"Lao Xiao!" Xiao Hanye kept a straight face.

"Xiao Xiao!" Handsome male face with a little "flattery" to see Xie Cunguan a bad cold.
"get out!" Xiao Hanye directly scold a way
"Good LaoXiao LaoXiao! Fuck the difference between two or three days. You care about it for more than ten years, but you just won’t call a brother … Tell me whether this busy day will help or not … "The handsome man’s face is also serious.
"Today, I won’t shoot those players who are ten or twenty good seedlings …" Xiao Hanye laughed. "And now the instructor of the special team is my old monitor. Don’t you let me give him a hard time?"
"Then you have the heart to give brother … ah bah … give me a hard time! You know, I haven’t won a game for almost a year! Are going to be Sun Jianan crazy … "Handsome man do sad expression.
"Husband and wife fight at the end of the bed and you will …" Xiao Hanye sighed.
"Don’t, don’t … don’t persuade me if you don’t do it!" The handsome man’s face suddenly became blocked and he wanted to talk. Xiao Hanye turned his head and suddenly there was a commotion in the bar, and a standard man walked in on the rampage.
Chapter 9 Old Bear Out of the Hole
As this standard team entered the music, it stopped to lead the dance, and the girls immediately went to the stage. Those people thanked the official for the stage, and then they saw that the stage without the lead dance girl was like a standard fighting stage.
"Lao Xiao, you really didn’t help my younger brother and watched my younger brother be humiliated again and again by this woman!" The handsome man looked at the stage, and a woman with a little strong short hair, Xie Cunguan, followed his eyes to see the past. The woman was tall and strong, but not ugly. On the contrary, there were some other kinds of charm that were not amazing but able to bear or endure looking.
Beside her, all the burly boys are in great shape and full of energy, and they are planted there like piles with a military tiger spirit.
"I really don’t shoot today!" Xiao Hanye looked at the handsome man. "You also know that Jia Nan’s father is my old head!"
"fuck!" The handsome man was frustrated and generally collapsed in the chair. At this moment, a strong young man came running, and he was as angry as the young man on the same stage. He was able to stand up to the right path. "The secret service of Yetou has come. Who are we special?"
"Don’t ask me about your arrangement!" Handsome male head also don’t look back at Xiao Hanye pique tunnel
A tiger guy leng one but also know that the atmosphere is wrong there did not move.
"You ah you still this smelly temper! I won’t shoot, but I won’t necessarily lose tonight. Won’t I bring you someone? " Xiao Hanye’s mouth is okay to thank the official.
"He?" Handsome man glanced at Xie Cunguan’s eyes full of questions.
"He knocked me down at the foot of the train!" Xiaohanye face the same tunnel
"What? So I put you down … "The handsome man held out his hand to Xie Cunguan with a look of disbelief." Ye Zhunxing, the owner of this broken bar, didn’t ask you? " Eyes looking at Xiao Hanye.
"thank you, officer!" Xie Cunguan didn’t immediately stretch out his hand to look at this guy who hasn’t really seen his supercilious tunnel since he meditated at the table. It’s not that he has any opinions on people, but that he is a little ignorant of life. At this time, it’s hard to underestimate people by reaching out too quickly. On the one hand, it also seems that he is too eager.
Zhuge Liang didn’t want to go out and Liu Bei didn’t care about the cottage.
Looking around is to make a gesture. Everyone has the skills in hand, but he just wants to sell goods, or he just wants to eat and drink like a pig. He just wants to study hard and do something. He just wants to cultivate himself, rule the family and rule the day. What price can he sell for this thing? It depends on whether it sells well.
It’s nothing but selling it for a good price.
In fact, most of those who do lofty things are nothing but a show-off and a false reputation. There is often nothing really going on. People are good for the country and the people, and they pretend to be successful until they die. If they don’t succeed, they will complain that people are annoying.
"Hehe, brother, don’t mind if you don’t believe me on this temper. Ask Xiao Ge. He knows that I am so unintelligent …" The handsome man was not rejected at all. Hehe smiled. "That is, he was blinded by things and didn’t know the master!"
Xie Cunguan held out his hand to shake hands and said, "I dare not!"
"Then trouble brothers to help all out of a hand! If you win a brother’s treat, it will be expensive to eat … After Beijing has something to say, you will never give nine points if you can make great efforts! " The handsome Han Xu was really bullied by the "fierce" sister-in-law in Taiwan. She didn’t make a wish without saying anything, but she looked at Xiao Hanye with her eyes and made a consultation expression to show that she would never forget.
Xiao Hanye heart andao a "line! Sure enough, I didn’t see the wrong person, but I said, "The sight looks unreliable, but it’s definitely a real person. My brother just wants to introduce you to him … I can’t help you decide whether to help his brother or not!" Xiao Hanye laughed, but it was a favor for Xie Cunguan, because if he promised it, Ye Zhun-xing would naturally remember his favor, but Xie Cunguan became an accessory, which is so mysterious.
Thank inch officer listened to his words in the heart grateful mouth but said "no problem! Brother Xiao’s friend is my friend! " But he still falls in favor of Xiao Hanye. In his position, he can’t forget that he is a man.
"good!" Leaf sight immediately burst out laughing full of heroism "Yao Yang you to arrange! I’ll take this little brother to change clothes … "
Xie Cunguan said in a daze, "Do you want to change clothes?"
Ye Zhun-xing listened to his words and said, "Don’t change clothes and put on shorts. Otherwise, it will affect your performance if you come and I sweat all over, right?"
Xie Cunguan shook his head. "No, I’m used to dressing like this …"
At this time, the young man named Yaoyang has already run to the edge of the stage to say whatever he wants, depending on the "fierce" sister-in-law’s impatience. With a wave of his hand, he means to call someone directly. Don’t be repetitive and Yaoyang waves to thank the inch officer and gets up and walks to and from the stage.
See xie inch officer to Taiwan leaf sight looked at him is not strong and some don’t trust to ask Xiao Hanye way "LaoXiao do you think this small can become? Sun Jianan brought the elite of the Beijing Long Live Army elite! "
Xiao Hanye grinned. "There’s absolute insurance in the world, and it’s not a problem if you lose."
He didn’t say it politely, but Ye Zhun-xing nodded fatally. "That’s true!"
Xiao Hanye can’t help but wonder about Ye Zhun-xing’s temper. It’s not that he doesn’t know that Xiao Jianan’s secret service team is an elite of the long live army, but it’s really strange that he doesn’t even taste an elite in the past year. Then there is a possibility that the secret service is really superior to the average person. He can’t help but look at the official who is in Taiwan. He is secretly a little worried that he won’t be ashamed at first hand.
You know, Ye Zhun-xing’s first impression is very important after seeing people.
When you are in a good mood, you can make a friend for one night. When you are in a bad mood, you don’t care if you are old.
His family is also a door family of the Republic. At that time, his great grandfather’s protege was almost all over the army. He grew up in the general atmosphere of the moon, and his friendship with Xiao Hanye was an accident. At that time, Xiao Hanye saved his life by virtue of his own Excellence. At that time, Xiao Hanye was transferred from a border guard to a Beijing garrison and entered the armed police column. Since then, he has been steadily reaching today’s position.
Xiao Hanye introduced Xie Cunguan to Ye Zhun-xing, but he was moved by love. He also saw his past from Xie Cunguan. Xiao Hanye, like Xie Cunguan, grew up in a sea alley and was a teenager who lost his father, mother and sister. The difference is that Xiao Hanye finished his back-to-back boxing but learned it from a teacher.
He secretly worried about Taiwan’s thank-you officer here, but he was blindsided.
Because when he walked to the opposite side of him, it wasn’t those tiger-like steps, but a woman’s army green tight vest with loose camouflage pants, handsome face, long body and slim waist curve. Absolutely, the devil is mainly wearing that temperament, which makes people want to walk through the forest and move the elegant female leopard.
At this time, Taiwan’s "fierce" sister-in-law has waved her hand as a referee. The little girl who thought it was a little funny shouted that Xie Cunguan was shocked and uncomfortable, but there was a contemptuous sneer at the corner of her mouth. At the beginning, she slipped and stepped on Xie Cunguan’s front foot, making him retreat, retreat and enter. At the same time, her hands fell with her left palm and her right hand, and she took out her left elbow and directly hit Xie Cunguan’s heart. It was obviously an experienced thug.
Taiwan Xiao Hanye couldn’t help but be surprised and sure enough! Leaf sight has "fuck" word export a slapping on the table.
Taiwan’s "fierce" sister-in-law has been looking at Taiwan’s leaf sight with a smirk on her face, but at this time, Taiwan has changed. In the eyes of all, it’s time for Xie Cunguan to stand upright and punch into Xie Cunguan’s heart. The female soldier in the army fell to the ground with a soft body, but then she went up and earned it. Obviously, not only did her body get halfway, but she gave a depressed stuffy hum and fell to the ground again.
"fuck!" Ye Zhun-xing once again burst into swearing when he saw the scene in Taiwan. He couldn’t help asking Xiao Hanye, "How can things change into magic?" How did you put this rouge tiger down at once? "
Xiao Hanye was also stunned, but after all, he was experienced in fighting and immediately simply spit out a word "elbow!"
As Xiao Hanye expected, Xie Cunguan really knocked down his opponent with his elbow.
At that time, when his opponent made a sudden move at the time of his consternation, it was the momentum of punching without defense, but mind boxing was different from many other punches. There is a saying that meeting an enemy is like burning! When the enemy doesn’t move, I don’t move. When the enemy moves, I move first, that is, when the opponent shows signs of moving, I will make a move myself.
Although the opponent hit him suddenly, Xie Cunguan caught fire when the opponent’s offensive became successful, and he pulled out his mind boxing. The old bear came out of the hole, and his right hand wrapped around his left shoulder in front of his face, and his left elbow went out.
The most difficult thing to prevent is that the offensive will become the most difficult time at this time.
When the female secret service saw that her hand had grasped each other’s heart, Xie Cunguan’s body was wrapped around her shoulder, and the most terrible thing was that this shoulder was wrapped extremely fast, which reached an incredible speed. The female secret service felt the wind brought by the wrapping of that shoulder, so she came in as sure as a gun, and because she was close to her, Xie Cunguan came in, and the elbow tip was on time. At first, she was unconscious in her ribs, and then she felt distressed and hurt, making her soft.
The stubborn female secret service wanted to stand up and fight again, but when she moved her body and her blood surged, the injury there seemed to erupt, and she couldn’t help squatting on the ground again.
The meaning of boxing is the true meaning.
Chapter 10 Family affairs are difficult to decide
Xie Cunguan was at a loss in his heart at this time. Suddenly, he remembered a passage that Huang Lao-tou had told him about Mind Boxing. "Its modern fighters are confused by heresy, and they know that this boxing has a retreat." If you can flash, you can know that this fist is moving, but it is not closed. And even if the cloud can go, flash, seal and close, it will be visible and natural. "