I looked up at the map of the wall and suddenly got up slowly. The map of the five emperors’ soul-addicted array was arranged according to the two parts of soul-inducing and soul-addicted, like two circles of different sizes. Xiao Lianshan came over and pointed his hand at the center of the circle without thinking.

"Of course, the array eye is in the most central position. An important place of array law should of course be the core place. You see, this five emperors’ soul-addicted array is this place, and the array eye must also be here."
I approached the map to see Xiao Lianshan’s finger position in Shencheng.
Although Xiao Lianshan’s understanding of the confrontation is wrong, it is strange that Wei Yong and Qiu Nuo appeared in the city. Since they are planning such an important thing as the Five Emperors’ Soul-addicted Array, how can they distract Wei Yong unless the city has something more important for him to recognize?
"Is there a building in Angel Qiunuoshen City?" I looked at the map and asked if the location of Shencheng was not marked with a red mark.
"No" Gu Anqi answered with certainty without thinking, "I have been paying attention to their every move when I met them in Shencheng. I have sent people to investigate all the real estate projects built in Qiunuo this year, except Shencheng."
"No …" I took a deep breath and walked back and forth a few steps, wondering to myself. "Since they didn’t build a building in Shencheng, let’s say that there is no soul-obsessed array with the Five Emperors here, but why do Wei Yong and Qiu Nuo want to stay here?"
"They didn’t build the building, but they built his things." Gu Anqi suddenly remembered what else to say to me.
"What did you fix?"
"Building a square was just completed before these buildings were built."
"It’s not right to say that it was repaired a year ago. The five emperors’ soul-addicted array is the layout of these buildings. It seems that this square and the five emperors’ soul-addicted array are nothing." Yue Qianling wanted to mean to say
"Why did they build the square because of Shen Cheng?" I looked up at Gu Anqi and said calmly, "What’s the name of the square?"
"Zodiac Square"
Gu Anqi’s name is very ordinary, but I believe that there is no ordinary thing for Wei Yong, just like this. However, the more sparse the name of the square is, the more I vaguely feel some intriguing meaning.
I asked Gu Anqi to show us the square. When we arrived, I was even more convinced that the square here was unusual. It was almost the same as most squares. There were no redundant buildings. The spacious square was built in a circle, and the statues of the zodiac were evenly distributed around the square. I specially looked at each statue carefully next to it. There was nothing suspicious.
Finally, there is a bronze sculpture in the middle of the square, and the cylinder is flat. There is no inscription on the bronze column. Gu Anqi said that this bronze column is called Dinghai Shenzhen, because Shencheng is facing the sea. This square is also placed by the sea. The purpose of this decoration is to pray for Shencheng’s good weather and peaceful Changping by means of Dinghai Shenzhen.
However, the shape of the bronze column is a little weird. It is reasonable to say that the bronze carving column like this should be thick and sharp to be stable and beautiful, but this bronze column just stands on the contrary, and the end of the square is tapering and getting wider and wider.
The bronze column is surrounded by a circle of polished brass decorative mirrors, and the whole square looks magnificent.
"There is nothing special about this?" After watching it for half a day, we stopped the bronze column Xiao Lianshan, otherwise,
"Wei Yong must have built this for a purpose, and it is definitely not as simple as what we are seeing now." I shook my head and said thoughtfully.
"Actually, I came to see it when they built it, but I didn’t find anything unusual in terms of feng shui and geographical location. I didn’t even think of this square before," Gu Anqi told me.
I walked around the bronze column. I don’t know what happened. Since I came here, I always have an unspeakable feeling, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong for a while.
In the morning, the sun shines on the bronze column, and the long shadow has spread far away. I accidentally saw the shadow of the bronze column, and then looked at the direction indicated by the shadow. When my eyes lit up, I quickly looked back around.
"Angie, where can you see the tallest building in this square around here?" I am anxious to ask
Gu Anqi pointed to a tall building not far away and told me that she was looking at the square before, and I ran to the tall building before she finished.
"Come with me. I know what Wei Yong built this." I said to them behind me as I ran.
☆, Chapter 19 Array eye
Overlooking the platform of the high-rise building can just make the square clear at a glance. Next to it, Yue Qianling gasped and asked
"What did you find?"
"Angie, you said that you came to see Feng Shui and you didn’t find anything wrong?" I turned to ask Gu Anqi
Gu Anqi gasped for air and answered for sure.
"There is no geographical location here. I have surveyed the north of Linhai Kun with a compass. It’s a big business in the east …"
"It’s not the geographical location. I asked you to look at the square." I interrupted Gu Anqi and said seriously, "What do you think this square looks like?"
"…" Gu Anqi leng along while probe look at the square sipping mouth to answer "all squares are almost the same, I really didn’t see what this square looks like"
"It’s like a dial," Xiao Lianshan suddenly stared at the face calmly and said, "Look, the zodiac signs are evenly distributed around the square, just like dial scales, and the bronze column in the middle will cast a shadow when the sun shines, and the shadow will move slowly as the position of the sun changes, pointing to those zodiac signs like clock hands. It’s not like a dial."
In fact, Xiao Lianshan was right. Gu Anqi ignored the most intuitive and obvious things because of too much consideration and thinking. On the contrary, Xiao Lianshan was impressed at first sight because he wanted to be simple, or he didn’t think of anything at all. He just blurted out the real meaning of this square design.
"It’s really like a dial." Yue Qianling said cheerfully after watching it for a while according to Xiao Lianshan’s thinking.
"That’s true. This is a timer and the real purpose of Wei Yong’s building here." I looked at Gu Anqi and said seriously
"What does Wei Yong have to build this here?" Gu Anqi still puzzled to ask.
"This square is really like a dial, but you are half right." I turned to Xiao Lianshan and pointed to the square and said, "According to the rule that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the shadow cast by the bronze column will always move clockwise. If so, then this square is nothing special."
Xiao Lianshan looked down for a moment and frowned and asked
"Yes, now those shadows do move clockwise."
"Have you ever thought about putting a polished brass mirror outside the bronze column?"
When I say this, everyone looks at the circle of smooth and reflective copper mirror square, and everything around it is reflected, which makes the square already spacious and extends farther and bigger.
"I know that the moving direction of the bronze column shadow copper mirror is opposite or counterclockwise." Gu Anqi suddenly realized that "the twelve zodiac signs represent the twelve hours and the present tense is retrograde."
"That’s why Wei Yong built this square. He wants to reverse Yin and Yang. I always wondered why Wei Yong would come to Shencheng, but now I want to understand."
"Because the geomantic omen in Shencheng is an absolutely perfect place for him to launch the Five Emperors and Five Emperors’ Soul-addicted Array," I said with assurance, staring at the square.
"Shen Feng Shui has always been unique, but I have seen it when I came, and I have also listened to my dad’s praise for Shen Feng Shui. Shen Feng Shui is also full of praise. He hides the wind and gathers gas, and the eternal gas is born, and the external force is formed and multiplied. Feng Shui is unique! Qushui ChanChaoGe "Gu Anqi wanted to think seriously.
"Feng Shui talks about the wind and water. The so-called wind has a cave, and the wind means that the cave is formed by mountains. That is to say, Feng Shui can’t be separated from mountains and rivers. However, the landscape of Shencheng is naturally won. Shencheng is indeed the owner of Qushui Shan Chaoge Mountain. Ding Shui is the master of Shencheng, and the water potential is flourishing." I smiled calmly and said, "It’s a pity that Shencheng lacks surrounding mountains. That’s why it is blessed here but it is the capital of France."
"Listen to you say that it is Shen Feng Shui is rich, Yu Gang is not strong, but the folk customs are delicate, and there must be a lack of mountains." Gu Anqi nodded thoughtfully.
"Why did Wei Yong deliberately choose a lonely place with rich water and mountains?" The thousand ling curious to ask
"One country’s mountains are different, one city’s mountains are not strong, one place’s mountains are not thick, and one family’s mountains are uneasy." I took a deep breath and said unhurriedly, "Shencheng is rich in water, but water dominates Yin. Here, there is a meandering water, and the Yin qi around Shencheng is endless, and the mountain is blocked, which is conducive to the convergence of Yin qi."
"Even if it’s cloudy and cloudy here, it’s only a matter of drifting away from the earth. How can Wei Yong benefit?" Gu Anqi puzzled to ask
"Look there!" I pointed to the bronze column in the square and said confidently, "Wei Yong is trying to hide the truth. What is this bronze column? It’s just a cover-up. Have a good look at what this bronze column looks like?"
"I just wanted to say where there are columns with different sizes. This bronze column is like a sword in the ground in my opinion," Xiao Lianshan said.
"Ha ha, you’re right. It’s a sword. Wei Yong’s bronze column is the same as the building he built elsewhere, but the building is an important vein to curb China, and this bronze column is like a sword that goes straight into the earth to break the vein of Shencheng, so that it can introduce Yin qi."
"Broken veins? How to break the earth vein? " The thousand ling some vacant to ask
"Whenever there is a pattern of geomantic omen, there will be a dead hole. People are popular, the land is full of vitality, and people die of seven veins. The seven broken and scattered represent the anger of all living beings in the world." I looked at Yue Qianling calmly and explained to her. "And the location of this square is the dead hole of Shencheng Qushui Chanchaoge, where Wei Yong cast his sword and inserted it. The seven broken yin and qi in Shencheng will continue to pour into the pulse, and Wei Yong reversed the yin and yang, and the five emperors in the center of Shencheng were addicted to the soul. His twelve places were suppressed.
When Gu Anqi heard this, she seemed to think of something somberly. After seeing the zodiac statue around the square, she suddenly realized that
"After reversing Yin and Yang, it is like the pointer shadow will move in reverse. The five emperors’ soul-addicted array is in a circular distribution, and the corresponding position coincides with the statue of the twelve zodiac animals in the square. Every time the shadow refers to a zodiac that is suppressed, it will be absorbed into the twelve veins of China …"
"What does Wei Yong want to be so angry about?" Yue Qianling was puzzled and asked
"After being angry, the rest is dead …" I rubbed my forehead and replied in a low voice, "The five emperors’ soul-addicted array is, after all, a congenital kill array and a law of the underworld. Wei Yong is just a mortal again. If he wants to launch the five emperors’ soul-addicted array, he must use the ghost force to gather twelve important pulse gases in China, which is to help him rush to the nether boundary."
"So … this square is the soul-obsessed eyes of the Five Emperors!"
This is Wei Yongcong’s place. If we don’t know him well, maybe even we didn’t expect him to decorate such an important array in public. According to the time, here has been continuously absorbing twelve places of pulse gas for a year, and it won’t be long before this bronze column nether boundary will be broken.
Gu Anqi eyebrows slightly wrinkled sipping mouth awkward for half a day looked up and asked.
"I remember my father once said that all Taoist laws need a multiplier to guard the Five Emperors Soul-addicted Array. Since it is such an important and powerful law in the underworld, Wei Yong needs a multiplier to control it, and this multiplier must have strong mana. As far as I know, Wei Yong has no such thing."