Chen Hu parked his car in a parking lot outside Yuntian Boxing Hall. Zhou Yi looked at the car and suddenly had a refreshing feeling because Yuntian Boxing Hall had been expanded and it was completely different.

There are several new training buildings in the spacious gate, which are very imposing.
Zhouyi strode in with Zhou Chi and Chen Hu. Before Zhouyi, he was a part-time coach of Yuntian Boxing Hall. Here, he and Zhou Chi cooperated with the beautiful police flower Cao Fang to arrest two international wanted criminals, the bronze corpse and the iron corpse. Now he is here again, which can be described as revisiting his old haunt.
After Zhouyi entered Yuntian Boxing Hall, he found that the tree-lined environment in Yuntian Boxing Hall was very good, and a coach was taking thousands of people to practice boxing. After shouting, he was able to take shape.
Zhouyi roughly visited some training grounds, and those students knew that they should be junior classes when they saw that they practiced a set of Shaolin arhat boxing, because these students were all ten to fourteen years old, and Shaolin arhat boxing was a basic boxing method for Shaolin monks.
The boxing coach Zhou Yi also met the coach named Bai Lang, who is the deputy curator of Yuntian Boxing Hall. Teacher Zhao Tian is the confidant of Yuntian Boxing Hall owner Li Muyue, and it is said that he is from Shaolin’s family.
When he arrived at the training ground, the students were a little excited by the uniform movements of Zhouyi, because his heart always had a desire to revitalize martial arts, and when he arrived at the boxing children, he felt that martial arts would be carried forward and would not die out.
"It is a matter of killing two birds with one stone that I set up a secret base here to train my’ Brotherhood’ things, which can improve my’ Brotherhood’ fighting capacity and promote martial arts."
Zhouyi thought that he wanted to join Li Muyue here to train the’ Brothers Alliance’ brothers to build an elite team and unify the underworld to prepare for it. At the same time, he also completed his ideal of inheriting martial arts because he wanted a secret base. Once Zhouyi Zhou Chi Chen Hu and Dragonfly and Master Zhou Shan will come here to teach in person.
However, Zhouyi hasn’t met Li Muyue at this time, and even talked about the joint venture. Zhouyi didn’t tell Zhou Chi and Chen Hu about the idea of establishing a secret base. For the time being, he and his sister Kexin Yu, a child bride, knew that it was still a plan and didn’t implement it.
"Little master, this boxing hall is not small."
Rao is a man who has seen the world. When he went to a martial arts school on such a large scale, so many teenagers and children practiced martial arts, he couldn’t help but admire it. What’s more, this martial arts school teaches real martial arts instead of good boxing.
Of course, this is due to the fact that the name of Yuntian Boxing Hall before Zhouyi was Yuntian Taekwondo Hall. It was he who defeated two Taekwondo mafia bosses in a row here that Li Muyue realized that it was necessary to teach actual combat kung fu in order to run the martial arts hall. Otherwise, there would be no market. Li Muyue changed Yuntian Taekwondo Hall into Yuntian Boxing Hall to teach real combat. In a sense, Li Muyue Boxing Hall is also a kind of inheritance to Chinese martial arts, which is a practical technique instead of those who can perform flower stands!
"Yes, speaking of which, I am still the honorary curator of this boxing hall. I am also very pleased to have grown stronger in the boxing hall." Zhouyi nodded and said.
Zhou Yi, Zhou Chi, and Chen Hu walked as they spoke. They were all fighters and went to the martial arts school. It was very comfortable to feel the atmosphere inside.
Through the training ground, a high-rise training building appeared in front of Zhouyi, Chen Hu and Zhou Chi.
This training building is magnificent and magnificent. One is the main building of Yuntian Boxing Hall. Zhouyi estimates that it has the best facilities and venues in the boxing hall.
"Let’s go to the new training building together." Zhou Yi pointed to the tallest building inside and told Chen Hu and Zhou Chi that Yuntian Boxing Hall had changed greatly from its appearance. He also wondered whether the facilities and venues inside were very different from before.
"Well, I also want to see how the facilities inside the martial arts school are. Chapter 5 Watching Nanquan against the enemy.
Chen Hu nodded when he heard Zhouyi say that he would go in to visit the highest training building with Zhouyi and Zhou Chi. Although he didn’t know the real purpose of Zhouyilai Yuntian Boxing Hall, he was also very interested in visiting such a high-standard martial arts school.
Just entering this training building, Zhou Yi, Zhou Chi and Chen Hu talked about the advanced facilities in eureka tower. On the first floor, there are all kinds of training strength equipment in the equipment room, which is estimated to be imported from abroad, while all kinds of sandbags in the training hall on the second floor are available. It can be said that this kind of local training can achieve twice the result with half the effort for martial arts practitioners.
The equipment room and the training hall are not furnishings. At this time, many students are training hard, sweating, shouting, hitting sandbags and yelling, which constitutes a wonderful picture.
"This boxing gym has really invested a lot."
Chen Hu went to these advanced facilities and didn’t count the hard-working trainees, sighing and saying.
"Well, I haven’t been here for months. I didn’t expect such a big change here."
Zhou Chi also said that for a master like him and Chen Hu, the training conditions here are enough, not to mention those students who have just stepped into Wudaomen Boxing Hall.
Last year, when Zhouyi and Zhou Chi came here, the scale here was far from so large, but now the site of Yuntian Boxing Hall has not only expanded several times, but also the buildings have increased five times. Zhouyi roughly estimated that Yuntian Boxing Hall can recruit at least 5,000 students.
Five thousand people is not a small number, and there are not many boxing halls of this scale.
As the saying goes, it costs a lot of money to practice martial arts. People who practice martial arts need certain equipment if they don’t want to eat well. A student in a boxing gym has to pay 30,000 classes a year. If 5,000 students are enrolled, the gross income is 1.5 billion yuan a year. Deduct some branches. This Yuntian Boxing Hall can earn at least 100 million yuan a year, which can be described as a cash cow.
By Zhouyi, I still admire Li Muyue. It is not an easy thing for this woman to set up such a big boxing gym in such a short time because of her body. In Zhouyi’s heart, Li Muyue can afford to be a strong woman.
With the rapid development of Yuntian Boxing Hall, Li Muyue’s execution ability is very strong, and Zhouyi is even more determined to build a secret base with Li Muyue and Yuntian Boxing Hall to cultivate ideas that truly belong to his own confidants and elites, and these elites are the ones who unified the underworld and dominated the underworld against Mohism.
After the first floor and the second floor Zhouyi, three people came to the third floor.
The third floor is a venue for competition and communication, because dozens of small areas are surrounded by ropes in the center of the hall on the third floor, which is equivalent to dozens of small boxing rings, and the surrounding areas are free for people to watch actual combat.
At this time, there are quite a few people on the third floor, except that there are two people blocking the rope to form a boxing ring, and there are people all around. No one noticed the arrival of Zhouyi, Zhou Chi and Chen Hu.
I arrived at several acquaintances on the first and third floors of Zhouyi.
The most striking thing is a woman, who is at least 1.7 meters tall and about 256. She wears a pair of sunglasses and has a beautiful face. She is dressed in a decent black L-system with a shawl and long hair, which is very beautiful and charming.
This woman is as cool as a kung fu girl Luo Qingxue, but she is older and more mature than Luo Qingxue, so she has a feminine charm.
And this woman is surrounded by a girl, who is dressed in a cool black dress and sunglasses and looks like a woman. She is also in good shape, but her face is very Leng Yan without any expression.
The beautiful and charming woman is Li Muyue, the owner of Yuntian Boxing Hall, and the Leng Yan girl Zhou Yi around her also knows that she is Li Muyue’s assistant and bodyguard Han Yue.
In addition to Li Muyue and Han Yue, Zhouyi also arrived.
This man Li Muyue is about thirty-five years old with short hair and a face full of acne. He is an ugly man. He is a little thin and about 1.7 meters tall. When his eyes are very magical, his eyes often flash, which makes people think that he is a terrorist.
I am also very impressed by this man, Zhouyi, because he is the curator of Yuntian Boxing Hall, Jiang Dashan, and Li Muyue’s right-hand man. However, Zhouyi thought that this man’s martial arts were unfathomable before, but now he doesn’t feel this way, because his realm is high and his horizons are naturally high.
"Li Muyue, Jiang Dashan and Han Yue are all here. There is an important game here today?"