Second, it’s even more tangled.
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Page 54 The future is coming.
Every inch of flesh behind is constantly annihilating and regenerating every bone and muscle. Every piece of flesh and blood is like being cut by several tiny blades and thrown into the fire of hell to burn, and then put into the holy light to recover again and again. The nerves are completely numb. Chen Senran is walking through his body by the destructive force of carrying those arrows.
Burning body pain is nothing to Chen Senran at the moment.
The most important thing is that Chen Senran won. He bet on him. The information of the Knox Saskatchewan people is not right. I bet on my own scarlet flame protection ability that I survived the most difficult journey and was not directly killed before entering this breaking point. Listening to the incessant swords and swords around me, he knew that the Knox Saskatchewan people had been entangled in this mysterious guard and had time to take care of their own lives.
With the information he got before, he can easily avoid guards and planes and go to the deepest place to get the thing that can change his destiny.
But he didn’t move, he just lay on the ground and held his breath, as quiet as a corpse.
Because there is still a mantis that hasn’t appeared yet, it will always be dangerous for you. Even if you get that thing, you will definitely be a wedding dress for others.
There are two guys who are fighting in melee, and they hit the sword near Chen Senran. They belong to the Noxas assassination team. The black man was cut by a parliamentary guard, and the whole person fell heavily to the ground. The long knife fell off and was directly inserted in Chen Senran’s body. Suddenly, blood was everywhere.
But Chen Senran didn’t even hum. He didn’t even do a shiver. He made a corpse.
The guard who belong to parliament glanced at Chen Senran and didn’t care. He was just about to leave when he was cut into two ends by a golden light from the dark.
Izriel walked out of the darkness slowly, brushed off the dust, glanced at it and was shot like a hedgehog. Chen Senran began to wring a sharp long knife.
Chen Senran still didn’t respond to anything, breathing and heartbeat remained almost nothing.
"Tut tut … poor guy, forget it. I’ll leave you a corpse for mutual affection." Isoriel put the handle in his hand interestingly. After confirming that Chen Senran should die, he put away the glittering energy ring, took three steps to one side, knocked four times on the wall and quickly entered a secret door that flashed out.
Chen Senran still had no motivation. His spirit felt another powerful person approaching. He didn’t open his eyes, but judging from that chilly momentum … it should be Katrina.
Katrina’s strange pace leapt near the secret door. Obviously, she saw Isoriel, and the whole situation had made her guess that she had been shot by someone. The guy behind it should be the hateful golden boy.
Katrina took one look when she entered the door. After hesitating for a while, Chen Senran gave up the idea of mending the knife and directly chased Izriel, who was going far away.
After a long time to confirm that there is no one else around, Chen Senran freed himself from the turtle’s breath * * and shook his body hard. He dumped those dark arrows on his back and the sharp long knife department, showing his ability to recover from scarlet flames. It is suspected that the injured muscles in his back can’t heal with the naked eye, and he can’t see the scars before.
Today, Chen Senran, a long-term protector of scarlet flame, found that the flame elements that had flowed in her meridians had dried up, and all the scarlet flames were curled up near that little sun, which was not as bright as usual.
It seems that he is lucky. If he gets hurt stronger today, he will have a street fight even if he has the anti-God artifact of scarlet flame.
Take a deep breath and take a deep breath. Chen Senran patted himself as pale as a pole. He picked up the long knife that had ravaged his body from the ground, patted the wall calmly and walked into the secret door.
According to the information Brad gave himself, Izriel shuttled through the secret door machine with great ease. According to the map, he was about to arrive at the place where the thing was hidden.
And Katrina deserves the reputation that the exquisite stealth of Noxas’ new generation of the best killer didn’t make Isoriel feel that she was following her through this section of the road. She has recognized the identity of the golden retriever, the most famous explorer in the mainland, who is known as the best student in the history of the War College, Isoriel.
And this place should be a place that keeps appearing in the high-level military documents of Knox Sass, a place that is said to be the truth of the world-the institute didn’t expect this place to be found in a poor alley after more than ten years of exploration.
I didn’t expect that Izriel, the so-called youngest guy in the mainland, was such a vicious guy to set up such a bureau to let them know. Judging from the familiarity of this golden boy here, he definitely came here or got extremely detailed information, but Izriel, the best student in the college, is now entering this news in this way. Mysteriously, he and the college are also worth pondering.
What is he doing here? Katrina is constantly benefiting from all kinds of shadows, and her figure is hidden. Fortunately, this place is darker than some extremely dark magic lights, otherwise she is really hard to track. After all, that golden boy is not an ordinary person. Once Katrina gets closer, he will notice it.
Izriel stepped through the last door and breathed a sigh of relief in front of a huge platform.
This is an extremely wide room, which is made of an extremely obscure material. If you stare at the wall for a long time, you will feel dizzy.
Izriel shook his head and looked at the platform, a small stone platform, a triangular object with light yellow corners and light blue center.
"Three-phase force …" Izriel chuckled step by step towards the stone stage, which was his ultimate goal this time-three-phase force, an ancient artifact that could balance energy fluctuation.
Just as he was about to approach the stone platform, a layer of blurred colored light band quietly floated around the platform by the back secret door, and the small stone platform with three-phase forces was quietly shrouded by a layer of light.
Isoriel suddenly stopped and looked at those colorful floating light bands with those obscure walls, which made him give birth to a staggered illusion.
"Things seem to be getting interesting …" Izriel’s right hand gave off a harsh aura and squinted around.
This disgusting sense of time crossing … Brand seldom cheats himself? No, it shouldn’t, it shouldn’t. The old guy should have just arrived here recently, and the information that Brand, the eccentric guy, knows should be far apart. Although the secret door hasn’t changed all the way, he shouldn’t know about this change. More importantly, he saw the old guy who exuded this disgusting feeling a few years ago.
After a while, Izriel shouted impatiently, "Come out and stop hiding, Kieran, the keeper of time. I can smell your rotting body."
"The hardest thing in life is to know that you have to lose it but it hasn’t happened yet." An old voice echoed in the big room. "The three forces of Isoriel don’t belong to you. You should leave."
"When I saw you in Erstein a long time ago, although you always said some trite words, you were less loyal to your beliefs and pains. I didn’t expect that now you have become a dog in parliament." Izriel picked his eyebrows and his language was extremely mean. Now that this old guy has seen him, then …
"I didn’t expect that once a gentle teenager’s heart was so unbearable." The old voice didn’t have any emotional fluctuations. "I have seen the terrible black knight blade cruel ruins storm, but these are not as vicious as people’s hearts. You must kill me, right?" He said it was a question, but the meaning was definitely better than.
"It seems that you saw yourself die?" Isoriel makes every effort to gather energy. "It’s your greatest sorrow to be able to see the trajectory but not be able to change it."
"Then do it," the old voice said quietly. "I see the future, but you can’t do anything to make it happen."
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….. Go to hell, old man." Izriel’s energy ring sent out a light like the sun, and a digital golden light went straight to an old figure looming in the colored light belt.
The future is coming.
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Page 55 Ultimate to Ultimate
The brilliant half-moon light of the sun flew to the old man in the colored light belt at a seemingly slow but fast speed.
Qi stagnates when it solidifies at this moment. That huge light is like from Takatenjin’s staff flying to the dazzling to the harsh and powerful, and the enemy is unstoppable.
While that white-bearded old man, who is stably suspend in the air and carrying a huge clock, has no intention of hide or stopping. He is his gray eyes, which have seen many vicissitudes of life and have long been happy and sad, and he looks at the golden light that covers the sky rushing towards his body.
There is no accident, like a blade cutting off an old tree trunk. That magnificent light that can make people close their eyes and worship god directly cuts through the old man with a huge clock. Naturally, it is like the fierce sun drying the snow. Nothing can stop it. It seems to be soft all the way, like a feather, and it hits the obscure wall. Before the ear reacts, the seemingly unbreakable wall is directly reduced to ashes and exposed to the wall, and it is all dark.
It was not until after a breath that a light spirit vibrated like thousands of bells echoed in the whole spacious room. The old man was really dead and died quietly, except that the huge clock that cut his body into two parts gave off a continuous echo when he landed. The process of his killing was not worth destroying. The word came to shape his body, and it was pitiful that it was scattered to death without spilling a trace of blood.
Dead value
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….." After burying his face in a smile for a long time, Izriel looked up at the disappearing corpse with an indifferent expression, and said piteously, "You shouldn’t probe your own death at the end of the wave. Ordinary people always don’t know how to cherish their short life."
Izriel deeply spits out a foul breath. In fact, his heart is not as calm as it seems, because in his previous memory, when Kieran was the guardian of time, magic was still extremely annoying. However, before he tried his best, everyone was an ant.
The surrounding colored light band slowly dissipated due to Kieran’s death, and the dense light shrouded in the small stone platform was also unsealed.