Grandpa, he … said that it must be that they saw this scene in front of their eyes. In the past, Grandpa didn’t shout the word snow, but it was more serious. Said Yiruxie, which made Mi Xinrui and Yang Kefei uneasy. The milky white window was full of cold moonlight sweeping two people’s uneasy thoughts.

"Snow mother, that is, the painter just now, is also her. Please, I must take her in if the snow is driven out of the house …" Count Orson, who took in Fei, stared at a face of pain, suddenly recalled the scene when they met.
Grandpa … No.
Earl Orson … If you want to take her in, there’s Iruxue.
"Then we became your granddaughters as you want, and then we learned everything in that school that we could take revenge on." Fei suddenly interjected a word coldly, and the whole air was instantly embarrassed. Mi Xinrui looked at Yang Kefei with a sad face.
Now Yang Kefei is like an injured kitten with tears in his eyes, and Earl Orson knows that he should not have said all this as soon as he got there, but the broken painting of Snow Mother also made him feel very unhappy, just like blaming himself for not protecting her daughter.
"Yes," he nodded faintly. "I know everything about Snow’s mother’s death … but this answer may not be fair to Xue, so I hope to tell you this secret before you confess after you really get revenge?" Yang Kefei angrily withdrew that sad expression, and Mi Xinrui was tearing at her skirts with a face of tension.
True revenge
Yes, they have no real revenge plan yet. "I promise your grandfather." Yang Kefei slammed his right hand on the table and quickly magnified his indifferent eyes. "I promise you will never tell Xue the truth before the revenge is over. Please tell me that truth?"
Orson earl said lightly.
The sound is like the wind blowing by the ear. Yang Kefei and Mi Xinrui’s pupils are rapidly expanding! Then stand there as stiff as a puppet and say nothing until Yang Kefei goes against the wind! Earl Orson looked at the girl’s warm face in the painting with guilt and suddenly felt a little relaxed.
His mission is ov.
"Fei! Where the hell are you going? !” Two figures in the wide corridor are like the wind, chasing Mi Xinrui in the corridor, and the original soft hair has become messy. Yang Kefei is full of disbelief! !
She doesn’t know where she will go, but the only thing she knows is that her mind is in a mess. If she knows everything, Xue won’t follow them! They’re not a passerby. They’re not revenge targets! !
Yang Kefei slowly stopped to Rui side flustered breathing the whole is a dead silence.
Grandpa’s words came out again.
"Snow mother … committed suicide"
114 the dust-laden truth [a]
Count Orson … Even after so many years, he can’t forget Mother Snow. He loves her like his own daughter, but loses it like a bubble, but laughs like fireworks. Her daughter inherits her incomparable noble temperament. When Iruxue met him at the airport ten years ago, he will never forget their common temperament.
Sad and aloof
"wow! ! Look at the woman! ! Street painting ~ ~ "Road people looked at the charming black one after another, like a girl’s long hair has been dragged to the waist, with wavy eyes like seaweed and a faint and warm smile in their hands, and the pencil flexibly turned the white paper to outline a corner of the city.
There was nothing special in the original scene, but she took it to the extreme. Passers-by were admiring the girl’s painting from a distance. It was really exquisite. Her black eyes narrowed with beautiful radians. Suddenly, a group of men in black clothes sent a neat team to block the female eyes in front of her, and there was a flash of consternation.
"You … what are you doing? ! !”
"Young lady, please come back with us first?" A man lowered his voice and said that he was called a young lady. The female eyes were fierce and dim. The brush paper in his hand was discarded at the cold corner. She coldly dumped the man and grabbed her hand. "I have legs. I will go back if you don’t come and tie them …"
"Okay, please come this way." The black dress person made another neat 90-degree bow. The brunette was like a dazzling star, striding through them. The long black hair fluttered like a dream, and the people in the past were fascinated by the brunette, although they didn’t know what happened.
She is as handsome as the wind and charming as all beings.
However, she left unfinished paintings on the street, but no one asked her, and she was still trampled by the wind until the end …
Be torn to pieces
"Good young lady!"
The dark-haired girl who is as big as a princess’s dream castle is wearing a simple dress with a white bow. Don’t shake the side of her chest gently. The butterfly wings gently blow up the skirt corners in the wind to outline those beautiful legs. With aloof and sad eyes, a small figure jumps into her arms. "Mother ~ I miss you so much! !”
"The snow is so lovely ~ ~ Mother can’t help but want to spend more pictures of you when she sees you so cute ~ ~" The woman saw Xiaoxue’s face was warm and Xiaoxue’s face was a little scared. "Mother! Don’t draw my portrait, my father will definitely bother you! Because of my eyes … "
Xiaoxue is a little pitiful, pointing to her eyes. "This is ominous purple … I don’t want her to cause trouble to my mother. I hope my mother can stay with me all the time ~ ~ ~"
"Good boy ~" The brunette smiled bitterly and kissed her forehead gently. "Who said purple eyes are ominous? Mom loves snow eyes ~ ~ that’s the most beautiful in the world. "
What if she laughs harder and harder? She loves her daughter more and more, but hates the heavy footsteps of the Iraqi ladder. A middle-aged man looks at them coldly, "an ominous mother and daughter."
Like a pot of cold water, it hit her hard.
"Woo-hoo … mother …" Xiaoxue tried to hold back her tears several times, but she didn’t want her mother to see that the brunette was still smiling and holding her lovely daughter.
"Surprise … that man is not your father …"
115 dusty truth [b]
Snow, of course, is not white. What did her mother say? Xiaoxue certainly thinks she is the happiest princess in the world. Because she loves her mother so much, her black hair gently rubs her face, but it is bitter.