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Chapter 55
There is a hall on the second floor of the headquarters building of Yamaguchi Group, where the security department of Yamaguchi Group headquarters is located.
There are all kinds of exercise equipment and a standard boxing ring in the hall. This is the security personnel of the Yamaguchi group. Ri often trains the local Yamaguchi group to be the security guard of Ri’s largest underworld society. It is naturally very important, not only for safety reasons, but also for surface problems.
It would be a great shame to be disturbed again because of being a gangster club.
In the headquarters building of Yamaguchi group, the security department is a very important department, and the number of ordinary classes is always around 40.
These people are all people who are good at violent skills, and they all belong to the category of causing trouble. They vent their excess. A large number of sports equipment have been placed in the J: NG Force Security Department and a boxing ring has been built for everyone to practice their fighting skills.
Usually, everyone is in this hall except the people on duty. Of course, they are not studying here, but practicing physical fighting.
At the moment, Sasaki Tadashi, the security minister, looked at three young people with some nai.
He is the security team leader of the Yakuza headquarters building, and is responsible for the security guards of the whole building. It is not his turn to receive things. However, because these three young people are high-tech institutes, osawa hūn Yan gave him the task of receiving three young people.
Although these three men are young, they have a lot of connections, because their masters are all Taidao samurai of Yamaguchi group.
Taidao samurai is the highest-ranking samurai in the Yamaguchi group, enjoying the highest-ranking service in the Yamaguchi group, and every Taidao samurai is a master in the society. They not only do their own guardians of the Yamaguchi group, but also help the Yamaguchi group when it encounters strong enemies, and they also undertake the chapter of guarding against theft in the Yamaguchi group training samurai.
This led to their detached position in the Yamaguchi group, because many powerful people in the Yamaguchi group came from the Taidao samurai gate, so different power groups were formed in the Yamaguchi group
At present, there are three Taidao samurai in Yamaguchi group, namely Tu Yeying, Bin Cheng Hexiu and Naha Dachuan.
Among them, Tu Yeying and Bin Cheng Hexiu are both high in kendo, while Naha Dachuan is high in J and jīng channel, JIU jitsu and kicking skills, and even knows some ninja techniques.
Today, the leader of osawa hūn Yan suddenly asked three Taidao warriors to come to the headquarters to discuss. Each of the three Taidao warriors brought a close brother.
A close brother like this is a favorite brother of the master. On the one hand, he takes care of your daily life, on the other hand, he studies with the master. Generally, every master has more than one close brother, and the close brother is often the main candidate to produce a Taidao samurai.
Sasaki Nai is the closest brother of these three Taidao warriors. As soon as they meet, they are like fighting cocks. One doesn’t like a thin-faced yagyu cocoon maker. He looks good, but he is bitter to the extreme and doesn’t know how to leave a face for people. Tuyehu, the oldest, looked at a face of honesty, but it happened that he was as good as Yagyu’s needle to wheat awn. Among the three people, Hechuan Road, the youngest, is the most y and n, and you can hear the irony in every sentence you say.
Sasaki can’t believe that these three people are the same person who just behaved politely in front of three Taidao samurai.
However, the dispute between the three men was not very long, because the three men soon discovered a new object of venting, that is, the security department was practicing fighting several young men in the boxing ring.
"This is your security? How can such Wushu be selected … Are you too casual in choosing people? How can such garbage ensure the safety of the headquarters? " The first mouth willow cocoon machine does not suppress its own voice at all.
Taiwan two punches to the young man can’t help but stop to some looked at him.
"Ha, it seems that these rubbish are still not angry …" Tu Yehu had a common "view" with Yagyu cocoon maker for the first time.
"Good good … you two talk too carelessly. Some things should be tactfully told the truth!" Hechuan Road whispered, "The truth always hurts …"
Sasaki has some words, but his eyes are harsh. He just wants to say to a young man, "Practice hard and don’t slack off!"
The young man took a look at Sasaki and bit his teeth. He didn’t reach out to greet the opposite Han to continue.
"Sasaki Jun!" Mouth or willow cocoon machine "This needs talent to practice well and can’t make every waste qualified …"
Sasaki could not slap his bitter mouth, but he had to endure his anger and laughed instead. "Not everyone has three blessings to get guidance from three Taidao samurai!" " Although his words are polite, there are three people who just get advice from experts, which is not necessarily how talented they are.
At this time, I listened to Hechuan Road and laughed. "Sasaki Jun, is this a suspicion of Taidao samurai’s vision? Do you think they will choose some garbage that is not enough to be their close brothers? Want to know can be too knife samurai choose close-fitting brother body is an affirmation of personal talent … "
Sasaki heard a little bored in his heart. He was somehow also the head of the security department. He was naturally unhappy when he was run on Hechuan Road, but he didn’t want to offend these people.
"So that’s what Sasaki said!" As soon as the face se of yagyu cocoon machine becomes not y and n, it becomes not sunny. "Are you complaining about this bunch of garbage?"
Sasaki couldn’t help but be speechless at the moment, and Se was a little embarrassed.
When the young man named Takizawa heard this, he finally couldn’t help saying to his companion, "I don’t know if the tournament venue can talk people to death!" It’s not loud, but it’s just enough for three people to hear
"What did you say?" Yagyu cocoon eyes stared at the past.
"I said that the kung fu of the three Taidao samurai’s close brothers must be very good. I don’t know if you are interested in giving us some advice or let us grow up to ensure the safety of the headquarters …" The trunk of Ze is smooth and authentic, although polite, but provocative.
"Oh, a challenge?" At this time, the mouth is killing wild tigers. "This kind of thing must be done by Yagyu! Who doesn’t know that Mr. Bincheng’s six-chop swordsmanship is very sharp? We all want to see it … "
"With him?" Yagyu’s cocoon face is full of disdain. "I can beat him if I don’t deserve a sword!" "
Sasaki couldn’t help but look at him, but his heart was a little different. Because Bincheng Hexiu is a Kendo Sect, the martial arts is not famous, but the body-to-body fighting can rank among the top three or two in the security department. If it is really a fight, he will definitely win.
He really didn’t like the three young people’s arrogance, hoping that the yagyu cocoon machine would suffer some losses, so he came to stop the words and swallowed them back.
"What’s the point of talking on stage?" Takizawa glanced at the silent Sasaki and immediately dared to provoke again, "Come and let us learn!"
At this time, the yagyu cocoon machine can no longer stay in Taiwan. Yin Sen said coldly, "I don’t know how little it is!" While talking, I went directly to the table, grabbed the hurdle rope and stepped off the table.
Takizawa gestured to the next Han, "Genjiro, take off your armor for him!"
The yagyu cocoon machine has been excited by him, and the real fire was put out at that time, "I don’t care if I don’t have armor!"
Takizawa was a little stunned but didn’t want to take advantage of him. At that time, he took off his body armor and threw it aside. "I don’t like this armor either. I still took it off happily!"
The two speakers walked into the ring and approached slowly.
There is a fire in the trunk of Ze’s heart and he can’t help but roar out and suddenly jump into the left, flash right and grasp the yagyu cocoon machine. When the shoulder comes out, judo tries to hold the other side and throw it down.
Yagyu cocoon machine made a slight progress. Looking at each other, when his right arm was lifted, he cut off a palm and hit the trunk of Ze. Right, accurate and quick, he heard a snap, and at the same time, he hit Ze, the trunk of Ze. At the same time, he made a progress. Right, your parallel finger pointed like a knife and stabbed Ze’s throat, which turned out to be fast and malicious.
Trunk ze busy double back to his chest to protect his body.
However, Yagyu’s foot slammed into the left and has been cut off from the right arm. Actually, the backwardness was cut in the trunk before the right arm touched the other party. As soon as the trunk was cut off, he pushed back a few steps.
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Chapter 56 Harrier bang
Just when Ze’s foothold was unstable, Yagyu cocoon maker had already pushed Cui Bu’s body to Ze’s face in a flash. He didn’t take his left back and directly poked it at Ze’s face like a gun.
This way, even an ordinary person can block the situation, and the martial arts is far superior to that of ordinary people.
Although the trunk of Ze is unstable, it is also on his left when he lifts his right.
But when the yagyu cocoon machine came out, it was waiting for him.
From the legal point of view, the yagyu cocoon device is called a trap, which is empty. This is not for people, but for drawing out a situation of the other side, and then practicing the trap in this situation. In general, single āo is this kind of trap thing in martial arts.
Usually, we feel that many old boxers say that boxing sounds magical and mysterious, but when it comes to actual combat, they don’t feel satisfied, that is, they don’t understand what the old gentlemen say.
That is, you must first draw out the other person’s physical posture. If you draw it out, you will naturally get a psychological response. If you can’t draw it out, you can get hurt.
It’s impossible to go straight to the palace when you practice the roots of a man. Hard work will tempt you.
Where and what speed you lead out are very important. If the angle is wrong and the speed is wrong, it is very likely that you will not lead out the situation you need, but will be easily taken advantage of by the enemy.
For example, in the derivation, it is called a middle oblique stroke.
It means that if you want the other party’s department, you should call it straight in the middle, so that when you walk, the other party’s line of sight will be affected {} {} {Right} {{}} And at this time, the two arms are also a ruler, which just frames the distance between the two people in the attack distance. At this time, it is difficult for the other party to react when your whole body walks.
And if you want to lead the other side, you have to take the oblique direction so that the other side should be at the side and the center line will be so that you can directly cut in and block the other side’s loop.
If you go straight in when the other side is not in the middle, it must be him who suffers.
It is very important for the two countries to lure each other into the road if they meet each other.
At this time, yagyu cocoon machine is just like this. He left and tied it to the trunk of Ze’s right frame. He left and grabbed the trunk of Ze’s right arm and immediately pushed it to the right. So the trunk of Ze’s body turned left and his right arm just blocked their sight, even the right rib hall was exposed.