Arroyo shouted "One" and finally removed the newly built defense, but the original two elders who were imprisoned by the ice and who were unable to respond to the confrontation between Arroyo were all swept into the ruins, and they could not afford to be seriously injured. The sky and the scorching sun shone through the top light curtain.

But even colder,
At the moment, I saw Qinchuan still standing in the field, and his robe just stopped floating, but it had already been torn to rags by the strong breeze, and there was still some blood in it.
"Shout …"
Finally, Qinchuan breathed a sigh of relief, but it didn’t matter.
On the other hand, Sang Na, perhaps because it is a natural wind, not a spell, the name "mirror flower hidden" barrier method to defend the rebound, but also gradually disintegrated, revealing Sang Na’s figure,
"Not the kui is a dust brother,"
Sang Na sighed, but it was malicious, and the jade bamboo stick hung up again, scattering light.
All of a sudden, Qinchuan’s figure suddenly appeared, and she didn’t talk nonsense at all. Nine obsidian glass lamps were offered, and the red light was full, which cooperated with her offensive and constantly impacted towards Sang Na.
"Demons are born from the heart, and demons are confusing."
In an instant, Wang Triple offered a second sacrifice, and Qinchuan was retained.
The other party’s training intensity is much higher than his own, but he still has a little knowledge of the method, but he can’t be careless. He returns to the same place, combines magic and magic, and cooperates with the nine obsidian glass lamps, so he can also draw a tie, but Arroyo aside, such a confrontation, she also root cutting does not enter the hand.
So go, the momentum is not good,
In just a few minutes, Qinchuan has fought several rounds in Sang Na, with all kinds of lights shining and all kinds of clanging. For a short time, it was barely even.
Alone from the war, Arrow Ye Jing tried his best to maintain the increasingly weak imprisonment circle, and his eyes were fixed on the central Qinchuan, somewhat worried.
I bet everything on this man,
"Gas town mountains and rivers,"
In the field, Qinchuan suddenly defeated Sang Na’s impact and came to poison gas. With the virtual wind, he flashed a few feet, and his face was somber. He couldn’t help but sink slightly and had an idea.
"It seems that have to rely on it,"
This time, it’s a one-shot decision,
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s handprint was untied, and the strange white disappeared instantly, and it returned to a rich lacquer black, with a light blood gas, which diffused out. The dragon’s foot quickly flew back to its hands, shining with an extremely dazzling light, which was somewhat strange, but after flashing, it also returned to normal.
Monty phantom array,
Immediately, see Qinchuan disease out forward, the phantom generally flashed ten steps, and finally came to the front of Sang Na, the dragon ridge, black gas instantaneous convergence, clanging,
Arroyo looked dazed and recognized it.
Ten steps and one kill,
When Sanna was angry, she wanted to kill her, but suddenly, she was aware of the impact, but it was a phantom. Now Qinchuan stood firm in the same place, and the dragon ridge passed over Yi Long, and the aura of heaven and earth came in a steady stream. It was hotter than a faint fire and suddenly shone.
The dragon is broken,
A cold hum, Sang Na’s wandering step, is sideways escaped the qinchuan phantom, jade bamboo stick on his chest, a strange purple mist, formed a barrier,
Suddenly, listening to Qinchuan’s contemptuous sneer,
In an instant, the phantom turned into a prisoner’s dragon rope, and suddenly it was wrapped around Sang Na’s body, like the same walking snake, fluttering with black gas, firmly binding it.
"This thing to my people in western Xinjiang, you …"
Sang Na said, and suddenly face changed, a exclaimed, "dust,,"
Because the method is not the practice method in the Central Plains, the dragon-tied rope method inhibits the display of the method, which has a common body-binding effect. At the same time, because of this, it can be dissolved in a moment, and Qinchuan naturally knows it. However, at this time, this type of dragon-tied rope is a combination of the magical power of dust yuan.
Suddenly, a powerful than yuan divine power impact, Sang Na mind by this creation, in front of the barrier instantaneous weak to a lot, followed by the dragon bombardment, more tired,
"Bound fairy rope,"