How can it be a’ refreshing’ to be whipped by a branch?

"Isn’t Dayan Tieqi one of your own? What are you running for?" Yan Liang can run, which is why Xiaoli didn’t expect to come immediately. It doesn’t matter if her body is beaten.
"Shut up" sped by, but there was still a sound. Those mountain searchers chased them behind them.
For a moment, the whole forest was noisy and the birds were flying away with fright.
"Ah, I remember that you have a problem with Han Mo, the commander of the fighters." I don’t know where Xiao Li learned that the smile was brighter, and then he shouted, "Somebody, catch the head here."
"Shut up" with a punch accurately hit him ribs XiaoLi stuffy hum a really feel his ribs are broken.
The annoying sound is no longer noisy, and the speed of Yan Liang is faster, and the chasing fighters are far behind.
After stopping and letting go, Xiao Li stepped back and finally stabilized his body by the trunk.
A dislocated arm and a sharp pain in his ribs made him even paler.
"Say you want my arm, but don’t let go of my ribs, or you will give me half of the two points and the other half back to Qi State." Hold the dislocated arm by yourself and push him to close his eyes instantly, but the dislocated arm is pushed back.
Let go and cover your ribs. There’s nothing you can do here. You can’t push it back.
Looking at him, Yan Liang thought that he had just heard Xiaoli’s voice. It is estimated that those people heard her coming here without orders, but came over when she was recuperating. If she really took Xiaoli as here, the fighters would be witnesses to destroy the two countries. This crime is really difficult
Hand into fist Yan Liang narrowed his eyes when she should get out of here quickly is Xiaoli. He is lucky this time.
"Somebody!" Xiao Li leaned against the trunk and looked at Yan Liang with her ribs covered. Her appearance was obviously doing ideological struggle. His eyes were smiling and he had the strength to call someone.
Dark scold a Yan Liang walked over and punched him on the other side of the rib Xiaoli immediately bent down.
"The Fifth Hall really has a kind of magic that makes people have to kill you." Pulling him away from the sound of chasing behind, there are fighters everywhere, and they can’t get rid of it.
You can see the mountain at a glance when you sweep the top of the mountain. There is a hill opposite a mountain depression, and then there is a plain. The boundary between Dayan and Qi State is there. At the end of the distant plain is Qi State.
"I’m going home." Looking at the distance, Xiaoli smiled pale, but she was still so brilliant when she smiled.
Didn’t pay attention to him. Yan Liang looked at a small group of fighters in the ravine, and several people were facing each other.
Those people are familiar, and their faces are Weiyuan guards.
They jumped off the cliff the night they chased Xiaoli, but they were still escaped by Xiaoli.
"It’s Weiyuan! It seems that both Weiyuan and you are not as good as Han Mo. "It’s interesting that Weiyuan people appeared here and were stopped.
Take a deep breath and relax him. "You go."
Smell speech Xiao Li suddenly looked down slightly at her thin lips bent "willing to give up?" I’ve caught him many times, and I’m sure I’m unwilling to let him go this time.
"If you don’t leave, I’ll rip your head off." God knows she didn’t hold back until she mobilized every patience in her body
Xiaoli laughed and then raised her hand and slapped Yan Liang’s shoulder. "I also want to bother Yan Catcher to take me to the border."
Jaw tense Yan Liang raised his hand and grabbed his arm and twisted it backwards. He immediately made an exaggerated pain and shouted for a while. The two groups heard the confrontation behind the lost mountain.
A kick in his leg bend Xiaoli was kicked and knelt down, and Yan was cold and cold, killing him everywhere.
He deliberately attracted people, and her exposure to the fighters would make her more trouble.
"Don’t run after you?" Hearing the sound of pursuers, the mountain people also ran to the top of the mountain.
Dark curse a tearing Xiaoli Yan cool quickly from the original place.
Grazing the mountain and leaving Xiaoli cool turned and ran away and decided to get rid of Xiaoli and leave the side.
However, Xiao Li chased him in the blink of an eye and laughed, "I will always follow you and attract the fighters to let them know that we are together."
Turned around and gave him a kick. Yan Liang pulled him to change direction again. She sent him to the border between the two countries!
Success Xiao Li laughed even harder and Yan Liang slapped him on the back of the neck and succeeded in making him shut up.
However, the commotion just now has successfully attracted the fighters from all sides, and Weiyuan people have also rapidly remitted several people to move towards the border line of Dayan Qi State at an extremely fast speed.