Elaine Lin panicked and said, "I don’t know what I should answer if you teach me?"

The waves were silent. "You can’t say that you and your uncle will doubt that you and your uncle will secretly sell it to Fulong Gang, which is represented by your uncle. This person is very suspicious. You also know that if there is a little trouble, he would rather kill the wrong person than let you go. Your situation is dangerous and it is likely to be …"
Although the words "kill people to cover up their mouths" were not said by the waves, Elaine Lin also meant it in vain. Her face turned whiter and she trembled and said, "What should I say to avoid danger?"
17K had to read literature and fantasize about Lan Bugu, a professional in "Official War"! Writing about the world’s most powerful weapon, the bullet, is like killing people in the officialdom.
Elaine Lin doesn’t know what happened. The waves carried her to the outside of the house for a while, but it was only a few steps. All these past events actually flashed through her mind like a stone light.
She leaned over the waves with her fingers on her back and sneaked into her thigh. If the former is beyond her imagination, she can’t bear it. She can’t imagine that she would let a strange man put his fingers into her private parts. She can’t bear that a strange man dares to be so presumptuous to her.
But now she not only put up with it, but also seems to enjoy the feeling and excitement. Why would she put up with such impudence from a strange man? She doesn’t know that she doesn’t know whether she has a good impression on him because the waves have saved her three times or twice, or because she also has hidden restless reasons!
She has always hated her first boyfriend and avoided thinking about him. If she goes deeper into it, she is really jealous. She is jealous of the women who sleep with him. Why is she jealous that he left for other women without her?
Everyone has insecurity in his heart, and because some people hide it well, they become good people in the eyes of the public. Some people not only don’t hide it, but also let it go, so they become adulterers or adulterers referred to by thousands of people. There is a real chance that everyone will want to be adulterers or adulterers once or more without being discovered!
Now in the wild, no third party is eager to see Elaine Lin’s body because she is restless. She won’t be known by the third party, so this strange man is frivolous. She enjoys being frivolous by this strange man. If Li Jianfeng can’t know, that’s the best!
I thought about Li Jianfeng and Elaine Lin. I was a little afraid. If Li Jianfeng knew that she was leaning over a strange man and the strange man’s finger was going deep into her private parts, what would he think? Would he be angry and ignore himself? The answer is yes-you can’t let him know!
Although she is a little scared, this fear makes her more excited and excited. Is this what people often say about cheating? Is this what people often say about stealing forbidden fruits?
Elaine Lin leaned over the back of the waves and all kinds of confused thoughts poured in, but she still leaned over the back of the waves and enjoyed the waves. Among the excitement she brought, the hair of the waves was dark and bright, and some of them tickled her cheeks. She looked at the waves and quietly blew a sigh into her neck and secretly smiled.
The waves smiled back and forth, and his fingers once again went deeper into the muscular groove of Elaine Lin, and Elaine Lin uttered a kind of groan, which rang the waves gently and made him * * rise, but his mind was still calm. He knew that he couldn’t mess around now because the police would come to the scene soon, and they could quickly escape from this place and find a place to carry Elaine Lin properly, so that he could enjoy this soft county at will.
The waves knew from Elaine Lin’s reaction that the woman had relaxed her vigilance against him and asked him to add a little wrist and a little skill to get what she wanted.
Many roads will walk from the building to the gate, but only a few steps, even if the waves deliberately walk slowly, they will walk in less than a minute.
The waves came out of the gate and said, "Which car are you?"
There are two cars outside, a wave and a Elaine Lin.
Elaine Lin was a little frustrated but smiled and said, "I want my car. I can’t leave my car at this crime scene. I can’t be in big trouble."
The waves said, "I can’t leave my car either. Let’s go back in our own cars."
If Elaine Lin loses something, she says, "Where to?"
The waves laughed, "Anywhere. If you want to leave this place, follow me!" "
The waves wanted to let Elaine go to the front of the car by herself, but suddenly Elaine whispered, "You carry me there." This sentence is as light as a mosquito, and I really can’t hear it clearly if I don’t listen carefully.
The little girl’s sweetness and shyness make men feel the most emotional. Be careful of the fun. If you are not afraid of the time, you should put Elaine in the car and occupy the important place first!
The waves carried Elaine to the front of the car and let her laugh.’ Come on, pig, quit your wife and buy a car!’
Elaine Lin took a faint look at the waves without saying a word, took out the key and hit the car door to take the driver’s seat.
The waves also walked back to their cars, and the cars were leading the way.
Just after crossing the small road and driving the big road, I saw the police car roaring. Someone must have heard the gun and called the police.
The waves and Elaine secretly rejoice that if they leave late and are blocked by the police in the courtyard or on the highway, they will be in big trouble
Waves leisurely car from the mirror to see Elaine chasing to think about whether to take the opportunity to get her while the iron is hot to pick up girls while it is hot. The waves have already felt that Elaine may still be a * * if she gets it, she can add luster to her vanity. If she doesn’t get her hand now, who can guarantee that this little girl will not find a man when she gets back? Of course, although the waves have * * complex, they don’t have to get * * or they don’t have to be unhappy, but they can get * * situation. Why not?
The waves have made up their minds, so let’s do it first! If you can rape her in bed, you will rape her heart at the same time, and it will be easy to rape her again.