"Don’t worry, I will save you if you are in danger." He laughed to make himself look different.

Yan sarcastically ignored him and quickly left in the direction of Lizhao.
Getting closer and closer, Yan Liang also saw him. Even though the blazing sun was on the pledge, he was full of gloom, but how could he dissipate?
He’s got a sword there, and he’s dressed in black cloth, but he’s not anyone else.
When the "Three Martial Brothers" were more than ten meters apart, Yan Liang stopped slowly and just worried about whether it was a fake, but now she saw him and she was sure that it was Li Zhao.
"School sister" Li Zhao looked at her gloomy eyes but somewhat soft.
"You come here is to lead me to come over? Or is there any trap waiting for me ahead? " Look at the front sand Yan Liang don’t know what he means here.
Xiao Li Yan Liang’s side is also constantly looking at Li Zhao and his caution around him, but he is really strange here
"Sister, I’m sorry" is an apology.
Yan Liang slowly narrowed his eyes for a moment and looked at the bottom of his foot, stepping on the yellow sand and slowly sinking.
Take a deep breath and Yan Liang looks at Li Zhao again. "Third Martial Brother, our friendship for more than ten years seems thinner than paper" is really ironic.
Lizhao didn’t say anything. He turned away from the figure and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Xiao Li shook his head. "Do you think it’s time for us to escape now?" The yellow sand around the foot trap buried their feet and now they have buried their ankles.
Close your eyes Yan Liang grabbed Xiaoli’s arm and then quickly pulled out your feet from the yellow sand.
They retreat fast, but the sand is not sinking fast. Behind them, they just touched the ground and blinked and turned into a big pit. The yellow sand around them also quickly poured back into the big pit, and the high sand dunes became more and more 16. There was an end.
With one hand, she grabbed Yan Liang’s ankle with the falling yellow sand, which slowed her down immediately.
However, it is this meal that the yellow sand quickly sinks, and she also falls with the sinking yellow sand.
She always grabbed Xiaoli Xiaoli naturally felt something, and then she buckled her arm with her backhand, and then the people who grabbed her ankle with Yan Liang and the yellow sand were dragged.
On the contrary, he cooled Yan out, but his body was covered by yellow sand.
Turn over and grab the black dress person who is holding her ankle, and push her hair hard. Even her face is wrapped in a black towel, and the arm of the black dress person breaks and the bone breaks, making a crisp sound.
Backhand threw him aside and Yan Liang changed hands to catch Xiaoli. In just a few seconds, the yellow sand covered his shoulder.
All the yellow sand flows back towards the middle point. Yan Liang grabbed him and couldn’t help but follow the yellow sand to slide.
Just a moment Xiaoli’s head was buried by the yellow sand, and only one hand was grabbed by Yan Liang.
With clenched teeth, one foot sank into the yellow sand, and then Xiao Li was dragged out a little by her.
The speed of yellow sand flowing back quickly saw that it was about to fall into the pit, and suddenly grabbed her waist dress with one hand, and she also forced Xiaoli to be dragged out by her.
A few people in the middle school grabbed each other and stepped on the virtual gas to quickly retreat across the collapsed sand dunes and roll directly in the direction of the clear spring.
A few flips stopped Yan Liang and clenched his hand at the same time. Xiao Li just pulled her arm to dislocate.
His weight is nothing, but it is difficult and difficult to pick him up after being buried by yellow sand, just as heavy as pouring molten iron.
"Are you all right?" The back is surrounded by warmth. Weiyuan grabs her and holds her hand tightly. Her palm is red.
"Nothing" shook her head. She took a look back at Weiyuan.
Weiyuan touched her head. "Nothing is good."
"I have something to do." Xiao Li sounded that he was sitting a few meters away with his eyes closed and cleaning the yellow sand that was poured into his ears. More than that, his head was covered with sand, and he couldn’t be more miserable.
His escort came over to clean up Xiaoli for him and sat there constantly moving his arm. "Yan Shoutou, if you had tried harder, you would have this arm now." Yan Liangshou almost dislocated his arm because of pulling him, and he was also going to break his arm.
Yan Liang didn’t say anything about the thought of Li Zhao, and her heart sank.
Looking at Weiyuan, she slowly narrowed her eyes. "Have you seen Li Zhao before?"
Weiyuan Yi-then nodded "Yes"
"So he came today to attract you." He didn’t know she was here.
"Maybe. When I first saw him, I wanted to ask him clearly, but he left in the blink of an eye. Later, I guessed that it was not a coincidence that he appeared in front of me. Maybe it was intentional and he never came near again. I didn’t want to let you be too sad. Don’t think that he could turn around. He has chosen a camp." Wei Yuanlai didn’t want to say that she and Li Zhao had been brothers and sisters for more than ten years, even for a while.
"He said he was sorry today because he said he knew about us but wanted to kill you." His apology turned their friendship into ashes.
"won’t be moved by this?" Weiyuan chuckled at her more because she didn’t want to be sad.
"Touched a ghost! They are experts in groups and they are good at digging holes in yellow sand. "What do you mean by all kinds of wizards who have everything but still hide from miasma?"