More reasons are not that Ye Han is the only one who knows that he has to find Ye Rou as soon as possible to determine their emotional destination when he goes back to this trip. This is already white without much thought.

Being told by Lengling, Ye Han suddenly felt embarrassed and smiled. "Yes, the Singapore Festival is still half a year away, and we still have a lot!"
Ye Han paused and added, "In that case, let’s walk all the way back. We should also take this opportunity to go to the Cold Forest School to find out the trend of the Han family!"
Hear Ye Hanyan cold ling face suddenly emerge with a bitter color for a long time before wry smile way "yeah, I don’t know if the cold family revenge?"
After the previous iceberg slays the cold Tao, not only Lengling and Ye Han, but even Lin Jie knows that it is absolutely impossible for this cold family to keep revenge.
The original Ye Han chose iceberg to solve this problem because he didn’t want the Han family to know about it, but things were often unexpected.
No one thought that the woman in white would finally spell the last trace of vitality and tell the Han family what happened to the iceberg through the seal.
The cold family with the strongest cold family naturally doesn’t worry too much about the revenge of the cold family. After all, the powerful party is always daunting.
Moreover, this cold Tao was not killed by the cold aristocratic family. Since it is not a direct relative of the cold family, it will certainly not let the cold family kill her and offend the cold aristocratic family.
The murderer is the cold forest faction Lin Jie. If the cold family really wants revenge, it will definitely choose the cold forest faction instead of the cold family.
However, it is not the cold forest faction Lin Jie who did it. The most important thing is the cold ling Ye Han. Now it is unreasonable to let the cold forest faction take the blame.
Therefore, Ye Han and Lengling had to unanimously decide that this trip must solve the difficulties that the Cold Forest Sect is likely to encounter, so that it should be done.
But they never thought that all this was right or wrong. Because of cold Tao’s obsession, everyone teamed up to kill him.
However, it should be said that the source of this matter is still because of Han Tao. If it weren’t for his obsession, it wouldn’t have caused fatal disaster, so it was not others but himself who killed Han Tao.
In this action, Lin Jiefei acted as a justice-enforcing figure. Obviously, he can’t bear the blame alone, but the three people involved must bear it together.
Ye Han and others left the ice forest zone and headed south towards the first destination of this trip, which helped the Cold Forest School to survive this possible crisis before they could go home with peace of mind.
It was never imagined that they had already met Lin Jie, who had just driven from the Cold Forest School for several days before coming to the ice sheet to find them.
Lin Jie’s arrival brought Ye Han and others not joy but nai.
It was learned by Lin Jie that Ye Han had just left the Cold Forest Sect a few days later, and the Han family had invited many experts to come to the ice sheet for this revenge.
After more than half a month of resistance to the Cold Forest Sect, although it has not fallen today, it is not far from this result.
Hear Lin Jie said finally face worry color has reached an explosion point Ye Han and LengLing naturally dare not careless.
But they haven’t arrived yet. What they learned from Lin Jie’s mouth was a few days ago. For the current situation of Cold Forest School, everyone still learned from it.
"Brother Lin, don’t worry. Although this cold family is strong, it is not stronger than your cold forest faction. I think there should be nothing for a while!"
After listening to Lin Jie’s story, Ye Han was naturally filled with anxiety. However, he also knew that he could not behave too little and act as a role to comfort Lin Jie. It was still necessary.
I was comforted by Ye Han, and Lin Jie’s face was obviously worried. Listening to his wry smile, "Ye Xiong didn’t know that this cold family is not terrible, but what we are facing now is not as simple as the cold family!"
After hearing what Lin Jie said, Ye Han was suddenly surprised, but he listened to Leng Lingnai, who had never said anything, and smiled. "If I didn’t guess wrong, it must be that he was hostile to your cold forest faction in the ice sheet. Take this opportunity to unite and attack your cold forest faction?"
Nodding his head, Lin Jie hesitated for a moment and then smiled bitterly. "It’s exactly like this. I heard my father say that Mrs. Ye is as good as my father’s, so I wanted to come here and invite you to help us!"
Now there’s nothing to hide. Lin Jie naturally knows this, and he doesn’t care about his busyness.
I got Lin Jie’s affirmation that Lengling didn’t care whether he wanted to help himself on this trip. He smiled and said, "In that case, let’s go!"
Said the LengLing first toward the south line to Lin Jie see this at Ye Han wry smile soon followed.
See LengLing determined to personally go to the Cold Forest School to help Ye Han naturally have some concerns before letting LengLing bring herself back to Xingyuan City. She has an excuse to object.
There is bound to be a big battle when you go to the Cold Forest Sect now. How can a pregnant woman fight if she can’t even display her flying skills?
Hesitated for a while Ye Han rushed to stop LengLing but listened to LengLing with a surprised face and asked, "What’s wrong with you? Want to stop my way? "
After being embarrassed for a long time, Ye Han just smiled bitterly. "Linger’s original Cold Forest Sect was attacked because of us. We really have a duty to help them!"
Ye Han suddenly fell into silence and looked at it from time to time. Lin Jie, who was silent, didn’t know how to explain it to Lengling for a while ~