Just like myths and legends, the sages seeking the truth of the world stood in numerous war fortresses and launched a decisive charge towards the gods above the clouds, falling like meteors, among which …

There are gods falling down and war fortresses collapsing.
Behind the battlefields of the two armies, in their respective command headquarters.
Zhen Yong, Bai Liu, Gao Feng, Ting Yu, Guang Chang, and other great powers, such as Ender, Fu Yunshan, Slavic, etc., have stood at the peak of the great sages and almost touched the edge of the wise. They are all sitting quietly in the hall, commanding their own army far away, and it is not yet time for them to make moves.
Similarly, the God King, who is at the peak or near the peak, such as burning beard, dark night, and Huang Hua, also tacitly stays in the palace and guards the rear.
Time passed day by day, and the fighting between the two sides continued, and then …
One year, two years, three years …
The cry of mortals, the fall of gods.
Red blood and golden blood mixed and flowed on the endless earth, dyed the ocean red and polluted the sky.
Over the Noel Lamu River, the list of deities shines quietly with divine brilliance. Only with the increasingly powerful force of suppressing order and the gradually enriched name of God can we find the difference … (to be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred and sixty Feed on all things
War is terrible!
Nowhere is there peace in Nora at this moment.
At this point, the horrible beast sea tactics of the Peak Shrine really made many sages feel numb.
Thirteen years have passed since the war, and the whole Nora is like a meat grinder, swallowing countless flesh and blood.
Sages are worthy of the leading role of this era. Once they are fully involved in the arms of war, their potential of generate is enough to make anyone fear, and a variety of increasingly horrible war killings are extremely put on the table.
The first annihilation guns and mecha puppets were just the most cost-effective conventional weapons. In these years’ wars, the sages not only introduced the upgraded versions of annihilation guns and mecha puppets-the final annihilation guns, but also all kinds of various mechs, such as siege colossus fighters and Thunderbird armor in air combat, etc., and these are just the beginning …
With this lineup, even in the face of the almost endless beast sea tactics of the peak gods, many strong men of the lofty king are not afraid at all!
The war is still going on. With the passage of time, many sages slowly began to design corresponding restraint weapons according to the weaknesses of various insects and beasts. What makes many people wonder is that the calculation of the noble king camp, which should gradually occupy the advantage with the development of these weapons, has not achieved corresponding results, and the tenacity of opponents is surprising.
With the wars coming down, when the death toll of dead creatures and even sages began to rise slowly, many sages finally couldn’t sit still!
The war lasted for thirteen years in a row, and the number of dead sages in the noble king camp has already exceeded thousands!
But what about the pinnacle?
What they died was just some senior cannon fodder with low intelligence, such as the king of worms, the king of monsters, the king of Warcraft and so on, which was harmless at all.
But a thousand sages, for the noble king, that is no small thing, you know. On the whole land of Norrah, the number of sages is not more than twenty thousand!
Now there is no one thousand at once, which is already heartbreaking for the noble king, which is almost equivalent to the output of sages in the whole world of Nola for 500 years, and it is almost hard for the sages such as Zhen Yong and Bai Liu to grieve-you know, every sage is Nola’s precious wealth!
Therefore, many great powers who realize that something is wrong. Began to seek a thorough solution to the source of each other’s violent soldiers and conducted an investigation. Among them, one of the two core heritages of priest civilization, the son of Milla, known as the eye of Milla, a symbol of wisdom, also found out a trace of thoughts …
A hidden cave, the walls are engraved with mysterious lines, which are faintly connected to form a hidden circle.
"Milla, your highness, miley, we really want to go deep into the enemy’s lair. Exploring the nest? "
Within the cave, a priest with an old face looked somberly and bowed down to the two people in the middle of the cave and asked, "You know, once it fails. Our priest line is likely to be broken and passed on! "
"Elder Patrol, is this what Milla wants to see?"
In the past, the young son and virgin of Mirella still grew up and became a bitter war army for many years. The son of Milla, who is famous for his wisdom, has a little more determination and determination, even though there is a wry smile on his face. Can still convince many subordinates present, "I am a Mirella, do you have a choice?"
"Yes, have no choice …"
Many priests present sighed in their hearts, even though at this time, their strength has soared by dozens of times compared with that when they just came out of the mountain, but how can this be?