Suddenly, the Lord of the Black Domain screamed and quickly withdrew his arm. Xiahou Chaojun also slammed backwards and went far away, looking down at his arm with a face of pain.

The arm was eroded by Xiahou Jun’s green gas, and it was rotting from the inside out. The skin of the arm quickly contracted and dried up, and then the muscles inside rotted and cracked, bursting and tightening the skin.
The Lord of the Black Domain stared blankly for a moment, and then the horse stretched out his other hand to hold down the eroded arm and shoulder tightly, and tightened his brow to instill his own ability!
Of course, he knew that if he hesitated a little, Na Xia’s ancestral poison would flow all over his body along his arm, and then he would die!
The ability to violently enter Na Xia Zu’s poisonous energy and green gas were also forced out a little bit along the wound of the black domain’s main arm. It was the wound but not the black domain’s main ability, which could be quickly recovered and still cracked everywhere.
The ability is too fierce. The Lord of the black domain gasped and then suddenly raised his head. His eyes were like eating people and he was looking for Xiahou Chaojun.
At the moment, Xiahou Chaojun just lost his clear consciousness after the black domain Lord loosened his neck. He lay soft in the water and slowly flipped over with the waves, then his head slowly fell to the depths of the sea.
"I want to dismember you ten thousand pieces! !” Black domain master saw the nearby light soft body is slowly falling Xiahou toward jun roar loud a straight blunt past.
Just when his horse was going to Xiahou Chaojun, suddenly! A white light flashed on one side of the body, and the Lord of the black domain didn’t know the truth and dared not neglect to flicker and hide quickly.
The white light streaks everywhere, and the sea water seems to have evaporated instantly, leaving a period of truth! It was not until the white light flashed that the seawater on both sides quickly filled up and there were traces of ditch irrigation in an instant!
What is this? The dark Lord was surprised to guess who had the strength to shoot such a powerful light, so he quickly turned his head to see that there was a vast water wave in front of him.
However, the main points of the black domain feel a powerful aura nearby. Although this aura is very strange, erratic and gentle, it really appears around them.
Surprised and dismayed, I turned my head to look for the black domain master. I was worried that there were too many things, especially my hands. Although I defeated Xiahou Chaojun, people like the black domain master were more guilty and cherished their lives.
Suddenly! Black domain Lord bowed their heads and stared at.
It has fallen to the bottom of the sea, and Xiahou Chaojun has floated slowly, but his eyes are still slightly closed and there is no sign of exertion, just like being manipulated!
That’s … that’s what!
Lord Black Domain was surprised to see two light objects with white light stretching out from the back of Xiahou Chaojun’s body floating head-on! Look at the sky carefully! Aren’t those wings? With white wings, a pair of wings spread from left to right, unexpectedly floating Xiahou Chaojun from the depths of the sea floor!
This, this is impossible!
The black domain master was frightened and had never heard of Xia Zu’s ability. The strangeness in front of him made him feel a tight body and floated back.
When Xiahou Chaojun had drifted to the front of the black domain master, the black domain master finally saw clearly that Xiahou Chaojun was still unconscious and unconscious, but …
I just realized that a strange white light came out again, and the Lord of the black domain quickly dodged and hid, and this time he saw clearly that the white light came from behind Xiahou Chaojun.
"Who! Come out and see me! " Black domain Lord angry again afraid roar loud.
Slowly, a figure with white light flashed out from behind Xiahou Chaojun and stared straight at the Lord of the Black Domain. At the same time, a sound appeared as if it echoed in this water.
"Black Lord, I want you to blood out!"
The Lord of the Black Domain finally saw it clearly this time, and then he smiled and said, "Hehe, it turned out to be a bird family. I didn’t expect that your strength has also improved, but D can’t beat me."
The owner of the black domain knows quite well how strong the bird clan chiellings are, but he doesn’t know that chiellings have completed a rebirth of the bird clan.
Monsieur beaucaire’s face smiled coldly, and a halo spread from his cheek, and then a slight hand. The arm was connected with his body, and the white wings were lightly scattered. A few feathers floated slowly to Xiahou Chaojun like a few birds, and the clothes on Xiahou Chaojun’s shoulders were gently grabbed. Some of them floated to his feet, but they were no longer loose.
At this time, Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s body slowly moved and drifted to the front of Xiahou Chaojun, facing the black domain Lord Xiahou Chaojun directly. Behind him, he was held steady by a few feathers, but he still closed his eyes and breathed gently without regaining consciousness.
"Feathers?" Black domain Lord stared at the pie mouth and laughed wildly.
"Feathers, of course, are our birds’ feathers that kill you." Guiling looked straight at the black domain tonic.
"Ha-ha, I didn’t expect that the bird family Guiling, who has always been quiet, dared to speak out in front of me today!" Black domain Lord laughed and nodded and suddenly gave a malicious look and shouted, "See if you have killed the orc Wang Yunshi that waste? But you’re just in time You have to die, too You all have to die! "
Guiling nodded, "I’m not afraid of death, but you’re afraid." As he spoke, he spread his arms slightly, and the halo rippled from finger to palm to forearm, becoming more and more intense and dazzling.
The Lord of the Black Domain is surprised. What is this move? But then he was relieved to be in the domain for so long. He thought he knew the strength of the poultry family like the back of his hand, so he suddenly exerted his strength when Emirates Ling spread his arms. The uninjured arm suddenly stretched out and hit a gas wave to split the sea and go straight to Emirates Ling!
Monsieur beaucaire Ling didn’t flash at all, and it didn’t mean anything to resist or defend. There was still a white halo slowly gathering with arms.
The Lord of the black domain smiled at Emirates Ridge to avoid his blow, but then his eyes widened because he hit the blow and the gas wave quickly approached Emirates Ridge and quickly disappeared into the white halo around her! It’s like being absorbed? Was swallowed up? After all the traces, Monsieur beaucaire Ling’s body has not been harmed at all!
The Lord of the Black Domain was so frightened that he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. How could that sudden blow be lethal to a mere bird family?
"Are you … are you a bird chieftain?"
Monsieur beaucaire Linggen said nothing, but looked coldly at the white halo around the main body of the black domain, which became more and more dazzling, and several white feathers were also separated from her arm and body. The wings fluttered slowly with the halo, and the direction was consistent and orderly.
The Lord of the Black Domain was surprised. The opposite Guiling suddenly gave a malicious look, and then his hands quickly pointed to the Lord of the Black Domain and shouted, "Spirit Bird White!"
In an instant, that column of white light spiraled like a crazy twisted serpent and went straight to the main direction of the black domain, and those white feathers were also attached to the white light, and the feathers in the white light became hard-edged, like handfuls of sharp blades shooting at the main direction of the black domain with the white light!
That kind of scene is overwhelming