It is false to say that you are not nervous!

Supposedly, she has seen many storms, but she has never felt so dangerous!
This man is not as beautiful as a real person, but looking at it from a distance makes May aware of the danger!
But after the man floated in the snow like a fallen fairy, he suddenly said, "Aren’t you going to come out yet?"
God knows, when I heard his voice in May, I felt like I was crisp!
This sound is so beautiful!
She has been in contact with many beautiful uncles, but no one has brought her such a huge impact!
His voice is as clear and long as a pearl falling on a jade plate, but it is hidden and charming without strong emphasis from men!
Oh, my God, how beautiful the sound is!
But it’s not a bit weird that a man has such a sound!
How can a big man sound softer than a woman!
The man looked at a snowdrift somewhere, and his long eyebrows, carefully trimmed like willows by the lake, provoked an unpleasant radian. Then he Yunxiu danced and was about to show his array. When May’s heart was not good, he quickly jumped into the snowdrift with his calf!
At that time, in May, my small body sank and I sat directly in the snowdrift. My two little feet kept shaking and waved to the man like a pair of dark eyes. "Hey, beautiful brother!"
Brother beauty? !
I don’t blame May for calling him that, but he looks good enough to subvert May’s understanding of the world!
At this time, in her eyes, even the most enchanting and handsome, or enchanting and charming, can’t compare with the present!
This is a double impact of senses and vision!
Male show didn’t expect to be a doll after hiding in a snowdrift!
Cried his brow flashed with a surprised eyes, and looked at May with great interest. He didn’t say anything for a moment, but slowly stretched out his arms at May!
In May, the other party invited herself to the past, but she was thinking about feeling that she was flying lightly when she was procrastinating!
This may almost broke the work and cursed!
What the hell is this kung fu!
How so powerful!
God is so powerful, men are so beautiful. How come I’ve never heard of it!
May saw his body floating to the man as soon as he reached out, and suddenly the whole person was not good!
How long has she only lived! Don’t so want to die?
No, she hasn’t lived enough!
May’s rigid body and nervous eyes looked at the man until she slowly fell into his arms and couldn’t help but look at him with more surprise!
Feeling the cold temperature of men’s whole body, even in May, I couldn’t help shivering!
Mao, this man’s arms seem to be colder than the ice and snow outside!
She is still a child!
Can you stop destroying her young mind like this!
"You’ve been peeking?"
The man still looked at May’s inquiry in a low voice!
And when his voice settled, he didn’t answer in May, and he felt that his face was pinched by cold fingertips!
"What’s your name, Xiao Tuan?"
May shock!
She’ll be doomed when she comes, but it seems that this beautiful brother doesn’t hate her. !
Hehe, there’s a play!
"May?" The man raised his eyebrows and whispered a smile on his lips. "So you are May!"
"Beauty brother, do you know me?"
At this time in May, I feel that my world has been completely subverted!
This man can’t really be a fairy!
She looks like wait for a while, who seems to please the man in front of her. He smiles and looks at May, confused and thin, and breathes like a orchid. "Yueqin Song!"
"Ah?" May leng!
The man is still holding May’s tender face. "I am a yueqin song!"
"Month … brother!"
May is more sad in my heart, but I dare not show it easily in front of this man!
She has a hunch that Qin Ge must be an ordinary man with a good temper this month!