Early in the morning, before the sun jumps out, the team outside the inn will trim the horses and set off.

This time, the stay here was too long, and even Yan Liang was worried that Wei Tiankuo might be suspicious.
However, it depends on how Weiyuan explains it then. He said that Wei Tiankuo would not say anything even if he had such a suspicion.
I’m leaving today, and Yan Liang gave Xiao Li blood stasis for the last time. After this time, his blood stasis base will be scattered. After that, I need to take rest and take medicine on time. I believe his body will recover almost in a month or two.
Pull up your sleeves and Yan Liang goes to the bedside. Xiaoli lies there with a cushion on his shoulder to raise his body so that he can be more comfortable.
Gherardini Xiaoli looked at Yan Liang coming over. "Yan catching the head is refreshing."
"Yes" expression Yan Liang light replied, then sat by the bed.
Xiao Li laughed when she looked at her with bare arms and sleeves. "Are you going to leave me some souvenirs before leaving?"
"That’s a good idea. Do you think I should take off your arm or your thigh?" Hands slowly clenched knuckles and made a squeaking sound.
"Come on, take it wherever you like! But to tell you the truth, if you take it away, you can’t leave it with you all the time, and you should put it in bed when you sleep. "The tone sounds disgusting, and Yan Liang’s eyebrows tighten and he wants to vomit.
"Little disgusting people are not interested in your arms and legs. How do you feel today? Does it still hurt? " He was dressed in Chinese clothes, but the black handprint on his chest was still clear.
If you ignore his chest handprint, his appearance is somewhat explicit and romantic, and his smile is even more charming.
I’m too lazy to watch him smile. Yan Liang looked at the two handprints on his chest and then said, "The color has faded a lot, and almost all the blood has flowed clean, but this strength is vigorous, and your skin and bones have been hurt. This little heart has also suffered." She said as she spread her palm and put his chest capacity.
Xiaoli frowned slightly, but she could stand him looking at Yan Liang without blinking. As she became more and more capable, cold sweat came from his forehead.
Hang your hands on both sides of your body, hold Xiaoli’s backhand and grab the sheets, and your face turns pale.
The blood came out black and red, but the color faded after a while.
This is a good thing. There’s really not much blood stasis. Yan Liang is also satisfied and stops soon.
When the body is loose, Xiao Li sighs "pain"
Saw his one eye Yan Liang grabbed a clean towel next to him and wiped off the black blood in his abdomen. "I advise you not to always think about money and sometimes practice hard. If you shrink your bones and work hard, you will surely be able to hide these two palms." Li Zhao moves quickly and Yan Liang naturally knows that Li Zhao’s hand Xiaoli didn’t escape, which is also expected.
"I didn’t expect,,, I didn’t expect there to be such a competitor in Liang Zhen’s camp." After talking, he suddenly laughed and looked stupid.
Even if he took back that sentence, Yan Liang knew what he was going to say.
"If you want to live, you have to rise. I hope you can rise to wish." When I got up, Yan Liang put the sleeve to the doctor for treatment.
"It’s really weird to hear your encouragement. Why do I feel cold at the back of my neck?" Xiaoli looked at her forehead and face was sweaty, but she was deliberately frightened.
I really want to send him a sentence to die. I gave him a cold look and then turned away.
After watching her walk out of the room, Xiaoli couldn’t help laughing, but she sighed meaningfully.
The sun has risen, and the team has been trimmed and ready to leave Qi State for Dayan.
Weiyuan Xiaoli said goodbye. Although these two people may not seem to be friends, they are not enemies at this moment.
I didn’t go to Guan Weiyuan’s Yan Liang Inn and waited for a moment for the defender Yuan to come. His arm was still hanging, but it didn’t affect his style.
"Let’s go" stretched out his hand and Yan Liang threw Wei Yuan’s carriage with his own strength, which made Wei Yuangen lose his own strength.
Weiyuan looked at her with an eyebrow and a smile. "I’m not dead yet. Don’t take care of me like this."