"oh? He’s married? Still two ladies? " Yuan divorced Hu Yiqiao surprised and asked

"Talk about the beauty of the celestial world. Two fairies serve one lady together." Autumn wind looks envious.
"Well, I’d better go to Rainbow City first."
"I have told Brother Yuan that I am in the array."
At the same time, the immortal guarding the large array screamed, "It’s time to bring the immortal back!"
The autumn wind gave a slight hand to Yuan Divorce and the others, and then turned to Yuan Divorce. "Brother Yuan, I will come to you to explore heaven after a hundred years."
"Good" Yuan Li Qing nodded and waved "Go"
The bleak autumn wind floated into the array
Yuan left his feelings and touched himself. Hu looked at this fiftieth meeting and drew a sigh from the back, and then bowed to others. "I’m leaving, too."
There is no cloud in the edge of the sky, and after the sun enters the array, it reveals a vast expanse of whiteness, but the wind cracks and blows the white robes.
Look at the sword and fly away. This man’s lips are red, his teeth are white, his face is facing the wind, his head is covered with a square towel, his waist is covered with amber, and his feet are inlaid with precious stones. It’s a real white face.
At this time, the autumn wind is still thinking about Yuan’s parting from love. It’s been a day since those words entered the array. The forbidden area has not yet crossed the past. The route of Yuan Shen’s penetrating into the hands to grasp the jade simple surface has already been marked. If you want to fly according to this route, you won’t get lost. Moreover, this passage is specially designed to attract immortals and immortals to set up enchantments outside the passage, and there is no fairy beast to harass the autumn wind to think about Yuan’s parting from love stories.
When I met him in the competition a hundred years ago, I was already in the middle of Mahayana, and Yuan Divorce was already a master in the late Mahayana. Although there was a level difference in repair, I was defeated in less than three strokes.
I remember when I was fighting with him. Yuan was so divorced that I didn’t even take out my magic weapon. I downplayed a few spells. Before I could return to my absolute being, he flew his sword and drove his neck.
Those spells can do it themselves, but the speed of releasing spells is far behind them, and the ability to micro-control spells has reached the level he thinks he can
It is because of that defeat that we have been practicing spell micro-control and spell coordination for a hundred years, but now it seems that Yuan’s divorce is not only a spell, but also a better attitude than himself.
I think I can! Is Heaven the ultimate pursuit? Autumn wind doubts that he has been pursuing heaven.
Two figures, one white and one gray, flashed in front of him and blocked his way. The autumn wind hurriedly stopped and waited until it came to my senses to find that I had forgotten another thing and looked at the two men in shame.
Boss Li looked at the autumn wind angrily. "I’ve been in the array all day. Those outsiders in the large array couldn’t feel us early. You still ran a fart. If I hadn’t left the back door, I might have taken you to Pregnant Fairy Lake."
Autumn wind smiled wryly. "I’m sorry to think about things."
Li Chengzhu squinted at him coldly. "That old thing said that?"
"Old things?" Autumn wind startled immediately white Li Chengzhu refers to yuan leave feeling dry cough a nod.
"Don’t listen to him, he will try to fool people." Li Chengzhu waved his hands.
Yuan Mu aside pie pie him? I don’t know who would fool people into saying that they would take the old man to see Xia Mai and Keba Yuanying. As a result, they tricked the old man into the game-writing protocol ring. If they weren’t afraid of the collapse and the Yuanying begging for mercy, they would have bombed it.
Oh, my God, if you enter the Immortal Forbidden Area without authorization, it is estimated that Yuan Shen will not escape. Yuanmu couldn’t help shuddering at the thought of this and gave Li Chengzhu a hard stare.
Autumn wind did not notice that Yuanmu followed him, pointing to his surprise and asking, "Why are you here?"
Yuan Muqi’s teeth itch "You ask him"
Boss Li smiled and raised his eyebrows at Yuanmu. "Is it necessary to have a look?"
Chapter III Conspiracy and intrigue
Is it a place to play that one fairy after another is almost overwhelmed by Li Chengzhu’s words and vomiting blood? This man really doesn’t know how much weight he has in his head.
If he hadn’t given himself those two things, the autumn wind would not have killed him and brought him into the array.
I think of those two things, and the autumn wind can’t help but touch my ring. It’s warm in my heart. What if there are those two things that are lonely for a hundred years?
Yuan Mu waved impatiently. "That’s all. You’ve already made it here. It’s a knife to go with you."
"Damn it," Li Chengzhu spat, "I’ve always heard that if you want Yuansen Yuanying to regain its brilliance, you need Munizhu to be refined into an elixir to bring you here. Where can you find Munizhu?"
"Is there a munizhu here?" Yuanmu was a quiver and stared at Li Chengzhu with wide eyes.
Muny beads can be refined into the elixir for infant renewal and the elixir for body renewal, which are essential materials for remolding Yuan infant and body. However, Muny beads are also well-known and have never been seen in the Madonau forest in the extreme north of Xiangxianjie, but it is a private place for a fairy, and people can’t count on it.
At this time, I am excited to hear Li Chengzhu’s words. If I really find Munizhu’s three brothers to reshape Yuanying’s hope, I can greatly increase the memory of my three brothers sighing all day, and Yuanmu can’t help sighing.
Boss Li stretched out his hand to play his white coat and squinted at Yuanmu. "I heard that I just heard that."
"If there is hope, it will become" Yuanmu has repeatedly said that his eyes are red and his third brother is a disease in his heart.
Li Chengzhu didn’t lie to him this time. One of the Yuan babies inadvertently mentioned it and let Li Chengzhu remember it, but the man was also hearsay and there was no real evidence.
Autumn wind looked at the two people and said, "I won’t accompany you."
"I know," said Li Chengzhu got, and then I held out my hand to "quit the game-writing protocol".
"Oh" autumn wind one leng immediately think of magic sword pledge game-writing protocol ring also hurriedly took out his pocket and handed it over.
Boss Li took the red ring and took a squint at the autumn wind. I thought this guy was quite trustworthy. I don’t know what expression he would have if he found himself doing that dirty thing. When calculating, the autumn wind should have found it almost quickly. He gave him a hand and said, "Brother Qiu, take care of yourself. Yuanmu and I will look for Munizhu first. If there is a fate, we may also go to Pregnant Fairy Lake to find you."
Li Chengzhu thought of the surging aura next to the pregnant fairy lake, where one year of cultivation can top the celestial cultivation for ten years. In my heart, I secretly decided that if I had the opportunity, I must get the title of receiving the immortal and then come and practice with my family.
I’m afraid the immortal emperor’s old man’s house didn’t think that anyone in the celestial world would dare to take this fate ring to harm by attracting the immortal messenger into the overwhelming array.
If Li Chengzhu was not interested in the autumn wind and he was interested in it, even if he had a game-writing protocol, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to enter the big array
The right place and the right time are indispensable.
It can be said that Li Chengzhu is really lucky.
"Take care" Autumn wind seldom smiled at Li Chengzhu and then looked at Yuanmu "Take care of yourself".
"Rest assured" Yuan Mu’s chest patted and touched. "The old man is also a late fairy. I think there should be nothing that can hurt me here. When we find Munizhu, we will go to you. When I come here, I am worried about the battlefield. I will go back without stopping. This time I have to practice enough." I have hope in my heart and even Yuan Mu is generous.
"Let’s go" Li Chengzhu dragged him away with a pull of yuan wooden cuffs.
The autumn wind looked at the two men’s far back and turned their hands and took out two purple jade images from the ring.
Like an ancient, exquisite, dignified and noble figure, smiling with smoke and smiling shyly.
Autumn wind smiled at Changhong cable and brought him into the array in exchange for these two pieces of imaging. After all, there is no fight by the Pregnant Fairy Lake. Changhong asked not to hinder himself and the Six Immortals Broken Bone Hammer. But these two pieces of purple jade imaging are more than what I wanted in my dreams.
In my mind, I remembered what Li Chengzhu said the night before he left Rainbow City. "You don’t like the image of Qiu Xiong’s second purple jade, but you broke it accidentally. I think you won’t dislike these two purple jade images this time?"
Seeing that he looked sure, his original idea of kicking him out was replaced by curiosity, and when he took out the two images, his heart jumped at that moment.
That’s Gu Linglong’s imaging of his own heart.
Smiling, smoky and picturesque, if you can take these two images into the array for a hundred years, even if it’s a thousand years, what’s the harm? The original psychology of wanting to let go has slowly recovered.
But if you look at his wretched face again, you still have to be careful. This man has many intrigues.
"What’s the matter with Brother Li’s coming this time?"