The third floor is a big surprise to Feng Yang. The third floor is much bigger than the second floor. From the entrance to the deepest step, there are more than ten feet. Every one foot, there are several walls like a substantial energy barrier.

The wind Yang looked blankly at this road as if it were a real wall. He struggled with this. How can he break through and smash these enchantments?
That’s really a trick. So many thick enchantments can’t pass until the year of the monkey?
The wind Yang took out his sword and raised it, chopping it hard into the enchantment, but the energy enchantment was slightly rippled and returned to normal.
Feng Yang is a stubborn man, so a windmill dance in his hand with a giant sword cuts at least three swords for one second and severely attacks the energy barrier.
A cup of tea goes by.
"By being so hard, it’s simply forcing me to use my unique skill." Feng Yang was angry and put away the giant sword. The sunset bow appeared in his hand and the sunset arrow directly bombarded the past.
When you bang a cup of tea,
Fengyang was shocked.
Every attack of the energy barrier sunset arrow will produce a ripple, and then there will be no more.
"There is no way for this kind of enchantment, Wushu" seems to feel the wind rising and depressed and smoked on the moon and said with a smile.
"Is it to rely on * * power?" Fengyang avenue
"That’s right," said Xunyue for sure.
Shocked at the dense energy barrier wind in front of me, I couldn’t help but tremble. Is this going to put people into disability?
But now that you’re here, there’s no reason to go back. Feng Yang immediately rallied his strength and punched at the energy barrier.
If not, the energy barrier attacked by * * forces will produce some ripples at first, and these ripples will gradually become cracks with more and more attacks.
"It seems this is exercise * * damage" staring at several crack energy barrier wind Yang heart suddenly clear.
However, the attack speed of his desertion slowed down a little, and the crack in the energy barrier was suddenly healed at a very fast speed, and the crack disappeared after a few breaths.
Looking at the strange situation in front of me, the wind almost didn’t impulse to hit the energy barrier.
Automatic repair! ! Automatic repair! !
Calm down and the wind blows. I also thought of some precautions. It seems that this energy barrier is not only broken by * * power, but also a great test for the attack speed. It is necessary to smash the energy barrier or smash it while restoring it before it is automatically repaired.
When he found the trick, he stopped punching at random, which was a waste of energy. He tried to control the strength of * * and try to exert the strongest attack force every time he punched, and tried to maximize his punching speed and wondered if he could punch faster and harder.
At the beginning, the small mountain range of Warcraft suffered from gravity. In the lake, we have done some hard work on cohesion, but this time it is a better opportunity to exercise.
There is no doubt that Feng Yang’s talent is not difficult for him to ponder these things seriously. As the first enchantment is broken, it is also quite skillful to gather strength at one point.
However, when he stepped over the enchantment and attacked the second enchantment for a short time, the first enchantment was once again repaired into a state of intact damage, and the wind was directly caught.
"It’s amazing!" Looking at the first enchantment wind reappearing behind him, I’m afraid this is the so-called desperate and then born. When the time comes to break the enchantment, it’s really a dilemma. I’m afraid I can’t break the enchantment quickly and starve to death if I’m not exhausted.
Brother Fengyang is most afraid of being hungry.
Cohesion is getting more and more exquisite, that is, the speed of shooting is rising very slowly, and punching in one second is already the limit of wind.
"There are gloves in the jade, please put them on." It seems that you have also discovered the slow progress of the wind and Yang’s hand, and suddenly smoked the moon.
Feng Yang stopped attacking Yuan Soul Force and soon found a pair of strange gloves, but there was another one that surprised Feng Yang. At this time, the position that jade could detect was more than twice as large as before. It seems that the increase of Yuan Soul Force is quite optimistic. It is necessary to re-detect jade to see if there are any new discoveries.
Feng Yang took out this pair of weird gloves, which are big and very heavy, and the hands are as big as the heads of two adults.
"Oh, my God, these gloves must weigh at least a few hundred stones." Feng Yang’s heart and arms bear hundreds of stones with horror, which also affects the speed of hand.
If you don’t smash the energy barrier with gloves, although the attack power has been enhanced, the speed of shooting is simply terrible, and you can hit two punches at most in one second.
Because gloves are also directly derived from * * power, which does not belong to the category of weapons, there will be no situation when the sword attacks.
In this negative pressure situation, the physical exertion is also at an alarming rate. Before a barrier is broken, you are already tired and panting, and your arms are dull and painful.
Although the attack power has increased, when the enchantment is automatically repaired due to the slow hand speed, the wind has not broken the energy enchantment that can finally bite a tooth, and while repairing him, he slammed his fists like an idiot.
As time went by, the enchantment was also broken slowly by the wind until the fifth day when the wind finally reached the last energy enchantment.
At this time, Feng Yang has made little progress from being able to punch twice in the first second to being able to reach five punches now.
Five old guys in the wall witnessed the wind rushing through the third process with their own eyes, and their hearts were also a little scared by the wind’s progress and perseverance.
In the past five days, except for eating, I have been punching constantly during the break, and the old guys such as jealous can see that this is not a random punch. Every punch seems to be trying to improve and try to make myself punch faster and harder.
This third end is to test the * * attack power. It’s really surprising that the Wu Huang strong hit the third capital for five days, but the wind seems to be less than the level of the jack, but it’s also five days.
It suddenly occurred to Feng Yang that Downing asked herself to accompany her to do a calculation at that time, which should be today. It took five days for the third place to be more difficult than the fourth place behind.
After considering the situation, he decided to go out and kill God first. He felt that it was still very difficult for him to break into the top three, and he had to come and go freely before he could continue to challenge.
Returning to the main hall from Ann’s passage and pushing Shimen out to kill God, I was immediately stunned by the sight.
Seeing hundreds of people standing in the main hall at this time, everyone looked at the stone gate suddenly with hot eyes.
Feng Yang suddenly felt flattered. When did he become so famous and so low-key, so many people came to get a dinner?