Economic and trade organizations want to collect

After all, it’s not the same as a mutual aid meeting.
Economic and trade organizations are here to make profits for trade and mutual aid, and tunnels always play an irreplaceable relay, just like canals, and it is natural to collect them.
According to the current discussion direction, this will be charged according to the length of the tunnel when the weight passes.
However, Zhang Tianyuan really doesn’t pay much attention to this money.
After all, he doesn’t need money, and he has never paid it.
This is more to prepare for the official entry of the post-mutual aid headquarters into the right track.
At the time of parallel economic and trade organization negotiations
Lao Pan has received the whereabouts of Raleigh from Cai Tiantong and personally went to find someone by helicopter.
According to the information, Raleigh has been doing badly since he retired after that defeat, and the abnormal retirement treatment is also very poor. He can’t support himself.
Now he has been reduced to dusting at the construction site. No, he is going to weld.
Just before he retired from Sitka, Alaska.
There is a life wall project there, which is actually a monster defense wall. He has been making a living in that construction site all this time.
When I heard that my former excellent driver had fallen to this point, Lao Pan had mixed feelings and didn’t know what to say.
It can be said that monsters have destroyed too many people and destroyed too many things.
The military helicopter flew over the construction site and landed in front of the door, attracting the attention of many workers, most of whom were disheveled, crooked, wearing safety hats and dark faces
And there are thousands of such workers in this construction site
Lao Pan came and looked at these old stars and stripes people and compared them with the Hong Kong government. At the moment, he didn’t recognize this as a developed country.
If it is more unrecognizable than before the monster struck, it is simply two countries.
"First … sir?" Site management personnel rushed over as soon as they saw the helicopter landing.
"I’m General Pantkoster, and I belong to PPDC. There is a worker named Rowley Beckett in your construction site. Please find him out." Lao Pan simply shook hands and said his purpose.
"Okay, please wait a moment." The site management didn’t dare to neglect running, so he went to find his own big horn site to find someone everywhere.
The order of the whole construction site was disrupted and everyone’s attention was attracted.
But people also found it, and soon Rowley with a beard was brought over.
"Mr. Beckett?"
After several years, the two met again.
Don’t say Beckett has already speculated on the purpose of Lao Pan.
Looking for him as a "cripple" now is definitely not to let him transform into a base commander, but to let him go back and continue to work as a mecha.
Sure enough, Lao Pan invited him into the helicopter door and told him about the nuclear wormhole plan and the current predicament.
"In order to carry out this plan and completely end the monster crisis, we have transformed the dangerous wanderer twice, and you will be the best driver for it."
Hearing that the situation is so severe now, PPDC has no money, and there are only three mecha left, and Raleigh has no affectation to go.
He always has a hatred for monsters in his heart. He is a little worried.
"We have carried out similar plans before, haven’t we?"
"I remember that the result was that the nuclear bomb was completely offset and entered the wormhole. Why should we do it again?"
That’s what he’s not white about.
What re-execute a scheme that has been proved to have failed?
In the face of Rowley asked Laopan quite easily ha ha a smile.
"Mr. Beckett, times are different now."
Chapter 146 Complementarity
"Times are different?" Rowley has some doubts.