The clutch cycle is difficult for people to go through several times in their lives.

Sometimes love becomes insomnia when it leans against the shoulder in the blink of an eye.
Lost a sentence that the earth’s speed never increases or decreases.
Emotion is a part of life attractions.
There is no connection between lovelorn and loser.
We feel sorry for ourselves instead of being lovelorn.
Maybe love takes memories as messages in the blink of an eye.
If you can’t keep it forever, the color will be light. "
I don’t know why this song came from the bottom of my heart. Listen carefully again. It is a melodious tune from a distance.
Euphemism reveals who these desolations are. Who could it be? Singing like this, sad like that, with little drops of rain
Xin Yu wore a black windbreaker to shuttle through the vast sea of faces and red sunglasses to cover her beauty.
It seems a little monotonous. The light rain is ticking and dripping, and the fallen leaves in the roadside water are slowly falling in circles.
It’s really a cold raindrop that hates rainy days.
It was a girl in white with long straight hair fluttering gently with the breeze in the corner of a dead end alley. It was the first time that Xin Yu thought of words to form this unknown girl.
Suddenly a familiar feeling slowly walked past.
The girl didn’t realize that she was leaning against the wall with her eyes closed, perhaps enjoying the rain to wash away the dirty soul.
The song went on and finally came to an end.
The girl opened her eyes and looked at Xin Yu.
It is strange that Xin Yu’s mouth should unconsciously raise a nice radian
Kindness big sister
The girl cocked her head and looked at Xin Yu curiously with doubts.
"It’s a beautiful song" is the truth. Xin Yu really feels good, and he never hides his praise from the bottom of his heart.
It is also the first time that Xin Yu has shown a good look like a Xia Guang smile in summer, which penetrates everything, including the heart. It is a knowing smile.
Girls also smile sweetly, as sweet as honey. "Really?"
Xin Yu walked slowly towards the girl and looked at the child carefully. He was only fifteen years old, and he looked naive and innocent than himself.
"What’s so sad?" I don’t know what will suddenly interest a little girl I don’t know, and I don’t know what will interest a little girl whose face I have never seen.
The girl lowered her head and looked a little ugly. She didn’t know how to answer this difficult question for her.
Xin Yu looked at her in a daze, and some shadows seemed to be found. It was very helpful, very disappointing, very sad and very confused. It was three years ago and I was also a former pure F.
Maybe it’s the first time I really feel bad about Xin Yu, and suddenly I changed my smile and patted her on the head. "Well, if you don’t want to say it, I won’t be forced."
The girl clapped her hands and laughed as if she had got her satisfactory answer.
Xin Yu straightened up and took off his face, his eyes were deep and his eyes couldn’t see the bottom. It felt like a pool of deep water. It felt like he had gone through a lot of complicated things.
"You qu; The girl was shocked by her face, so beautiful that she had never seen such a beautiful face. Although she was a woman, she still couldn’t help but have a spoony face.
Xin Yu was embarrassed and asked, "What’s your name and where do you live? “
The girl looked up for a while and smiled at those deep-water eyes and replied, "My name is Meng Jie."
"Meng Jie" Xin Yu repeatedly read this name thoughtfully.
"Sister, what do you think?" Meng Jie looked up at her puzzled and asked.
Xin Yu suddenly gave a reassuring smile. "It’s a good name without Meng Jie."
Meng Jie looked at Xin Yu. Although we just met today, we always felt very kind.
Second watch
Come with me.
Two people just keep looking at each other without expression or movement.
"Where do you live?" Xin Yu leaned forward to ask Meng Jie.
As if suddenly pulled back to reality, Meng Jie didn’t know how to answer it. Is it hiding? Or tell the truth? Not sure what you think.
"I, I" Meng Jie’s two small hands are intertwined and I don’t know if I am facing each other
Xin Yu saw the flaw but unexpectedly didn’t expose it for the first time. Why? Is it that familiar feeling? Or is there another reason?
It’s still raining, but it’s a silence between them.
As if he had made up his mind, Meng Jie changed his happy heart and smiled slowly and said, "I have no home."