At this time, he never dreamed that it was because of his whim that he separated this wisp of god knowledge to avoid his doomed fate.

In the door of extinction, when the creator slept for nine days, Xuan Nv’s plot was officially staged. She was born with charm, seduced the gods and demons, suppressed the rogue rabbits by force and other means to prevent the creator from being awakened. She also gained new power through his double cultivation of gods and demons
She succeeded. Gengetsu woke up, and she also succeeded in getting new divine power. But at this time, nine days later, Xuan Nv was startled to find that the world had not changed hands, and she had not become a new creator. On the contrary, the whole world actually collapsed …
In nine days, Xuan Nv tried his best to break away from the collapsed world and enter the five realms of the burning star world.
It’s a pity that the burning star hasn’t slept yet. He can see everything clearly. Although he is involved in the annihilation, he can hardly deal with Xuan Nv who has been in his own territory for nine days
This time, Xuan Nv was killed by suspense for nine days.
At this time, the burning star is writing a name called "Zitian". After he falls asleep, he needs a predestined relationship to take a path he has chosen and finally be promoted to God. Take this to wake himself up.
Seeing the situation in Gengetsu, Burning Star decided to help his friend recapture the control station of the extinct gate. He decided to insert a page into this page and join a passage back to the extinct gate, which could send the last ray of Gengetsu’s gods from this world back to the extinct gate to awaken his sleeping gods and re-create the world under the name of "creator"
Gengetsu successfully returned to his own world. He awakened his gods, completely destroyed himself, created the world and re-created a new "extinction gate". In this new world, there are still protoss and demons. For nine days, Xuan Nv, but Gengetsu knew all the subsequent changes and he was fully confident.
"This time … I won’t let the tragedy happen again," Gengetsu thought.
This time, he taught Xuan Nv several times for nine days and tried Xuan Nv for nine days, but he didn’t find any plot flavor. As always, he fell asleep and was reincarnated in the "five realms of heaven and earth" of the heavenly demon, but history played a big joke on him. When he fell asleep, everything happened again …
The most ridiculous thing is that even the burning star fell asleep this time.
Gengetsu was not replaced in the end because everything was normal in the burning star world. The candidate named Yan Xiaoshen awakened the burning star with the word Tian, let the burning star mend the five realms of heaven and earth again, and then guided the heavenly demon Xiaoxiao to re-enter the extinction gate to create the world in the name of the creator.
Gengetsu woke up again, but his heart was cold. Is this samsara unchangeable?
He didn’t believe in evil, and he decided to try again.
History presented him with naked sarcasm. This time, nine days later, Xuan Nv rebelled against Gengetsu and fell asleep again. Everything remained the same. It was not until the burning star woke up again that Gengetsu was awakened from his sleep.
"But … how can we change this damn samsara?" Gengetsu thought hard.
"I think it’s doomed that the whole story will appear in Xuan Nv in nine days, and the only turning point is to return your wisp of god knowledge." Burning the star Kan Kan talked about "one way to change this damn reincarnation is to change the role."
"That is to say, I am no longer a fairy?" Gengetsu asked with a frown
Yes, Burning Star must have nodded. This is your only chance.
"Then who should I be?" Gengetsu asked again.
Burning star didn’t speak but smiled mysteriously. He reached out and pointed to "it’s him" somewhere in the vast "five realms of heaven and earth"
The whole story refers to a new cycle because of this.
This time, the development of the story finally deviated from the original track for nine days. Although Xuan Nv brought down the extinct door, she no longer needed to burn stars to clean her up. Because of the appearance of a character Zhuge Shenhou who was absolutely unexpected before.
This is the so-called butterfly effect. A wisp of knowledge in the five realms of heaven and earth has quietly changed, which has actually triggered a huge storm in the extinction gate. The affectionate father Zhuge Shenhou suddenly lost his fight. He completely abandoned the family spiritual cultivation method, fighting layer by layer, fighting first to fix the truth, then to fight the fairy devil, and then to fight the fairy devil. He has been fighting the fifth realm all the time, and he has been the first master all day. He has escaped from the collapsed world by repairing hundreds of ares and relying on new divine power to cross the extinction gate.
With Zhuge monkey, Xuan Nv will be restricted for nine days, so everything will change. When Zhuge monkey came to the five realms of heaven and earth, the burning star was still asleep. He looked at the monkey and smiled and knew that all the efforts had finally paid off, so he created a "word day" that was never the same before and then went to sleep safely.
It is incidental that the original owner of the word Heaven wakes up the world, the creator of creation, and lights the stars to connect with the extinction gate, but the word Heaven is no longer five pages, but six pages, and the sixth page contains the ultimate secret of the extinction gate.
What’s the secret?
Small eyes move again, but a little startled, because the whole story has not been finished.
There is a saying that when you wake up the creator, the whole secret will emerge.
Further on, it is like waking up the specific steps of the creator. A small look will make it white. He exhaled a long breath and slowly merged, and an unusually small feeling came into being.
This world is so vast, but there are still several creatives. Is it hard to imagine?
The Gengetsu world goes round and round again. That’s fate playing tricks on the creator. Who should be in charge of fate?
The universe is vast and human beings are just like a drop in the ocean, and what they can do at this moment is to complete the final goal of the word heaven, awaken the creator, and let themselves jump up a little from this drop in the ocean and have a look at the wider sky.
Small turned to look at a few protoss eagerly said the whole story again.
The God of Wisdom sighed, "We knew that you were the alarm clock, but no one thought that there was such an unimaginable secret behind this simple mission. We ignored the world of Creator, and the most important thing at that moment was to wake up Creator."
Zhuge monkey looked shocked and nodded repeatedly. "When I came across the border, Creator was not surprised and was very friendly to me. He asked me if I needed to change my body. I thought he was testing me. I didn’t expect that even my appearance had been expected."
Everyone sighed and walked all the way. Although the scenery was beautiful to the extreme, everyone was shocked by the story just now. Everyone turned a blind eye and walked for a moment and saw the biggest tree in the world.
Several protoss showed their minds and wanted to observe the original boundary, but they immediately encountered difficulties. All over the sky, high-level forces shone. They read the roots to perceive the local scenery, but in front of them, this tree is particularly strange. He has few scenery and various sources of light, but this tree can’t even find the slightest trace of power. Although it stands here, it looks as if it is not the same, but it can’t be finished in the minds of everyone.
"Don’t look it up, let’s go." Xiaoxiao said, "You can look at it by your eyes when you come here."
I remember some quite shocking secrets on page 6. At this moment, I don’t hesitate to take Xiaozhu with my left hand and Huang Bei with my right hand. At this moment, his speed is ten times faster than that of the first time, and the moment has risen to the top.
There is a soft power that prevents all people from climbing the small branches even though they haven’t reached the top of the tree, so as to say to them, "Come and collect all our divine power to break this power."
The wisdom god frowned and said, "this is the sleeping place of the creator. We’d better be careful. We haven’t even found the body of the creator yet. How can we make violence?"
Smiling, "Don’t worry about this barrier. The creator deliberately set up the five protoss forces and my creativity to break this barrier before going through the steps."
Huang Bei said, "Husband, should I do it?"
Small shook his head, "you are a fiend force creation god said to protoss together you don’t sell"
So the gods joined forces to hit this barrier with all six rays of light. At the same point, there was a "wave" from the top of the head, which seemed to puncture the soap bubble. Suddenly, the soft force dissipated and even the clouds disappeared in an instant.