"It’s really tempting to coax the temple to give you all the side princesses." Yan Gui pressed her lips and kissed them through a finger.

Yan Gui’s hand stroked her back through clothes. Wearing less in summer is just a skirt and a small coat. Su Mian is afraid of wearing a Chinese-style chest covering in the heat, and he can’t help but twist it when he touches it with his hot hands.
"It seems Mianmian doesn’t want to have lunch," said Yan Gui, grabbing her with a tasikmalaya and entering the room.
Su mian tried to resist but was caught. She tried to call but was caught in the mouth.
How can I stare at Yan Gui without knowing how charming my eyes are? It’s just that Gou Yangui is getting more and more reluctant to stop.
After a long passionate retreat, Su Mian doesn’t even have the strength to blame him. Chapter 86 Again
"Can enjoy? If it is not enough … The temple still has strength. "Yan Gui couldn’t help teasing her when she was lying softly.
"The temple … my concubine is swollen …" It’s a fairy-like weapon that big!
"Mianmian is a temple of praise? Don’t you know that sometimes praise is a pain? " Yan Gui kneaded Su Mian’s chest, and the beautiful sound became deeper and deeper.
"Temple … will you come back at night? I’m so hungry … Temple …" Su Mian begged him piteously.
Yan Guizhi doesn’t want to come again. What is the day? She is now a side princess.
"Get up" and help her do it.
When I was dressed, Su Mian said, "Jane came yesterday and told me to go tomorrow because of my uncle’s birthday. Can I go now?"
"If you want to go, you can also go to the conferring ceremony without your status as an ordinary princess." It would be too flattering if the imperial side princess went to a small assistant minister’s house to offer birthday felicitations.
"Well, I don’t want to go … my mother’s temper. I’m afraid of them. My mother might as well make trouble. She won’t ask me to go after she wants to come." Su Miandao
"Well, it’s good that you are measured. You can handle such things yourself." Yan Gui has no interest in this.
Su Mian just took a shot to see that he was not interested, so he stopped washing and went to lunch with him.
Su Mian doesn’t go back to this room to take a nap after lunch.
Yan Gui also slept for a while, and then he saw the high wind waiting.
"Let’s spread the rumors and it worked. Someone impeached the Four Emperors’ Temple to buy a murderer and said that he wanted to hold down the brotherhood, but the official cried in front of Vientiane Palace." The high wind was excited.
"Is this arranged by someone?" Which official is willing to offend the emperor so much?
Blast leng a slowly thinking flaw came out.
For one thing, the hall official is not a temple official, so why should people help him like this? Expect people to be warm-hearted
In this way, the emperor doesn’t like it, and secondly, he offended the four halls. What if he promised to crucify the four halls?
It’s not that he didn’t think that things were too smooth and he didn’t think so much
"I don’t blame you for being too worried about these brothers in the temple. Who do you think did this?" Yan to hook a smile and asked
"I think it should be san huang" is another kill two birds with one stone.
Nailing the four halls is a loan, which is also a pit of nine halls.
After all, the emperor is going to make peace, and it is not good to hold on to the Nine Temples. If the emperor thinks that the Nine Temples are wronged, it is not good to persecute the emperor like this.
"It doesn’t matter if he is. Now Old Four will save himself. So … it’s good to lose before we rob him." Yan returned.
A flurry of laughter said, "The temple will definitely be done well this time."
"The temple of your ability is to believe that the princess will go to Jane’s house and ask the north wind to follow" Yan Guidao.
"Yes," the high wind answered and went on an errand.
Isn’t it just to find out this loophole of Lord Wu before catching the Four Emperors? He doesn’t believe that people who cry have no weaknesses?
It’s natural for the temple to poke his weakness and be ungrateful. It’s not the temple’s instigation.
If it is going to be called the Four Emperors first, it will be in trouble. The Emperors are all monkeys. If the Four Emperors make their first moves, how can they cheat people conveniently?
Ahem, he didn’t say the Nine Emperors were monkeys. Well, no.
Su Mian went barefoot out of the room after waking up, and several of them dared not stay outside to invite the moon and cherish the moon to wait on Yan Gui’s pen and ink in the room.
"Get up?" Yan Gui couldn’t help laughing when she saw her hair scattered and her coat wrapped casually.
"The temple called request to come in and dress my concubine." Su Mian sat in Yan Gui’s arms and said.
"Don’t come and serve?" Yan GUI glanced at the invitation to cherish the moon.
"Yes" two people came to serve.
"Oh, I didn’t have to wait on the pen and ink, but I have to wash my hands and call me a handmaiden." Su Mian didn’t buy it.
Yan belongs to the so-called "inviting the moon but cherishing the moon", but her heart is dark and cool. Is it so disdainful to be a side princess and despise their sisters?
Acacia came in and invited Ann to help Su Mian go in and wait on her to get dressed.
"Thirsty" Su Mian came out without bones and had to rely on Yan Gui.