The strange bird with four wings roared with anger, and it was too late to hide again, so it had to lean sideways as far as possible and hit it hard! Its size is not much smaller than that of the golden body Shengpeng, so it won’t be too hard to hit that defensive array.

"dong! ! !”
The monster beast’s powerful body collided with the defense array of bright blue Se, but it let out a whoop of metal jarring, and the defense array of bright blue cracked silently like glass. The nine immortals inside were all shaken out by Juli, and not many people vomited blood in mid-air.
This hit the four-winged strange bird got the upper hand. After all, it was the monster beast’s strong flesh that played a role!
However, the oblique grazing of the four-winged strange bird was also hindered by this collision and slowed down!
The rabbit elder at the top saw the strange bird with four wings swept farther and farther to the oblique bottom. (.) At this time, when the speed of the other party is slow, the distance between him and the strange bird suddenly narrows again.
My feet suddenly stretched forward, and then I bent my legs, only to hear a loud bang. The rabbit elder has landed on the back of the four-winged strange bird near the neck!
"honk! ! !”
The strange bird with four wings is really going to be scared crazy, and a strange cry almost spread all over the battlefield. The next moment, there will be brilliance pouring out of it, and it will turn into a human figure to get rid of the rabbit that has been famous for a long time in Tianlan demon world.
However, the rabbit elder arrived early with his arms and grabbed the four-winged strange bird’s neck from behind!
As a result, most of the four-winged strange bird’s body has been blurred, and it stopped all over the neck, and Guanghua flashed again, but it was a beast again!
The next moment, Mr. Rabbit held the strange bird’s neck firmly in his arms, his legs slightly bent, and everyone knew what he was going to do!
In the distance, the Golden Body Shengpeng and others have already seen the people of the Immortal Society sneak up, but the alliance of the gods is biased at this moment, so they can’t get away at all. At this moment, I saw the scene that was about to happen, and the golden body Shengpeng finally couldn’t help it. A fierce roar spread all over the world, and at the same time, my mind swept out: "Old deathlessly, don’t you dare! ! !”
The next moment, the rabbit elder told the golden body Shengpeng whether he dared or not! ! !
When fighting, the rabbit elder, who seldom shouted, let out a hoarse roar from low to high for the first time. With the voice from low to high, his legs gradually straightened up, and his arms had already exerted their strength, which was to pull up the neck of the four-winged strange bird! !
The four-winged strange bird is the fairy king, with a size of more than 100 feet, but the rabbit predecessors are not small at this time, and the head is at least about 40 feet. At this moment, everyone saw a huge old rabbit clinging to the neck of a fierce bird about twice as big as it in the chaotic battlefield in the sky, pulling it out like a radish! !
At that moment, the fierce fighting continued, but what happened here really attracted the attention of countless people. The battlefield full of roar and sharp howling seemed to be in absolute silence!
Is the neck of the four-winged strange bird stronger or the strength of the rabbit’s predecessor stronger?
When the roar of the old man, who has endured for tens of thousands of years, reached its peak, he heard the sound of "click" coming from the neck of the four-winged strange bird, and at the same time, a large amount of blood fog gushed out from there! A little bit opened the mouth, and the follow-up process became easier. The movements of the rabbit predecessors suddenly interrupted, and the head of the four-winged strange bird had been abruptly pulled down by him!
The four-winged strange bird’s body fell directly. The neck and head were put upside down in the right hand by the rabbit elder. At this moment, the rabbit elder had already been sprayed with blood. The old rabbit turned around temporarily by the neck of the strange bird, looked at the direction of the golden body Shengpeng, and silently slapped the golden body Shengpeng with facts …
Then. The rabbit’s predecessor slammed his arm. Directly to the strange bird’s head towards a nearby fairy hao smashed in the past, people also saved again!
He’s not here to pretend, he’s here to kill! It turned the world upside down!
From the rabbit’s predecessor to the four-winged strange bird, to the air. Then chase, then catch up with the intercepted four-winged strange bird, then hug the neck, pull it out, and pull it out. Throw it away and save it. In fact, the whole process only takes less than five interest rates …
However, the shock brought by this is really not something that can be digested in five interest rates, or even fifty interest rates!
At the sight of such a strong ally, the God League killed two fairy kings in an instant, but all of them were greatly boosted! Group power immediately rose again! They could have been at loggerheads with the Nine Demons Alliance for at least half an hour, and now they have such a strong ally before half an hour, and they are likely to win the war!
On the other hand, the golden body Shengpeng has been trembling with anger! Its huge body. When the whole body trembles, all the feathers are straight, shaking in the air, and the hum of feathers splitting the air is like a forest of swords being blown by a strong wind!
"I’ll go!" Thunderstorm god ape suddenly used his mind to say to Golden Body Shengpeng alone.
"You have a wide range of attacks. Stay here and I’ll kill that old thing!" Golden body ShengPeng furious tunnel.
A wave of offensive suddenly broke out in the Golden Body Shengpeng. Directly beat Xue Zhu, the immortal king of that Dan Dao, and forced Li Qiushi to defend again and again, and then teleport out directly! Once again, it is only ten miles away from the rabbit’s predecessors!
The battlefield of this melee was very large. The Golden Body Shengpeng failed to teleport to the rabbit’s predecessor at once, and it was too lazy to teleport for more than ten miles. The wings suddenly accelerated when they vibrated, and they rushed towards the rabbit predecessors with unparalleled speed!
At this time, I’m afraid only a few people who are particularly keen can see that he came here so angrily, not just to feel avenged, but to come!
The melee between the Nine Demons Alliance and the World God Alliance has been going on for some time. It can be said that you have me and I have you. Since you can stand still, you must be in a certain balance.
And this balance, especially the balance of the easternmost part of the battlefield, has been completely broken by the emergence of the zhengxian society! The battlefield is no better than anywhere else. The so-called defeat is like a mountain. If one place is defeated, the defeat will spread like a plague. The Golden Body Shengpeng must stabilize the situation!
"Old deathlessly, dare to fight with me! ! !”
As fast as the monster beast’s mind can be transmitted, a long paragraph can be heard in an instant. In the process of rushing, the golden body Shengpeng is already re-thinking.
"Just what I want."
The rabbit elder answered without flinching, and then greeted him directly!
On the other hand, Xiao Wen was also anxious, because the rabbit had already flown out of his imaginary world, and quickly urged Da Ao: "Hurry!"
Up to now, Xiao Wen and Xiahou Wuren have never actually appeared. They are hidden in the mouth of the big aojiang and look at everything outside.
Seeing the Golden Body Shengpeng coming, Xiao Wen was thrilled, because the first step in their plan was actually the participation of Golden Body Shengpeng!
Xiahou Wuren can say that he hasn’t made any contribution to the Zhengxian Society. He is a big alternative. At the moment, he seems calm and indifferent, but in fact he is a little nervous, and his fist has already been clenched.
The Great Aojiang has a strong defense, and even the Golden Body Shengpeng can stand in the way for a while. At the moment, it has taken on the responsibility of protecting Xiao Wen and Xiahou, and has never dared to go to the leaker. At this time, I also know that if I don’t rush out and look back, there may be no time for rescue, so I will also rush forward with my predecessor.
On the other hand, the golden body Shengpeng and the rabbit elder are finally about to bump into each other!
They are all super fast, and it is impossible for people with good eyesight to keep up with their fighting rhythm. Only people with good eyesight and strong soul force can barely keep up!
Xiao Wen who swallowed a huge amount of fire Dan Zhu is undoubtedly one!
At that moment, the defense slowed down, and I saw that the golden body Shengpeng and the rabbit predecessors who rushed forward were finally getting closer and closer. The golden body Shengpeng took the lead in launching an attack!
The body shape of the Golden Body Shengpeng has exceeded that of the rabbit predecessor by more than three times. It is possible to peck the rabbit predecessor’s body with a big transparent hole! The rabbit’s predecessor lurched to the right, and his whole body plunged to the lower right, narrowly avoiding the lightning-fast peck of the golden body Shengpeng!
The rabbit elder just reached the neck of Golden Body Shengpeng, and the two golden Se paws of Golden Body Shengpeng have been caught again! Just look at these two claws. The tips of the claws are as sharp as hooks, even shining with dazzling golden light. The periphery of the claws is full of dense gold skin. I’m afraid I can’t drill through them with a drill! This thing is still a claw, and it is clearly an invincible killer in this world. Tearing a dragon is just like playing!
The attention of the rabbit’s predecessors has been completely concentrated, frown and hide!
The rabbit elder finally rushed out from under two claws, but he also splashed a lotus flower!
This golden body Shengpeng deserves to be the first fairy king of the demon family in Tianlan demon world. After the nine saints in demon world, only one encounter drew a big wound on the rabbit elder who was the first in the melee of Zhengxian Society!
However, this first round of confrontation is not over yet!
After rushing through the claws of Golden Body Shengpeng, the injured rabbit elder suddenly rose, so he crossed with Golden Body Shengpeng and reached out his right hand to catch a long feather on the tail of Golden Body Shengpeng!
"Hey …"
The friction sounded, but the rabbit did catch it! Although his body is swinging to the rear, his right hand is firmly holding the long feather, and he is flying forward with the golden body Shengpeng! He wants to turn to the golden body Shengpeng! Once you go up, you will have a great advantage!
At this moment, I suddenly heard a "wow" sound, and it was like a huge gold Se fan being thrown away. The tail feather of the golden body Shengpeng turned out to be a snap!
This strength is great, and the body of the rabbit’s predecessor immediately swings to the left involuntarily!