According to the discussion on resistance and killing in fresh water Tsing Yi, the team entered the Jiuqu Gallery and flaunted Wu Chi’s car. As soon as the power and prestige bloody car came out, it immediately took the crowd away and wowed, "Song Yin, you are well-off economically, and you are willing to buy such a senior car."

Although the level of these people is much higher than that of Wu Chi, they still belong to the lower class for the whole game hierarchy, and they need to buy all kinds of magic weapons and flying swords. No one is willing to spend a lot of silver to buy this thing at the beginning of the game. The chief of Fangda finally came down a peg or two and felt that he was a little stiff in this combination of strong people.
Wind-borne clouds galloped from the blood hippo with its head held high and its hoof pulled by a river cart, and soon it arrived at a Huangtingtai. Freshwater Tsing Yi showed NPC a crystal card, and after passing the verification, a golden light shot sent them into a huge pond.
This is a bit like the sword-testing Zhai in the 33 rd forum in Wuchi, but the environment is much more beautiful. There are dozens of beautiful birds walking through the ground. The ground is white, jade is smooth and bright, and there are all kinds of exotic flowers and rare ancient trees, birds and flowers are flowing like Chinese classical gardens.
Surrounded by moire, the top of the green stone wall is a vast star, and all kinds of nebulae are changing and rotating. There is a high platform in the center, which is about 100 meters high. Freshwater Tsing Yi laughs. "This is the highest box in Huangting Terrace at present-Paradise Lost. We can discuss it there."
Everyone stands on the edge of Paradise Lost, which is at least several thousand feet away from the high platform. Wu Chidao said, "Huang Tingtai can’t use the imperial sword to get to that high platform, but I have to have a river cart." He put away the river cart when he got to Huang Tingtai, and now he wants to recruit it again when he sees this scene.
I didn’t expect that one move, two moves, three moves and seven moves wouldn’t cause bleeding. The river car made Wu Chi puzzling. Freshwater Tsing Yi had no way to say, "Yin Song, your river car’s zigzag gallery is driven in the Huangtingtai box, but you can’t move it here. You must also have its own means of transportation."
Freshwater Tsing Yi patted his hands and saw a cloud in the distance breaking through a five-color cloud and galloping out. Sixteen wings of a horse galloped out and flew towards the crowd. When they got close, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded to see the score. It turned out that the cloud and the rider still had it.
Wu Chi stare big eyes "angel?"
Tamsui Tsing Yi nodded. "Yes, the angel game company has a good idea. It combines the myth of western angel Chinese. This is that the holy angel Yunhua’s driving is limited to the box, so it will be a paradise lost."
"Good, good," Wu Chi wowed. This angel wears very little aquamarine body armor, which can cover half of her breasts in two sections. The breastplate is an unusually short skirt armor, and the skirt armor is forked all around and the wind lifts it from time to time to reveal the beautiful scenery inside.
All this made Wu Chi excited. He quietly said to Tamsui Tsing Yi, "Does this NPC have a defense mechanism?" If there is no Fang Da, the chief decided to touch her wings and identify the softness of this NPC skin by the way.
"Ahem, you won’t be hungry to this extent. It’s just NPC. Are you interested in these data streams? Everyone just met soon, can you save some noodles for me? " Freshwater tsing yi low pleaded
The perception of bullshit is only in terms of consciousness, and the feedback from external things forms a feeling that NPC players in the world are not much different. Wu Chi recognized this in his heart, but he still gave up the idea angrily after recognizing his image.
The fallen petal lifted the door and sat in, saying, "Tsing Yi, your brothel has huge financial resources. This paradise lost will cost a lot of silver." Freshwater Tsing Yi replied that this paradise lost actually needs two hundred and two thousand silver to rent the brothel for a month.
Cyan war spear waved a horse and galloped the holy angel Yunhua through clouds and fog and arrived at the center. There are thirteen Zhang Yun beds on the top of the high platform, and various shapes surround a diamond-shaped crystal column. The top of the four-column platform is a Chinese garden with green water, rockery, grass and flowers dotted with it.
Wu Chi looked at the carriage with four eyes and sighed, "His grandmother’s paradise lost is indeed a veritable paradise lost." It turns out that this green grass is full of angels on the side of the Chinese flowering tree. These angels are young and old, but they are thirteen or fourteen years old, and they are nothing but a fine gauze.
Looked at the stirring Wuchi Danshui Tsing Yi and immediately patted the palm of your hand. An angel with a corolla came over and whispered a few words to the angel. After that, the corolla angel saluted and left Danshui Tsing Yi. "Everyone can go to the cloud bed and wait for the angel attendants to present sanhua nectar. It tastes very good."
Beautiful little angels sent a silver plate with a crystal bottle in it. Wu Chi touched the angel. little ass provoked the angel to giggle. Her red face ran away. Other angels followed her and soon disappeared into the flowers and green forest.
Wu Chida was dissatisfied with "What happened in Tsing Yi? How did these NPCs run away and wait for someone? We will pour wine. Although we won’t attempt this dead thing, it is also a psychological enjoyment to look at their beautiful bodies."
Freshwater Tsing Yi gave him a white look. "Don’t talk about angel attendants. We need to analyze information. Please pay attention to it." He took out a crystal card and pointed it at the diamond crystal column. Suddenly, the crystal column changed its shape and became a square screen.
"I’ll send the target information to the forum for everyone to take it back for research. Then we need the team to cooperate with each other’s opinions to access each other when necessary, which is more efficient. Our Thunder Killing Team rented this box to link data from the forum data."
"Then can I come here to have a rest later?" Wu Chi immediately asked a key question. For him, it is more important for everyone to listen to Tamsui Tsing Yi and answer a few questions. Men are naturally interested in this luxury paradise lost, but they can’t ask themselves.
It’s best to have this bitch in front of us, but Tamsui Tsing Yi said, "Paradise Lost is rented by Thunder Team, but it won’t take long for the killing team to completely benefit resources. My brothel has positioned this box as a recreation place for organization department personnel, and people in six and a half halls are not allowed to enter."
"Of course, if you like this paradise lost, you can join us in the brothel. We absolutely welcome you. Are you interested?" Freshwater tsing yi face dew smile to each member of the resistance to kill way
When this statement came out, everyone was disappointed. These people are all strong, and some of them are high-level people in some organizations. If it is possible, they will join the brothel. The discussion on freshwater Tsing Yi is ineffective and unique to Wu Chi’s mind
If the Thunder Cone team wants to play in Paradise Lost, it must be led by a limited person, Tamsui Tsing Yi, in the preparatory period of each operation, or it is impossible to enjoy it here. Wu Chi sighed and said listlessly, "Tsing Yi, then let the target information out quickly."
"Well, our first goal is this female player." Tamsui Tsing Yi rotated the crystal card, and a female player wearing a black robe immediately appeared on the screen. At this moment, the female player is slowly turning her head to reveal a charming face.
"Ah, that three?" Wu Chi didn’t expect that the first target was his own enemy, the sweet potato on the right side of the black rose, who asked his widower to order someone to kill him. "I said that you are right, and you must be very willing to hang her."
"Yes, I’m glad that you chose a good target in Tsing Yi." For this, because of a little thing, I let my husband kill myself endlessly and almost let myself be a turtle for a long time. Wu Chi is very bitter that a handsome man was forced by a woman to be a little puss-head. How can this be avenged?
"Black Rose Level 3, her level is not very high strength, nor is it very strong distance impact. Level 5, far away, far away, is actually not a suitable goal for our thunder team, but because of its golden breeze and drizzle building, the first leader, Shen Sanshao, we set her first goal …"
Tamsui Tsing Yi explained in detail the reason why she wanted to kill this woman. Everyone nodded and said that they felt that the brothel was not a random choice, but a purposeful and planned screening of the killing targets. Even the order of killing was exquisite. The black rose was not high in rank, but it had a special position in the organization of Goldwind Rain House, and there were many suitors, including many senior people.
Killing this woman can deal a blow to her nominal boyfriend Shen San’s reputation. A man and a leader of an organization can’t even keep his own woman. How can he be qualified to master a huge organization? This is one of the reasons for stopping her from killing.
Secondly, because this woman, Goldwind Fine Rain House, organized various senior people to stop and kill this woman, she can lead to the expert of Goldwind Fine Rain House. Because this woman is narrow-minded, she will definitely not give up. The consequences brought by an irrational woman are very terrible.
"Attached to the target level 1 female player-Rose, this female black rose is inseparable in the golden breeze and drizzle building. The lovely baby must have stopped killing this rose, which is also a psychological blow to them. Once it is carried away by anger, there is a chance."
Looking at the screen, the cute little Lori Wu Chi couldn’t bear to say, "It’s not necessary. Will killing such a child leave a psychological shadow on her? I don’t do such a thing. I suggest you don’t do it either. Although it’s a game, it still hurts children with physiological virtuality."
"That’s right. Forget the goal of Tsing Yi. Remember that there was a news in the former forum that the midnight pervert killer who abused in Shennong took a boy away and somehow put him in a mental rehabilitation center. Let’s not do anything immoral."
Emei pitying Taoist frowned and disagreed with stopping killing such a young player. "I didn’t say that stopping killing is incidental. If you insist, then this goal can be crossed off the list. I have this advantage."
His eyes swept away from everyone and found that the members of the killing team shook their heads slowly. "Well, this little girl is crossed out and not included in the killing target, but you can’t escape the killing target because of this reason. I think you should be white."
"There’s no problem with this. We just don’t insist on hanging her, but if she hinders the completion of the killing operation, all colleagues should not have a hard time with silver." The fallen petal jack said that this speech was unanimously nodded by everyone. Morality is there, but it is much cheaper in the game.
"At present, because the three parties are fighting in the outskirts of Chengdu, their senior people have nothing to do alone, but this black rose is not the main attacker, but it must be an opportunity. Our intelligence personnel are stepping up their actions and will inform you as soon as there is news."
"Because this woman’s strength is extremely low, it is necessary to formulate any special targeted plan. If she dies, it will be the same for anyone to shoot. We have inquired about her flying sword and magic weapon, and it is not a powerful magic weapon that can be ignored."
Tamsui Tsing Yi ended the target briefing and the killing prevention team also ended the first pre-war preparatory meeting. The holy angel drove them out of the shelter in a yunhua car. For someone’s extra request, Tamsui Tsing Yi refused the Qingyi Building and paid them enough to play.
Out of Huangtingtai, everyone went their separate ways. Wu Chi didn’t go to the Jiuqu Gallery, but went to his counter to have a look and found that Xian De Fa Ge No.1 was still shouting hard. Unfortunately, no customer did the same around the counter, and no equipment was sold.
What’s the matter? Isn’t there stupidity in this game? Asked why, a player said with a sad face, "I don’t know which idiot sold a third-order flying sword at a union currency price just now. It is impossible for us to sell it at a unified price."
Welcome to W WW C OM
Thirteen times shocked a hundred miles of old friends.
Thirteen times shocked a hundred miles of old friends.
Wu Chi listened to it for a few times and wanted to vomit blood. What kind of idiot is this? 1 What is the concept of Union currency? You can buy a low-grade toothpaste. According to the statistics of Union GDP and GNP, Union citizens have 10,000 Union income per month. 1 Union currency is equal to the daily energy consumption price of ordinary citizens.
No matter how cheap the third-order flying sword is, it can’t be so low. Players may not find a third-order flying sword for a month, but this month, the energy consumption of the game is 15 union coins, even if they buy a high-priced flying sword from Wuchi, they can buy two or three.
Shang Yuan’s initial profit should be a high and exciting figure. When this idiot stirred it up, it became a shadow in the water. Wu Chi immediately said, "Go to that idiot and never let him ruin the market like this." Several people found the player’s counter and found that this person had already closed.
All the production departments of his booth have been sold out, and the player is so excited that his face is red and he frowned when he saw Wu Chi and them coming. "Why are you here again? I can sell as many things as I want. What do you care? Don’t bother me again or I’ll call the police in Huangtingtai."
There is a mechanical patrol team in Jiuqu Tianlang, which is responsible for managing the market security. If a player obstructs others from selling goods, he will be fined for public security. Generally speaking, several items will be confiscated from the player, depending on the situation.
"Brother, it’s very rude of you to do this. You eat alone and starve everyone. Everyone is a colleague. Will you behave yourself? Besides, don’t you feel that you have lost a lot by selling a third-order flying sword for 1 union coin?" Wu Chi advised
The player glared at him. "Although the third order of being old and short of money is a little cheap, it is also impossible to sell meat. I will keep it as a decoration and not sell it to them. Can I sell it to you?"
Wu Chi suddenly woke up that this guy is making money by selling his goods at such a low price. He turned to the accompanying stall owners and said, "Why don’t you eat their goods?" Several stall owners replied that they didn’t have the spare money. This is also normal to have spare money. At the beginning of the game, they didn’t come to the stall to sell, and they struggled to rush to the next level.
The player left Wu Chi swearing for a long time and suddenly said, "Let’s go back and discuss it." When we got back, we gathered dozens of stall owners. Wu Chi made a suggestion that we should establish a commercial joint organization. There are many players in the game who are in a hurry to sell, so they can sell at a high price and get high profits.
All the stall owners think this method is a bit tricky, but they are still skeptical. Some people say, "Even if we eat low-priced goods around us, there are still many stall owners in the gallery. If their prices are low, we still have no profit. If we put it in our hands, wouldn’t it be old?"
Wu Chi patted his thigh and said, "That’s the problem. This joint trading company should be large in scale, try to bring in all the stall owners in the gallery as far as possible, and control a wider sales area less, so as to form a monopoly and achieve a benign profit income."
Nowadays, there are not many players selling goods. Although the sky gallery is vast and far-reaching, it is still necessary to work hard to rent out counters on both sides. First, it can be combined into a joint trading company. After considering it, many stall owners think that Wu Chi’s proposal is still feasible. Finally, 66 stall owners decide to join a commercial organization.
The name of the trading company is the Universal Economic Community, and the range of cooperation will include price unification, information sharing, and information sharing involves many aspects. At present, it depends on how much the community can maintain and how deep it is.