The waves smiled, took out their pistols and whistled leisurely.

At this moment, two men ran quickly from the gym tunnel to the front of the waves and said, "It’s over. One of our brothers died, three were seriously injured and five were slightly injured. He was cleaning up the battlefield and found four bodies of the other side, and one was not found."
The waves pointed to the ground and said, "There is another one that is not found here. Leave the dead brothers behind, take the injured brothers away, clean up the battlefield and set it on fire. Don’t leave traces, especially our brothers can’t be recognized by the police."
The two men nodded their heads and brought them from the car. They had already prepared two barrels of gasoline and walked to the parking lot with the two men shouldering their shoulders.
This is not injured, supporting the injured people to come out. Someone has been in the car long ago, and everyone has seen the car. The smoke in the parking lot is mixed with the pungent smell of burnt flesh.
After the small punishment and two hands cleaned up the battlefield, they also came out to the car. The waves calmed down and waved their hands, "Withdraw!"
The whole process of fighting and cleaning up the battlefield took less than five minutes. Even if the nearby residents heard deafening guns, they dared not probe to see them. When they called the police, they could see the burnt faces and the messy battlefield when the police arrived. The waves and others had already arrived in Ann’s place
Brother Bao and his men went back to their nightclub as if nothing had happened, and the waves were riding in a car. Ling and Rainbow were sitting in the car, and two girls were holding Ah Cai’s punishment and taking the remnants with them. They were riding slowly behind the waves car in two minibuses.
Five minutes later, they staggered past the roaring police car.
The waves stopped by the roadside and went to Xiao Yan, sitting next to the bus, and said to Xiao Yan, "Tell the brothers that if they die, each of them will get a large pension at home. If you are injured, you should arrange them to our own hospital for treatment. You should give them the best treatment, and they will be rewarded after the environment is injured. If you continue working, you will get a reward. Remember that people can’t leak it tonight!"
Xiao Xing said, "Hai Ge can rest assured that it is not the first time for them to do it for nothing."
The waves said, "OK, you can arrange it and then go back to the Red Chamber. I’ll go back first. Call me if you need anything. Be careful!"
Small punishment says "good!" When you follow the instructions of the waves,
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven Your word
The waves slowly drove the car, thinking quietly in my mind.
After a while, Lingkou said, "What does Brother Hai do with this person?"
Ling refers to Cai Cai, who has been sitting honestly without resisting. He knows that he can resist and can’t endure the pain of knee fracture without saying anything. He was carried out of his bedroom by the waves, wearing an undershirt and shorts, and the undershirt was torn by the waves to block his mouth. Now he has a pair of shorts.
Hearing Ling’s question, Ah Cai got nervous and quickly said, "Brother Hai, don’t kill me, just pity me and let me go!"
The waves said coldly, "You know Shao Xuewu is here to fight with me, and you dare to give him a hiding place. You are asking for your own death. No wonder I am."
Cai said, "I didn’t find Shao Xuewu, but Shao Xuewu came to me. I dare not ignore him."
The waves said, "I’ll give you one last chance to tell you where Shao Xuewu is hiding. I’m sorry if you don’t die."
Ah Cai bowed his head and thought about the waves, but he didn’t force him to drive the neon lights in the city quietly.
Ah Cai looked up and said, "I really don’t know where Shao Xuewu is hiding. He usually calls me and never lets me know where he is hiding."
The waves gently coughed a rainbow, pulled out a pistol, pulled the sheet metal machine gently on the top of Ah Cai’s forehead …
Ah Cai quickly changed his tune and said, "Although I don’t know where Shao Xuewu is hiding, I know there is a place where Shao Xuewu is likely to hide."
Without looking back, the waves still drove the car and said faintly, "Where?"
A Cai said, "The former Wang bought a lot of real estate when he was alive, but when the old Wang died, most of the property went to the government, but I know that there is still a place where the old Wang is not named and has not been sealed by the government."
The waves said, "Where?"
Cai said, "It’s only 50 miles away from the city. A small town is very remote. If Brother Hai wants to see it, I can take Brother Hai."
The waves frowned and said, "Does Shao Xuewu know the place clearly?"
Cai said, "He shouldn’t know that I would know that there is another place. Because no one in Shao Lao Wang has mentioned it, I also heard the old Wang chatting with a real estate company by chance, only to know that he bought a real estate address there. I still remember that I have never been there. I should be able to find it."
The waves said, "Well, let’s get together once. You must help me find this place and find Shao Xuewu. I will not kill you, but I will pay you a lot of money."
Cai said, "If you don’t kill me, you won’t give me money."
The waves smiled and said, "But I can’t let you go yet. You should prevent you from reporting to Shao Xuewu’s office. I will send someone to watch you for 24 hours and heal you at the same time. When I have arranged it, we will go to that place to check it out."
A Cai said, "I cooperate for nothing."
The waves sent a message to Xiaotian and another bodyguard to get up quickly and come upstairs to wait for something to do.
When the waves returned to the Red Chamber, Hou Xiaotian and another bodyguard just walked out of the hospital and waited for the waves by the road.
The waves came to the car and said, "You two take this Cai to a safe place and find someone to help him treat a broken leg. Watch him and don’t let him get away and talk."
The waves called Xiaoling and Rainbow Car to let Xiaotian and another bodyguard sit in the car to find a place to house arrest Ah Cai.
While walking to the building, the three men asked Xiaoling, "Hai Ge, why don’t you ask Ah Cai’s address? We can send someone to check it first. If you rashly take someone to Shao Xuewu, isn’t it a waste of time?"
The waves laughed. "What I don’t ask Ah Cai is that I don’t want to send someone to observe this place before. You think Shao Xuewu and other Cong must have eyeliner around his hiding place. If we send someone to observe it, he may be found by his eyeliner, and he will be moved. It will be even harder to find him then. We’d rather pounce than startle him. Then let’s arrange people to pounce directly on Shao Xuewu if he wants to escape."
Ling just nodded and said, "It’s still considerate of Hai Ge, and I still forgot to ask Ah Cai."