"No, no"

I know he must have his own intentions in doing so.
Chapter one thousand and forty Tao heart behind!
I suddenly remembered the four playing cards in the card box in Hu Yidao’s decoration shop. Doesn’t this confirm the first picture in Xinqing’s painting? I have to re-examine the case. Hu Yidao was frequently told by strangers that a bomb had been installed in his shop. Ordinary people should have ignored each other as a psychopath for a long time, but through short contact, Hu Yidao was a timid man, but it was true. I can foresee that Hu Yidao had hidden something in his heart and didn’t explain it.
Anyway, let’s go there first
I quickly drove to Xilin Road, and when I arrived at the decoration shop, I found that there was no customer. Only Hu Yidao was sad and sat in a rocking chair to see me come in. He got up as if he had a backbone and wanted to meet me. Perhaps because of sitting for a long time, Hu Yidao shook his body and fell to the ground, scraping his face against the corner of the counter.
I walked over to help him up. I never thought that he was so unlucky. The counter frame was made of aluminum alloy. Hu Yidao was scratched by hard edges and corners. His mouth was full of blood. When he found a paper towel to wipe the blood clean, I noticed that Hu Yidao’s beard was missing, and it was scraped off by the edges and corners, and even a piece of beard and meat was rubbed off.
At this time, he makes people want to laugh, but I can’t laugh. A little dim sum and clear crayons constantly confirm each other.
My heart sank slowly to look at the treatment of the wound. Hu Yidao is still alive. He is a lively and timid man. If we look at the trend of Xinqing painting, it is very likely that in the end, his dead body Hu Yidao’s fear comes from claiming to be an urban blaster, and Xinqing’s fourth small picture turns colorful to blood red. Will it be an explosion?
As mentioned earlier, I was almost blind and convinced of the painting of Xin Qing, so I knew the development of things before, and I couldn’t bear to see the living people end up like that, so I decided to save Hu Yidao and persuade him to move out of here.
"Brother Ling" Hu Yidao held a paper ball in his hand. "When you came here just now, the store found a circle and found two playing cards behind the wall flannel." I took it and looked at it. It was another bomb. GREAT GHOST and the imp were most likely "urban bombers". I’m afraid it will pave the way for the real bomb to detonate. I saw a card hanging from the ceiling. "There is monitoring to steal one and punish ten." I asked, "We left at noon and you reopened. These two playing cards should be placed by a customer.
Hu Yidao shook his head. "I really didn’t know it was good to install one." He also regretted it.
"Then you this card"
"In case someone steals," Hu Yidao smiled. It didn’t look like he was smiling reluctantly. "But I should lose it or I will lose it." I chewed the meaning of his words in my mind, but I watched Hu Yidao go to the bottom of the card and tear it up with a strong jump. It still seemed that he had a grudge against it.
"Boss Hu, don’t listen to me and move out of this shop." I woke up kindly.
Hu Yidao hesitated and made no comment.
"Are you hiding something?" I stared at his pupil and said slowly, "You’d better say it out or we can’t help you." After that, I sat in a rocking chair and ignored him playing with my mobile phone.
"Alas," Hu Yidao finally sighed heavily, "Ling Xiaoge, you don’t know that I am suffering from khufu. Earlier, my shop was not Xilin Road but Dongwang Street in the economic development zone."
Dongwang Street, we are investigating the extreme case of Mao Bushun, which happened here. At this time, as soon as I heard the word, I listened attentively to Hu Yidao.
"It was nearly four years ago. I ran an ornament shop next to a plush toy store. The owner, Lao Mao, and I grew up in a pair of pants. Later, he somehow gave the store to the door and moved to Kyoto. When Lao Mao left, he left me the store key and asked me to help him rent it. Unfortunately, I never rented it out. I always helped clean it up. I will never forget that night. When a new batch of goods arrived, I had no place to put it in Lao Mao’s shop for the time being."
"When I knocked on the door and went in, I saw that Lao Mao’s body was torn apart and there was no corpse. I hurriedly ran out and reported the case. The police rushed to the scene and left a pool of blood, but the body disappeared. The police took me as a suspect and kept interrogating me. I was brave enough to witness the bloody scene of my good brother lying dead and the police tried me day and night. After a few days of mental breakdown, the police found Lao Mao’s body in an exhibition on Children’s Day. My suspicion was eluted and recovered after a month of treatment by a psychiatrist. At this time, there was a foreign place. People heard that this store wanted to rent Lao Mao’s shop at a low price, so I took him to have a look. I thought about going in and saw the body of Lao Mao’s daughter-in-law exactly the same as Lao Mao’s death. There was another murder case in Dongwang Street. After the storm passed, the foreigner refused to retreat but just cut the negotiated rent by half. "
"You rented it to him," I asked timely.
"Rent wondering velvet without parents is still small, which also counts as filling his income white" Hu Yidao sighs. "But after signing the contract, the other party paid the rent for three years in one lump sum, but the foreigner let the Buddha evaporate and never appeared again. After half a year, I saw that the other party still didn’t show up, so I got greedy and left the rent for three years privately. I made a deal to the velvet teacher and lied that someone rented the room for half a year. After the accident of velvet parents, his teacher volunteered to raise velvet, so I hung up the rental card again. It was a long time since the tragic death of the old Mao couple.
I frowned and asked, "Then you sold the store and ran away with the money."
Hu Yidao shook his head and then said, "I sold Lao Mao and my two stores to the rich. On the day when the transaction was completed, I received a message that I had rented Lao Mao’s store for three years. He scolded me for cheating and wanted me to pay for the liquidated damages. I hung up with a smile and abandoned all the contact methods such as my mobile phone and qq, and then spent money to find someone to forge an ID card and membership information, and then came here with my woman. This store is so big that others will never find me. Just one year ago today, my woman went out to buy food and never came back. However, she was sent to the store by parcel. Even her clothes
He talked for a long time, but his mouth was a little dry. He poured a glass of water and drank it all at once.
"Did your wife report her disappearance?"
"No, I didn’t dare to report it. If I reported it, even my private escape with money would come out." Hu Yidao sighed. "I didn’t think about continuing to hide it from you, so I was also in pain. My woman died ten days ago. I received a parcel to have a look at it. It was an urn with a photo of her death. Then I was threatened by the urban blaster that I would die in fear. I asked him if he rented an old Maodian foreigner. He bluntly admitted that I begged him to give him all his property and wanted him to leave me alone, but he said that the money was lost.
I probably understand that after Hu Yidao changed hands for the second time, the new owner may have lost the important things that the foreigner put in the store. The foreigner blamed Hu Yidao. I asked him, "If you call him every day, he is threatening and didn’t take action. Is it because you want to wait for something?"
Hu Yidao’s answer is simply that this chat has been going on for almost two hours. Lin Muxia called and said that she had just come out of the city bureau and asked me what I wanted to find. I wanted to say it to my face. I said that Xilin Road was a decoration shop. After she said that she would come and hang up later, I advised Hu Yidao, "Come back with me later. This is your active confession. It’s much safer to stay inside than outside."
There must be something hateful about the poor man. I sympathize with him because he was greedy for money for a while, but he paid a painful price. Hu Yidao could not buy back his loss of personality and love even if he had much money.
Hu Yidao struggled in his heart and figured it out, then he got up and stretched out his hands at me. "Kao!" He smiled with relief. I always feel that people are the most attractive at this time, the kind that sees through everything and saves themselves.
I smiled and took out handcuffs and arrested him.
Suddenly, there was a trace of blood spilling from his mouth. This scene was familiar and the precursor of the Yang Yan explosion was exactly the same. I realized that it was not good. "Di" heard a ringing sound, and I suddenly turned around and wanted to escape. Fortunately, the door was open, but unfortunately, I came to meet Lin Muxia, who bumped into each other and both fell to hold the rolling steps.
There was a loud bang, and a heat wave came from the decoration shop, rolling several ornaments and pouring out of the door. Even the glass door was blown to pieces. Thanks to me and Lin Muxia, I dragged her down and pulled her clothes to cover our heads before the explosion. Even so, I was injured, my clothes were burned through several holes, and my hair was charred, which made me sweat all over. I thought of it, but I had the feeling of being pumped.
Lin Muxia helped me to get up. "What’s going on in Ling Yu is really fried?"
The breeze blew through the barbecue and the burnt smell got into my nostrils. I didn’t speak. I looked at a mess. The wall decoration of this store with less than 3 square meters was stained with blood, and some smoke was dirty. Compared with Hu Yidao, the degree of explosion in Yang Yan was simply dwarfed.
Chapter one thousand and forty-one The evil sword!
A slightly larger sparrow pounced on the old maid’s chest, and the huge dive force made the old maid fall backwards. The sparrow stood on her collarbone fingernail and fixed her big eyes on the other person’s face. Its huge beak leaned toward the old maid’s head, and at the same time another sparrow also arrived and stood on the milk.
The pencil necked stall owner was too scared to hide behind us to show his head. "Brother Ling Pei, they are terrible."
As our old maid is about to repeat the same mistake as Zhilin’s death, the big sparrow will put out its beak and take it back. It seems that when it sees this face, it hates to talk and slightly raises its head. Its eyes stare at us ten meters away and we move our wings to fly to the middle.
Our hearts are lucky. If both finches leave here, the old maid will still be saved, and there will be no gun to cause accidental injury. It will be difficult to recover. Seeing that the little finches did not return with success like their companions, they quickly poked the bird’s head and pierced the old maid’s chest, picking up the half-wrapped heart, as if they had done something bad. The child looked at us timidly and flapped his wings to live in crazy quotes.
Now that it’s happened, Pei Xizhen and I had a tacit understanding to shoot it when we flew away.
"Bang, bang, bang"
The gun broke the peace in this area, and the sparrow had already flown away.
We walked to the old maid. She was breathless, but her eyes were open and a smile hung on her mouth. Without those horrible blood stains on her face, she would look like an old man who died peacefully.
Pei Xizhen made a message to the mental hospital with a frown and learned that the old maid’s performance was normal, and escaped from the mental hospital while the duty officer was negligent at night.
It didn’t take long for four police cars to arrive, or it was the first time that the people in Napofa District Bureau must have heard the gun call the police.
"There is no need to test the body" Pei Xizhen looked at the leader and said, "Don’t send it to our department afterwards. You can handle it yourself." He turned around and quietly said to me, "Xiaoyu, you wait for me and I will come." He walked into Houchengfeng Villa for about twenty minutes before coming out.
It was nearly seven o’clock when we returned to die. I dragged Pei Xizhen to the office and asked, "Chief, there is one thing I can’t understand. Last night, you inexplicably decided to go to Hou Chengfeng’s house at four o’clock this morning, but just happened to drive the old maid away from the mental hospital. Two finches were going to kill her."
Pei Xizhen smiled. "Smelly little suspect me."
"No, I just want to figure it out." He saw through his mind and was embarrassed. "Everything is too coincidental. Coincidence is unbelievable."
Pei Xizhen looked at me carefully and said, "I went to Hou Chengfeng’s house because the star picker left me a letter when I came home last night, asking me to pick up something from Hou Chengfeng’s house this morning and put it in my house before I ordered it. I’m going to see you two last night, looking exhausted. Think about it or forget it." He took out a cigarette and said, "I’ll send things home later. The star picker is arrogant. When this case is finished, I will sometimes deal with it well."
"What’s convenient for me to see?" I wondered. No wonder Pei Xizhen went into the villa alone for twenty minutes after the police came to the hair district bureau. It turned out that she had gone to the mysterious whereabouts to pick the stars and was idle. Let Pei Xizhen run to Houchengfeng’s house to get something. Why are you still in such a hurry?
Pei Xizhen reached into her arms and groped for a piece of wrinkled sheepskin. I took it and looked at it. It was somewhat similar to mechanical drawings, but I knew little about it. I felt a headache and returned the sheepskin to Pei Xizhen. He smiled. "Don’t be discouraged. If you want to understand it, it will be a ghost, because I can’t understand it either. This thing was turned out at the bottom of the blue brick in Hou Chengfeng’s house. It was so hidden by him that the star picker told me the hiding place in advance."