Xiaoxi stretched out his hand and drew cards quickly.

She drew twelve cards in a row and chose one to show Gu Qingshan.
See that it is a portrait of a veiled woman.
"A good mask can designate a past scene to show to everyone," Xiaoxi said.
"This can be!" Guqingshan avenue
Xiaoxi throws the card out.
Suddenly four people were shrouded in a layer of light and shadow.
If someone looks from the outside, they will find that the four of them seem to be talking in the same place.
This is the scene when Renee Doyle was just in the sky when the four of them were talking.
"This is good. How long can your card last?" Gu Qingshan asked
"One minute" Xiaoxi vomitted to stick out his tongue, sorry to say.
"…" Gu Qingshan
One minute is not enough!
It seems that I still have to personally attract the attention of those gods as the candle says.
….. What should I do?
Gu Qingshan was foaming at the mouth and turned into a flame. Dark magic dragon flew towards the depths of the sky.
In the dark magic dragon sky, it flashed several times in a row and flew to the sky higher than the battle of the gods.
It roared toward the party.
"Quiet! Be quiet! Listen to me-"
The two gods continued to fight, and no one paid attention to it.
A god with a dull expression scoffed, "Why should I listen to you when I said?"
When he finished, he stopped talking to the black dragon and rushed to Renee Doyle with one hand.
The black dragon was a little hairy after hearing it silently.
Dark magic dragon took a deep breath and opened his mouth to spit out the dragon’s breath in the square war circle
The two groups of gods continued to fight while avoiding the dragon’s breath, but no one paid attention to it.
"What a mess!" Renee Doyle glared at him and said coldly, "If you are so weak, just go to one side and find two gods to play in the battlefield where you are not from."
Then she jumped at the other five gods.
"…" Dark magic dragon.
It’s it’s really hairy
Select the "Name of God of War" option in the interface of God of War, and directly pick out the "most coquettish man" to lock the name skill-"Good sense"!
"Good sense, because of your incomparable coquettish charm, you can activate this mysterious ability when you are talking, so that people who hear you think you are right."
"Note that this skill can be started once a day."
Dark magic dragon took a deep breath and shouted at all the gods in the face
"You garbage, the whole Pantheon is going to collapse. Why don’t you fight? It’s not too late to solve those things that crush the Pantheon first!"
All gods gradually stop.