. People said, "All of you are witnesses. I will compete with Qingling County Lord for a win in Ren Huang and give it to Jing Wangshi."
The hall was smashed and the ladies were heartbroken. Don’t!
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The old emperor in the hall looked at all this and could not say how gloomy he was. In a short time, he was relieved again, because he saw that Xiao Huang could never marry Linyang’s wife and saw the contradiction between Linyang and Qingling County. She was sure to win, and what Su Wan did in the end was still unknown.
What we have to do now is not to let Linyang lose. The old emperor looked at the hall. The first Hui Wang Xiao Qing Xiao Qing also happened to look up at his father. The father and the father looked at each other and understood each other’s thoughts. This is to let Huiwang help Linyang and win Su Wan.
In this way, the emperor doesn’t mean to get married, and Xiao Qing naturally understands his father’s meaning, and he also intends to help Linyang win the game. If Su Wan wins, others will have a chance. If Su Wan wins, his father will purport, and none of them will have a chance.
At this moment, not only Xiao Qing but also Ning Wang Xiao Ye and Duan Wang Junli are secretly determined to stop Su Wan from winning the game, because if Su Wan wins the game, she will be accused of marrying Xiao Huang. Do they really want to watch Su Wan being accused of marrying Xiao Huang?
Everyone in the temple has his own thoughts, but Muqianqian, the first princess in Linyang, looks at Su Wan with a long eyebrow and raises his glass with a smile and says, "Qingling County Lord, let’s have a toast. I wish us a victory or defeat in World War I in three days."
Sue wan has always been a pretty face. At this time, she was as calm as frost and supercilious. She took the glass and waved it towards Linyang infanta. Then she did not hesitate to take a gulp of the glass and drank it up.
Su Wan just finished drinking the wine in the main hall. Mu Qian smiled heartily, raised her glass and drank it up. Then she poured another glass of wine and waved it at Su Wan. "It’s rare to meet such a refreshing person and propose another toast to the monarch?"
Su Wan has been angry with this guy at this time, and she is very angry. Looking at her, she respects and pours wine directly. Aunt Bai Qinbai behind her directly wakes her up. "Miss, don’t drink too much."
However, Su Wan ignored her and poured a glass of wine to the princess facing Yang. The two men drank a glass of wine to each other. This time, Su Wan poured wine to the princess facing Yang and made a toast. "Give and take. I propose a toast to you."
Muqian naturally won’t refuse to make public and drink a glass of wine.
Two people have to fight endlessly, and two sounds in the temple ring at the same time. "Okay, don’t drink any more, you’ll get drunk."
The old emperor was afraid that Mu Qian was drunk and a girl was drunk.
Xiao Qing, the king of Hui, was afraid that Su Wan would get drunk.
The emperor and Hui Wang Dian mouth others will shut up and two women will stop drinking.
Muqian raised his hand in the hall and looked at the old emperor with a smile and said, "If you want to get drunk, she will get drunk. I won’t get drunk."
Su Wan sneered, "Why am I drunk instead of you? I think you are drunk now."
Mu Qianqian turned around and squinted at Su Wan. "Who did you say was drunk?"