The best defense at this distance is to attack.

A good boxer will close the door in a gun attack, and he can protect himself and tear the opponent’s attack into the other side in a counter attack.
As soon as Xie Cunguan stepped in and entered Ann, he stepped into the East Turkistan terrorist and stabbed him directly in the heart.
But Xie Cunguan just stepped in and forced him out of the knife.
As soon as the other side leaves the knife, Xie Cunguan’s left hand has already made a small arc to meet the other side’s knife
The two knives collided and made a crisp metallic sound, which moved the nerves of people around them in the silent room.
Xie Cunguan’s blow is very fast, but it is not enough to completely resolve the opponent’s stabbing power. It is to beat the opponent’s tip and make his knife almost pass over the opponent’s blade and return at the touch of the opponent’s knife.
It’s not that he doesn’t come hard or make it hard.
But that’s what he want.
Because if he makes the same effort with the other party, the two people’s strength will offset each other’s arm strength, which will be quite easy to change, but Xie Cunguan must attack his strength with such a light knife, and take advantage of the other party’s strength to take back his arm while the other party’s strength has not been completely eliminated. There is still a forward process.
However, this knife has been bursting with strength, even if it is stabbed to Xie Cunguan, it is just a rag and a wound. It is impossible to stab him to death with a knife, and the East Turkistan terrorist can successfully close the knife.
Naturally, it is necessary to melt or withdraw one’s half strength first. This change needs to be digested when necessary, and Xie Cunguan has taken the opportunity to enter the latter step. With the progress, when he recovered the knife in his left hand with a collision force, his right hand greeted him and took it. At the same time, when his left hand collided with his right hand, he returned and bent to the other’s right elbow with a palm.
Mind boxing gestures are inseparable from the tiger and the eagle!
When Xie Cunguan hit each other’s elbow with a palm, he grabbed the hand of the eagle and grabbed the muscles of each other’s big arm. When he squeezed it forward, he pulled it forward. At the same time, with the pull, he made progress, and his right hand knife went from his crotch to pick a knife and sent it from his abdominal cavity to his heart.
The whole process of this knife is full of calculations.
Xie Cunguan played easily and hardly wasted any effort.
Martial arts is a mental activity, not a physical activity. It’s not martial arts. It’s a fictional character of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Li Yuanba, whose natural power is not practiced.
Think about a person, you fight dozens of punches and you regret it by strength. Then you can’t be exhausted by yourself even if the other person has a few strong strengths.
Xie Cunguan’s left hand does not fight hard, which not only makes the other side unable to hurt itself, but also makes the other side have been overwhelmed and tied up in a flash, and then takes advantage of it to destroy the enemy and kill him. This is the wisdom that human beings should have and the true meaning of martial arts.
Xie Cunguan slowly drew out his knife and gently pushed his opponent who was already dead. He looked at the body and collapsed to the ground like an inverted pocket. He straightened up and looked at the rest of his face, showing fear and terror.
"how about it? Is there any difference between being killed and killing yourself? " Xie Cunguan’s right-hand knife slowly tunnel, "Have you ever thought about the pain and fear of those who want peace when you raise your knife?" There is peace, ri, but does it feel exciting to kill people? So does it feel more exciting today? "
"Kill him! Go and kill him! Uh ….. "In the last two high-level think tanks, they screamed at the top of their lungs, but the sound suddenly stopped like a chicken with a broken neck.
It is Xie Cunguan’s right hand that suddenly raises and throws a knife like a left arrow through the crowd and sinks into the man’s throat.
Almost at the same time, as soon as he picked the dead man on his toes and dropped his knife, he was provoked to fly directly to the front soldier’s abdomen, and the man was hit so hard that he couldn’t bend over! Thank you for your efforts, even if the handle hits it, it hurts a lot.
When Xie Cunguan had a knife kicked out, he had already jumped at each other. He didn’t have martial arts or shadow masters. He could kick the knife and stab the other side forward.
The man’s stomach ached and his mind was in a mess. Xie Cunguan had jumped in front of him.
It’s more flustered to be able to stab with a knife! The cutter head just started stabbing, but the speed hasn’t been added up yet. Xie Cunguan’s hands have already hit his chest.
This type of tiger-flapping double handfuls beat sheep while flapping like liger. Although both hands hit the chest force point, they fell behind each other’s spine.
This time, there was no Dai Jiahu’s robot, but Shanghai’s mind-flapping method double-breasted the shoulders and surprised the tail, cut the hair and lunged, and the strength was straight from the heel, and the hands fell slightly to collapse.
This kind of flapping method hates the sky, pulling the human trunk, arm, hip, tail and hind legs to pull the machine rope, and the two-handed stone bomb really sends out a stone throwing car and returns the gun.
When I saw the recruit, the whole chest of the East Turkistan terrorist soldier suddenly collapsed backwards, and the waist was folded backwards, but the head was slammed forward. It sounded light but some bones were infiltrated, and it came from the man’s neck.
Xie Cunguan actually broke his opponent’s cervical vertebra in a robot shock. Xie Cunguan stretched out his right hand and took the short knife from the dead when the other person fell out of the body.
People stand tall and cold as snow! At the moment, Xie Cunguan became a killer in the eyes of his opponent.
At the moment, another high-level think tank of East Turkistan has been stunned. Se suddenly screamed and turned around and fled.
Xie Cunguan whisked the knife out to the ground, and the man suddenly stumbled forward with a knife handle and threw himself softly in the corner.
At this time, the East Turkistan terror points to three out of ten people.
A soldier and two middle-level commanders. The soldier actually had a knife in the hand of the first commander. It seemed that he was picking up the East Turkistan terrorist who was killed in the conference room. At this time, another commander went to the back of the dead think tank and pulled out the bloody knife.
Two men were stabbed and came to face Xie Cunguan with the last soldier.
Xie Cunguan slowly bent down to pick up the short knife that he just kicked out from the ground, where it was still like snow!
"Who are you?" A commander asked the voice slightly shaking.
"China people!" Xie Cun’s official voice is not high, but it is very clear at the moment. "What about you? What nationality is it? " Xie Cunguan asked with a hint of contempt.
"I …" The man was about to answer Xie Cunguan suddenly moved.
He wanted to use this question to motivate these three people’s thoughts, but their hearts were impure. The impure reaction was delayed. Xie Cunguan suddenly pounced on the commander’s hand on the right, and the knife was picked out from his heart. Although the commander inspired his mind, he was quite surprised. When he saw his progress, he immediately stepped back, and the East Turkistan fighter and another commander rushed to meet him.
Xie Cunguan’s right hand stretched out with a knife, but it was not enough for the commander to retreat, but suddenly he wrapped himself in his arm and the knife was thrown out. The cold light flashed and the knife was rushing to the commander’s throat from the left.
His move turned out to be a diversion and a serial play.
He first asked a sudden question to stir up three people’s minds, and then he suddenly rushed to the right commander while the other person’s mind was impure. At this time, the soldier on the left and the middle immediately felt "cheated" and rushed to save his right partner. Xie Cunguan borrowed a knife to adjust his arm in place and threw a knife backhand. The commander rushed to the right and the speed was consistent, which turned out to be a fatal blow.
Xie Cunguan’s knife is a shot, and the soldier is naturally one leng. Because he shot from the angle of Xie Cunguan, he can’t judge who Xie Cunguan is shooting at.
Xie Cunguan is close to him, and he can thank Cunguan for his goal.
When the knife flashed from his eyes, he naturally had a pause, but at the moment he rushed over and was quite close to Xie Cunguan’s right hand, and the knife swung to his left abdomen, and his left hand held it to his right face and jaw to meet the knife.
If you can’t make progress, you will be frightened! It’s the wisdom of life to think more about whether to fight this plane before fighting.
But in the fight, the eye, the heart and the fist are one. Don’t think about it if you think about it. However, some people are funny enough to say that it is sheer nonsense to think about it before fighting.
Think about it. If a good martial arts man sees a conflict, he will be lucky. How many lives will he have to bear if he doesn’t meet an opponent who is better than himself? Can you sleep late if the people don’t sue the officials, investigate the soldiers and take care of yourself?
The man a stupidly thank inch officer has reached the front can be a knife thank inch officer right hand a lift to lift the right hand straight liao opponent’s wrist.
Xie Cunguan doesn’t smash the knife with his left hand, but pulls it with his right hand. In fact, this is a method of putting your hand into the white blade, because it is also very particular when you pull it.
Chapter sixty-three Killing (3)
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Chapter sixty-four Killing (4)
Xie Cunguan’s failure to hit the knife was due to the stab of the knife.
We can stab this ourselves and try to see if we are strong! This is because the arm is shoulder-to-shoulder, and the shoulder is higher than the arm. It is a natural law that people can easily have a lift.
Unless you raise the knife first and then stab it, but how awkward it is to do so, you will know if you try it yourself, and the knife you encounter will go away with a gentle flick, and it is not easy to get hurt if you stab it with your hand.
Xie Cunguan hit the opponent’s wrist when his right arm lifted, and lifted the other knife.
With his right hand lifted, his left hand naturally went down.
This is a boxing frame, and it is natural to close the hand that may attack the opposite side, so it is necessary to take care of our side. Xie Cunguan lifted his right hand and landed his left hand, and immediately stepped on his right shoulder to make progress.
This is the tactic of Xingyiquan, which says "chasing hands"
Many people don’t know why they should chase their hands.
In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, the body of the hand-body barrier is not easy to be hurt by the enemy, and the foundation of the skill is generally soft without the skill. It is only when the body leans on the back of the hand that the strength can be accumulated at any time. Because of this, Xingyiquan is generally said to be chasing the hand
Just like what Xie Cunguan did at the moment, he lifted the other person’s knife hand with his right hand, just like his right hand. His head was almost attached to the blade of the other person’s hand, so that his head was protected by his right arm. His left hand was attached to the other person’s body with the stepping body, and his left hand was worn from his right hand to squeeze.